iCarly belongs to Dan Schneider and Nickelodeon, I just like to play with them every now and then.

Freddie stood in just a towel, staring at his closet, trying to choose what he should wear? He pulled out his favorite blue shirt. "Dang it, there's a mark from where Sam squirted me with ketchup for taking the last French fry." He threw it aside and grabbed the yellow one. "Man, another mark." This time from where she wrote 'I shave my butt' in pink marker across his back. "Sam!"

He added those shirts to the growing pile of his belongings that had been marked by Sam. There was his backpack that was marked by the terrible fishy smell that never came out, his Pear phone that had a not so nice mark on the screen from where she licked it after eating popcorn. His now pink tennis shorts, his Advanced Geometry book with every 5th page torn out, and his model of Princess Oblongata's fighter cruiser from the Galaxy Wars' Aeon collection, which now had pink tassels and glitter heart stickers…all victims of Sam.

He stood in front of the mirror to see the marks he couldn't throw away. There was the scar on his thumb from when he was holding a ham and pineapple kabob, and Sam got a little too excited in trying to finish it for him. On his shin was a stripe indentation that matched Sam's shoe. That was from where she kicked him after one of his professions of love for Carly over a year ago. Oh, and even though it wasn't permanent ink, the Sam tattoo still left a faint outline of needle marks in the shape of Sam's face on his left arm. If he's cold enough, it stands out purple. Even though it hurt like a mama, it does make him laugh to see her purple face show up every now and then. All told, he had 30 marks from Sam, and that's what he could see.

Perhaps the emotional marks were the ones that got to him the most. "Carly doesn't love you." Mark. "You're a nerd." Mark. "Fredwierd, Freddork, Freddifer, Nubmaster…," Mark. He smiled a bit as he remembered, "Good Video, Fredison." Mark "You're just as important to iCarly as we are." Mark. "Lay off of Freddie." Mark.

If life is marked by a lot of firsts, Sam's influence left a lot of marks on him. His first plotting and scheming, Mark. The first real time he defied his mom, Mark. His first serious bet, Mark. She was part of his first date, first girlfriend (with Valerie) and first break-up. Mark, Mark, and Mark. She was his first kiss. Big Mark. She was there for nearly every important event in his life, up to now. She and Carly were his first real friends, even though she'd deny it. Mark.

I guess, like the marks you can see on that pile of stuff, the marks on Freddie were permanent reminders that "Sam was here". Forever changed, and altered, never again to be smooth and perfect. But, somehow those things have more character. There's life in those imperfections; a weird new life created by an impertinent little blond with unforgettable spunk. And for better or for worse, he is all the happier for it.

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