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Some people call it lust; others call it a natural carnal desire that has been passed down from generation to generation of the human species. I say it's all total bullshit. Humans are too complex of a species to categorize emotions into groups like that and just say that it applies to everyone. Every person is different because every person thinks differently. I would know. Some people lust, others actually enjoy someone's company.

The Bible says "the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?". I'm not much for biblical studies and such, but in my human life, I remember my family holding some religious value, and that verse always stuck to me. Perhaps no one will ever truly know if it's the heart or the mind that the idea of love is rooted into, but either way, it must be too late for me. If love is rooted in the heart, then I am incapable of it because my heart is no longer beating. And if love is rooted in the mind, well with all of my thoughts and everyone else's thoughts running through it I doubt that there's enough room for love.

"Edward? Edward? Ed!"

I immediately snapped out of my daze to see my sister, Rosalie, snapping her fingers in my face, "Yes, Rose?"

The blonde gave me a sort of death stare as she leaned in slightly across the cafeteria table, "You might not have noticed-what with being all spaced out and all- but ever since you and Bella took your trip to Splitsville the entire school has been staring at us. Edward Cullen, I swear on whatever the hell it is vampires swear on that if that albino-looking troll of a mortal told a single soul about us, I will rip her to shreds and then get you before the Volturi even get a shot at thinking of jumping in!"

I smirked a little, amazed that she could possibly fit that all in one breath-but we don't really need to breathe, anyway.

"Rose, I assure you, Bella hasn't told a soul. The secret is as safe as it was before-"

"No, Edward, it really isn't!" Rosalie interrupted, as usual, "Bella is a human. Humans have emotions. One of those is jealousy and all she needs is the right reason to feel jealous of you and then BAM!" She smacked her hands together to add emphasis, "She's blabbing to the whole school that the Cullens are freakish vampires who won't even drink human blood! So either you make sure that Klutzilla keeps her mouth shut, or I will."

I shook my head, trying my very best to hide a smirk as Emmett rubbed Rosalie's back, "Rose, Bella and I didn't have a fight or anything. We just sort of grew apart after I…left for South America and she and Alice brought me home from Italy. We decided that we were nothing more than friends and she was going to try to socialize with more humans."

Alice smiled brightly, "I don't see her spilling the beans anytime soon!"

I nodded, "See, Rosalie? It's fine," I said, with slight annoyance, before I got up and threw my tray away, heading to the doors. I walked at a very brisk pace, accidentally hitting someone with my shoulder as I opened the door. I stopped and looked back down at the person to make sure they were okay.

I growled lowly as I saw none other than Jacob-fucking-Black on the floor. I smirked slightly, "What're you doing here, pup? Looking for scraps?"

Jacob scowled at me as he stood up, "Oughta watch where you're walking, leech."

I gave him a slightly crooked smile, my golden eyes looking directly into his dark ones, "This really isn't the right place for a confrontation, Jacob," I said, attempting to be a little diplomatic.

I growled, "What're you doing here, Jacob?"

He scoffed, "Since when is that any of your business?"

"Since you started thinking about vampiric threats."

He rolled his eyes, "Clearly they don't teach you manners in vampire school. I'm going to school here now."

I squinted my eyes, growling a little louder at him, "Why?" I asked, my fists clenched. I could feel that strong desire to rip him to shreds creeping closer and closer to the surface.

Jacob shrugged, "Sam thought that we should make sure that you bloodsuckers really aren't breeching the treaty."

"So he decided to send a spy? Well, fell free to go home to the litter, mutt. Your cover's been blown."

The werewolf smirked, "Haha. I had no cover to be blown. You're pretty annoyed by the fact that you're stuck with me at school, aren't you?"

I scowled, pursing my lips as I stepped an inch closer to him, hearing his thoughts.

"That's good. If you weren't annoyed then I'd be pretty pissed that I told you all of that," He then smirked.

What's the matter, Eddie? Afraid of a little competition?

"There is no competition, Jacob. Bella and I are no longer together."

He smiled somewhat triumphantly, like a little kid who just took their first step, "Well, then, the jealousy will eat at you eventually."

I scoffed, "Jealousy? Of you? Jacob, just because we're mythical creatures does not mean that even the impossible ideas can become possible."

He raised an eyebrow, "That was somewhat contradicting."

Thanks for hurting her, Edward. If it wasn't for your dumbass move you'd still be together and I wouldn't have had a shot at her.

I growled, stepping another inch closer.

"Ah ah ah. Not so soon, Tampax. I wasn't finished gloating yet," Jacob said to me with a smile.

What I would give to lick those lips and taste his tongue…

I scrunched my eyebrows. What was I thinking? About Jacob? I must have just heard someone else's thought and been so focused on this situation that I misinterpreted it as one of my own thoughts. Yes, that must have been it.

I blinked a few times, recollecting myself. That all took about a second and a half, "You're finished now, Kujo."

I turned and walked out of the cafeteria, slamming the door behind myself.

"I always hated dogs-even as a human," I growled to myself as I got in the Volvo and sped off, away from the school and the civilization of Forks. I needed to hunt, get my frustrations out. How could Jacob Black be attending Forks High? How could he actually be getting to me like this?

And why the hell were my pants getting tighter the longer I thought about that damn oversized mongrel?

I know it's a little short, but I wanted to get this out. The next chapter will be this chapter from Jacob's point of view and then after that it will be told in third person omniscient that way I'm not doing a Midnight Sun for every chapter, if you catch the drift. After Jacob's point of view, because I felt this was a good place to end it, the chapters will be longer, and I will try to make sure they don't fall for each other too quickly. Please review.