When people hear my name, one thing runs through their mind; 'Playboy', and no matter how many times I try to tell them it's not true, they don't believe me. So lately I've become accustomed to letting people think that.

Even though the truth is…I'm hopeless at all of that.

Sure, at one point in my life I did have many girlfriends in a short span of time (some even overlapping), but there is a perfectly acceptable explanation about that.

You see, all those chicks were crazy.

I know you've probably heard it from other apparent playboys a million times, but this time it's true. I want people to see past the muscles, past the amounts of girlfriends and past the killer looks (even if I do say so myself).

But most of all I want them to look past the name Inuzuka Kiba. This is why I am going to spill my biggest secret.

…well, there are five of them actually. Five of them in the span of about eight months. Five girlfriends, five first dates, and about five hundred nights of sex.

Their names were Rebecca, Louisa, Kathy, Alice and Autumn…