Breathe Me

A/N:Also,I don't know the name of the High School that Holly J would attend in PC so it will be called Port Charles High.

Part Two

Holly J sighed as she walked through the park slowly. It was a warm day. Not quite the end of Summer yet. School had started a week ago. The classes at Port Charles High were much smaller than the ones at Degrassi. There were lesser students. Other than that,it was a regular high school and she'd made the adjustments needed. She had made a few friends. A girl named Stacey and another named Renae. More like followers really. The two reminded her of she and Anya a few years ago when she treated the auburn haired girl like crap. She felt something warm and wet trickle down her cheek and was surprised to realize that it was a tear. She really missed her friends,desperately!!

"Why is The Snarky One crying?" A voice asked,coming from behind her.

She rolled her eyes,knowing immediatly who it was. "None of your business!" She uttered,attempting to dry her tears,her back facing him. She didn't hear anything for a few moments so she figured that he must have left. That's when he suddenly straddled the bench beside her. She met his eyes with a glare. Annoyed that he was staring at her,that he refused to leave her be.

Spinelli sighed and pulled a bag of tissues out of his pants pocket. He ripped it open and pulled out a single tissue,turning Holly J's face torward him with one hand as he began to dab at her eyes,drying her tears. He tried not to notice the beautiful color of her eyes,knowing that if he even fell for her for a moment,she had the potential to break his heart. Just like Maxie had. And LuLu and Jolene before her.

Holly J's eyes widened in surprise and she met Spinelli's alarming green eyes with her blue-green ones. She couldn't understand why this guy she'd only met once--and hadn't been very nice to--was being so kind to her.

"My granny raised me to be a gentleman." He said as if reading her mind. A boyish grin crossed his features,

She laughed adorably and smiled back at him. "Well thanks. And I'm sorry about a week ago." Was her apology. She tucked her strawberry blond hair behind an ear nervously,revealing dangling teal earrings. "I just miss my friends,you know? Hell,I even miss my job and that stupid hero that I worked with!"

"What exactly was the reason for The Snarky One and her family's move to this town,per se?" Spinelli asked of her.

Holly J shrugged uncomfortably and met his eyes again before shifting them away to stare at some children swinging on a swing. "Just something that happened at school." She said softly as she recalled the threats and insults about her online. It had been started by Alli,who'd been a freshman at the time then other students had joined in posting that they'd like to kill her with their bare hands and hanging her with a rope and calling her a ginger haired virus infecting the school. Her parents had of course,tried to press charges despite her pleading of them not to.

When she finished her story,Damian Spinelli was looking at her with wide eyes. "Wow" Was the only word he could utter as he shifted closer.

"In all honesty,I deserved it. I was such a bitch to everyone in that school. I made their lives miserable. There was this girl named Mia Jones. She is a teen model for bathing suits. Anyway,before she actually started getting jobs,she slept with this guy to get it. I found out from this friend of her's that she'd make out with people at parties and that she'd slept with this man who was probably in his thirties and was married. I ended up telling the reporters about it one day out of jealousy because of all the attention Mia was receiving. It's just family was always well off,you know? Then something happened and we ended up having to watch everything we did in fear of spending too much money. That's how I got a job at The Dot. It was nice,though I hated it at first. I grew to love it. I mean...I gained a friend there. Two actually. And I actually had a crush on Spinner." She laughed as she said that. "He's the stupid hero I told you about."

She went on and on about her life before PC until the blond haired,blue eyed vixen that had run into Kelly's that morning she and Spinelli first met,walked over to them. She held a dark haired child in her arms that played with her necklace.

A huge grin appeared on his face as he jumped to his feet. His hands reached as he took the child into his arms. "Luminescent Emma." He marveled as he pressed a kiss to the baby's sweet smelling hair. Then he lifted his eyes to look at the blond. "Maxie."

She smiled at him and shifted her feet uncomfortably.

Holly J watched the exchange carefully before standing up beside Spinelli. "I'm Holly J Sinclair." She said trying to be polite as she held out a hand for Maxie to shake.

The blonde just ignored her and turned to Spinelli,beginning to gush. "Spinel! I was wondering,if perhaps you could come back to my apartment and help me move something. It's really large and I tried to do it myself." She pouted and made her eyes seductive as she let her fingers climb up his arm.

Holly J made a noise of disgust at Maxie's antics. "Quit trying to manipulate him!" She admonished angriely,trying not to notice how perfect Spinelli looked with a baby in his arms.

"Excuse me??" Maxie screeched,affronted,storming over to stand infront of Holly J.

"You heard me." The strawberry blonde said harshly with narrowed eyes.

To be continued

Last Part:Holly J confronts Maxie. Spinelli thanks Holly J for defending him and they share something---romantic.