Bonds of a Child

By Dueler312

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of OLTL, just the plot.

Chapter 6

"Okay, so what this big news you have?" asked Britney, shutting the door of her house that she was living in.

"Well, it happens to deal with their child," said Tim.

Britney just scoffed. "They don't have a child together, you stupid. Where in the world did you hear that?" she asked.

"I heard it from the both of them themselves. They both have a little girl. They even showed a picture of it, saying that she's three years old now," said Tim. "Even their whole family is there with them, and I mean everyone."

"Well, when you put that way, then I have to believe it," said Britney. "But wait, what do you mean their whole family is there?"

Tim sat down on a chair and said, "Well it seems their little Hope, which is her name, has leukemia, and they are trying to find to find a bone marrow match for her."

"Yeah, I'm following," Britney said.

"Well, All we have to do is to see if we are a match," Tim started to say, but Britney interrupted him.

"And what happens if we aren't a match, you loser?"

"Well, then I got a good idea for that then," and he whispered the plan into Britney's ear. When he finished, Britney smiled and said, "I like the way you're thinking."

"Yeah, but the question is, once I get Starr, and you get Cole, what do we do with the girl, because she's going to be a constant reminder for the both of them," Tim pointed out.

"Well, let me handle that one," said Britney.

Starr and Cole were sound asleep together in a chair, with Hope asleep in her hospital bed. She was moved to a room where she could start the chemo treatment, which was scheduled for today. Hope was the first one to wake up, and she looked over and saw her parents sleeping in their. Even though she was little, Hope was amazing at remembering stuff. She actually was remembering one night when she woke up and saw her parents in the front room dancing, but no music was there. She just thought that it was amazing, and was glad that she had a mom and dad that loved each other, and to her as well.

Hope still remembered what her dad wanted to propose to her mom, and he wished he could do it soon, but she had a feeling that this wasn't the time or place to do it.

Starr and Cole stirred a little before waking up. Hope saw that, and turned a little, trying to make sure that they didn't know she was watching. "Well, look whose up," said Starr.

"Morning, Mommy and Daddy," Hope said in a too innocent tone.

"What were you doing?" asked Cole.

"Nothing," Hope answered, while giggling a little.

"I think someone was watching us, right?" said Starr, starting to play along.

"No, I w-wasn't-t," Hope squealed out in few more giggles. That caused Starr and Cole to laugh a little there.

"Hey, it's okay if you were," said Starr.

"Yeah. It's just that I like how you two are, and I don't want that to change," said Hope.

"Hey you don't have to worry, because neither of us is going anywhere," Cole said, reaching his hand out to his daughter's hand. Hope just smiled, and so did Starr, as she reached out with her hand, as a reminder that they are strong when they are together.

Meanwhile, it was starting to be really busy over at the diner, as Viki and Charlie had quickly organized a blood test area to see if anyone could be a match for Hope. Carlotta had heard and opened it up immediately, because she had grown fond of Starr and Cole's little girl.

Markko and Langston were even helping as well. They were helping with cooking food for the people who were being tested, though they couldn't help sneak a kiss or two in. They did though talk about how Hope was taking this.

"She's definitely a strong little girl there, with learning what she's got," Langston pointed out.

"Well, she was made by two of the strongest people we know," said Markko.

"Yeah, but still, you got to really admire that," Langston added. "I mean, that little one is really something, facing something like this head on, being that she only three years old, and it's amazing.

Markko had to agree. He looked out all of the volunteers who were willing to get tested. Just then he saw someone walk into the diner that he had never seen before, though Starr and Cole had.

It was Tim, acting his as nice self while get ready to start with his and Britney's plan, by first getting himself tested. When Markko saw him walking though, he got a weird feeling about him. Langston noticed that was he looking strange.

"What are you looking at?" she asked.

"Not what, who," said Markko, "and I'm looking at the guy there."

Langston looked at Tim, even though they didn't know who he was.

"He doesn't seem harmless," said Langston.

"I don't know, I just got a weird vibe about him," said Markko.

"Hey, he's not going to cause trouble, because if he's does, he's going to be sorry he did," Langston assure him.

"Well, no one better mess with us," said Markko, "especially with Starr and Cole right now worrying about Hope." He felt a little down. Langston went over to him and hugged and kissed him.

"Hey, Hope is going to get through this. Besides, we already got our samples in, and hopefully if its not one of us, someone will help save her. Besides, I couldn't take it if she died, for real this time," said Langston.

"I agree," said Markko, as he turned around in Langston's arms and they comforted each other.

Tim was watching them, remembering what Britney told him about Starr and Cole's friends.

"Looks like I got some people to take care of as well," said Tim, as he looked at Langston and Markko releasing each other and getting back to work.

"Excuse me, your next," said a voice. It was Viki.

"Oh, I'm sorry," said Tim, and he opened up to be swabbed.

Back in Hope's hospital room, Cole was alone with Hope. Starr had gone to get them something to eat. Hope turned to look at her dad.

"Hey Dad, is this going to delay the plans for asking mom to marry you?" she asked.

"Hey, you don't worry about that," said Cole. "I'll propose to your Mom when its right. Right now the only thing we need to do is to get you well." Hope smiled at that.

"Well, so the rumors are true," someone said from the doorway. Hope and Cole turned and saw (even though Hope didn't know who she was) Britney standing in the middle of the doorway.

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