After finally dragging herself out of bed the next morning, Nanny phoned for her breakfast. After taking her order, Gerry said, "Should I have Sir Wilkes' breakfast sent up with yours, Nanny? He called just a minute ago. Are you eating together?"

"Aoww my Lord, NO!" Nanny almost shrieked, and she dropped the receiver back on to the telephone, shaking. What had they done? In the last few days, somehow everyone in the Plaza was convinced that she and Wilkes were a couple! Yes, his kisses were absolutely divine, divine, divine ... but what would happen when Eloise returned home tomorrow? Nanny knew she was going to have a very difficult time going back to the days when she only saw him occasionally, and then most often from a distance. It might be even MORE difficult if, well, if they carried to its logical conclusion what they had started last night. Then again ... her body trembled even more with longing and desire. Then again, she WOULD have one night to remember for the rest of her life!

But how humiliating to know that everyone from Gerry in the room service operation room to Mr. Peabody, for all she knew, was watching the two of them closely! She wouldn't put it past William to have confided in his fianc e, Rachel ... and Rachel was telling her father everything these days after the almost-disaster at Christmas, for Lord's sake! Had she known that Walter had started a betting pool as to when they might actually 'go all the way', she would have been absolutely horrified!

Nanny tried to put everything out of her mind until she had had her coffee. No one should EVER be forced to think before coffee! She yawned again, then stood in front of her closet for a few minutes trying to decide what to wear before shrugging, pulling out her usual white blouse and navy skirt and dressing. What did it matter? She wouldn't be seeing Wilkes until they went to the theatre ... oh, KNICKERS! She had forgotten to ask him what time she should be ready! Well, that would be a reason to contact him this morning.

Suddenly feeling more buoyant, Nanny took her hair out of her dishevelled braid and brushed it vigorously, then twisted it up in her usual knot and smiled at her reflection. Vincent would hopefully be able to do wonders with her hair this afternoon! Then she propped her chin on her hands and stared further at herself. Perhaps she should be daring, and have her hair cut? More and more older women were foregoing the bother of putting long hair into buns, and transforming themselves into women with more modern SHORT hairstyles! Then Nanny shook her head and stood up. No, no, no! With her luck, her short hair would either just lie flat on her head and look absolutely terrible, or it would stick out in every direction. No. She would keep the hairstyle she was used to!

Bill arrived after a short time, and set out Nanny's porridge, saying he had delivered Sir Wilkes' breakfast, but the poor man had just received a telephone call that had meant he hadn't had time to enjoy his meal. "Any idea what that is about, Nanny?" Bill asked, pouring her coffee.

"Er ... naow ..."

Just then, the doorbell rang. "Maybe that's Sir Wilkes now," Bill said. "I'll be back for your dishes later, Nanny."

"Thank you, William."

She walked over to the door after Bill who greeted Wilkes before pushing his trolley down the hallway. Nanny eyed Wilkes surreptitiously, wondering if it had been bad news he had received. "S- ... er, Wilkes?" she asked, hesitantly.

"Morning, Nanny," he said, then paused, twisting his hat in his hands. "I, er ... Nanny, I must apologize, but I just heard that there is an emergency in the office here, and I must attend to it immediately. I hope to be back for five o'clock ... I have made reservations in the Rose Room at that time for dinner before we go to the theatre for the eight o'clock show. Is that acceptable?"

Nanny was taken aback. "I ... of course, but if you can't make it back, don't worry. I can manage to eat something on my own, for sure, sure, sure. I do hope it is nothing too serious."

"I hope so, too, but sadly I fear that it might be rather complicated. I will be in touch later, I promise."

Unable to resist, and longing to touch him, however insignificant the touch might be, Nanny smiled and held up her hand. "Do you pinky promise, promise, promise?"

Wilkes looked startled, then a smile broke over his face, and he linked his baby finger in hers. "I do," he said in a husky voice. For a moment they were still, both longing to move into the other's arms, but neither daring, feeling the pull might be too strong to resist. Then Wilkes disentangled his finger, stepped back and bowed, replacing his bowler on his head. "Until later, Nanny," he said, and hurried down the hallway towards the elevator.

O o O o O o

When Nanny was finished with Vincent that afternoon, she was walking across the lobby, holding her head carefully, when Miss Thompson called her over.

"Nanny, Sir Wilkes was trying to get in touch with you, and finally called me. It seems the crisis at his place of business is rather worse than he had anticipated, and he is terribly sorry, but he will not be able to join you for dinner this evening. He has already informed Thomas, and made arrangements for your dinner to be delivered to your room ... and he ... Sir Wilkes, that is, has promised ..." Miss Thompson paused and looked down at her paper, then back up at Nanny and smiled. "has PINKY promised," she amended, "to be at your door ready to go to the theatre at seven o'clock this evening."

"Thank you, Miss Thompson," Nanny smiled, telling herself that the disappointment welling in her was uncalled for. She turned away, but Miss Thompson called her back.

"Nanny? Sir Wilkes asked me to give you this message to keep ..." Miss Thompson handed the paper over to Nanny and she whispered conspiratorially, "and I won't tell anyone his final words!"

Nanny's eyes fell to the bottom of the paper where Miss Thompson had written in capital letters, 'PLEASE PASS ON MY SINCERE REGRETS AND MY LOVE.' Nanny's face heated up instantly, but a smile curved her lips. "Thank you again, Miss Thompson," and she made her way to the elevator, the precious note clutched in her hands.

Once upstairs, Nanny pressed the note to her chest, wishing it had been in Wilkes' handwriting, but glad she had something concrete from him to remember these last few days. The rings had been returned, the lilacs had drooped ... but with the help of this note, and perhaps even the pamphlet she would get at the theatre tonight, she would always be able to remember his kisses and the joy of being in his company for a wonderful three and a half days.

Some time later, staring at herself in the mirror, Nanny wondered who was the stranger with the upswept, complicated hairdo. She gingerly touched it, and grimaced at the hard, brittle feeling. Vincent, after vainly trying to convince her to allow him to cut it, had sprayed her hair heavily, saying that because it was so fine, it would have a tendency to slide out of any coiffeur, and would then look untidy. Nanny sighed. Her usual look was untidy, it seemed, because she was used to seeing fly-away tendrils to soften the curves of her face. For a moment she wished she could get in touch with the girls who had done her hair a few days before ... at least then it had been soft to the touch. NOW it felt like a board!

Nanny ran her bath and took her time washing, then, after getting out and drying, wearing just her robe, she stared again into the mirror and patted her head. No, she couldn't stand this. Uncaring of the cost she was about to wash down the drain, her fingers began to tear at the twists and curls and pins. She stepped back into the tub and turned on the shower, and managed to wash all the spray out of her hair.

By the time Wilkes arrived at her door promptly at seven o'clock that evening, she had fixed her hair into her usual bun, but had intentionally left a couple of strands trailing down in front. She had eaten the delicious meal sent up for her, all the time wishing Wilkes had been eating with her, but wondering if she would have enjoyed the food as much as she did when on her own and able to concentrate only on it. Dressed in the dark-blue wool dress with the silk shawl draped over a chair ready to put on when they left, she tried to ignore the pinching of her corset where it was cutting into her sides. In order to fasten the front buttons of the dress and have them lie flat without pulling wrinkles across her breasts, she had had to fight with the strings of the corset to tighten it as much as possible. She had carefully set her small, dressy cornflower blue hat with the short netting on her head, pinning it so that it wouldn't slide around and dishevel her hair too much.

"You look beautiful, Elizabeth Anne," Wilkes said after his eyes had swept down then up her body. "Absolutely divine."

Nanny felt herself blushing. "Thank you," she said, almost inaudibly. Then she turned and took up her shawl.

Wilkes was there in a moment, holding it for her, draping it over her shoulders, his hands lingering. They stared at each other for a moment, then Wilkes said hoarsely, "We should go ... or we will be late."

"Yes." Nanny ducked her head to hide her sudden confusion. She had been so looking forward to seeing this play ... but the longing had been so strong to just tug Wilkes into her room, shut the door and make love with him regardless of anything else they SHOULD be doing!

As they went down to the lobby with Max, Nanny asked shyly, "I do hope you managed to clear things up today at your office."

"Oh, yes, yes, I did. Quite. But it was nip and tuck, you know. Actually," he frowned, "a most important document was missing. As it turned out, Jamieson, my .... associate you saw the other night?, had misplaced the paper he was to rewrite and which was crucial to our work. Although we spent quite a bit of time trying to locate the man, it was impossible, so I had to, well, re-create the entire document. Naturally I had none of the information which was used in the first place, so it took my secretary and I all day to replace it. We do feel, however, that things actually worked out for the best, in spite of the hard work, as what we forwarded on was received far more favourably than Jamieson's initial proposal had been! For me, the most satisfying part of the day so far was hearing that I will no longer be having to deal with Jamieson any more. He is being let go. But enough about him ... and enough about business. I AM sorry about tonight's dinner ..."

"Aoww, I understand," she said quickly. "Business comes first."

As they stepped out of the elevator and the doors slid shut behind them, Wilkes took Nanny's gloved hand and kissed it, then whispered, "Not always, Nanny. Not always."

She caught her breath and swayed imperceptibly towards him before catching herself and taking a step forward. "Perhaps ... perhaps we should go ..."

"Yes, perhaps we should."

O o O o O o

When they found their seats in the Mark Hellinger Theatre, Nanny patted her botto with a short laugh, saying, "These seats to be just a little too narrow for someone with my ... er ... attributes. Still, it is nice to know that had I lived in ancient times, I'd have been thought most desirable." The moment the words left her lips, Nanny inwardly cringed. Oh my Lord, WHY had she said something so absolutely ... provocative?

Wilkes, however, merely chuckled. He pushed up the armrest between their two seats and said, "Perhaps this will make it more comfortable, Nanny."

When he sat down beside her after she was settled, the touch of his thigh against hers burned. Nanny tried edging away, but there was no room. She busied herself removing her gloves and tucking them into the small navy evening purse that matched her navy pumps. The young woman beside her was chattering to her friend and ignoring them. On Wilkes' other side, the gentleman was engrossed in his female companion. It seemed that Nanny and Wilkes were quite alone, and until the play started, she was very, very conscious of the man beside her. After the curtain rose, however, Nanny, like everyone else in the theatre, had no thought for anything but the show unfolding before her on the stage. She and Wilkes agreed, during the first intermission, that the show was absolutely marvellous.

Then, when Eliza was passionately singing "Show me!", Wilkes made his move. At first Nanny thought he was stretching and that the arm he was putting around her was temporary, accidental, only because she had leaned forward a little to cough. By the time she realized its true purpose, his arm had begun to seem natural resting there across her back along the top of her seat, his hand draped lightly over her far shoulder. The stroking of his fingers was gentle and gradual, even absentminded, and it didn't alarm her although it was slightly distracting. Whenever his fingers stilled, she found herself waiting for them to move again. One fingertip moved ever so slightly downward, still brushing lightly from side to side.

Nanny almost forgot to breath. Her lips slowly parted, and her own hands came unclasped in her lap. What should she do? She adjusted the shawl over her shoulders, and realized in a moment that his hand was underneath it, hidden from everyone. Then, oh my Lord, his hand was moving again ... BENEATH the neckline of her dress! Nanny stopped breathing entirely as he continued. In a split second, there was no ambiguity, no other way to think of it or describe it. Wilkes had all four fingers spread over her sensitive skin, softly caressing her.

It seemed that all her body fluids were rushing together and pooling somewhere in the vicinity of her lap. Was it really possible for a person to literally melt? She drew in a long, shaky breath, the slow, exacting torture making her eyelashes flutter and her mouth go dry. It was only by a miracle that she didn't moan or cry out. All she could manage was a breathless plea, "Please...!"

While continuing his ministrations with one hand, Wilkes' other hand entangled with her fingers. Nanny was melting, her flesh was turning into fire and water, she was a hot puddle of inarticulate wanting and the brink was nearing, nearing.....

Then the applause began. Nanny snapped out of her daze in near panic. She started to tremble as Wilkes drew his arm away and began to clap. She joined in half-heartedly. The lights came up. Nanny, shaking with suppressed longing, pretended to be looking for something in her purse, certain that if anyone saw her face, they would know every shameful thing she and Wilkes had been doing under cover of the darkness. Wilkes helped her to stand with a hand under her elbow. She couldn't look at him, even when he re-draped her shawl across her shoulders. He offered her his arm but she pretended not to see it, and somehow got herself out of the theatre unassisted. She was very quiet all the way back to the Plaza in the taxi, although he held her hand and their fingers continually entangled with one another's. Her mind was a jumble of guilt and confusion and embarrassment while her skin still tingled and burned with frustration.

Wilkes was silent himself, remembering how delicious it had felt to touch and excite Nanny, however outrageous and unacceptable his behaviour had been. He was suffering from a painful mixture of remorse and frustration, and wondered if she felt aching fires deep within her body just as he did now. He ought to apologize ... but knew that, given half the chance, he would do it all again in a moment. In fact, he couldn't wait to be given the chance. He planned to TAKE it. Tonight. He did not want to keep his hands off her or hers off him, now that he knew how glorious it could be, now that he knew he loved her so deeply. He wanted to make her care for him as much as he cared for her ... he wanted her strength and her courage and to gift her with his steadfastness and loyalty ... he wanted the relief her touch could give him and hoped to touch her soul as she had his ... he needed her energy, her vivaciousness, and most of all, he both needed and wanted her love and inwardly prayed that she felt the same about him.

O o O o O o

They were silent as they rode up to the sixteenth floor on the elevator. She handed him her key, he opened the door for her as he had the previous four days and stood back ... and she silently reached out and took his hand, her eyes begging for what she was too shy to ask aloud. He allowed her to draw him in, and when she handed him the 'Do Not Disturb' sign, he nodded imperceptibly and hung it on the outside of the door then closed and locked it behind himself. Turning to look at her, as she stood poised as if for flight, his 'Are you SURE?' hung soundlessly, almost palpably in the air.

Gathering all her courage, Nanny slowly nodded, her eyes expectant even as her stance was rigid. She was plainly terrified, yet resolute. At that moment, Wilkes knew exactly what to do. He kissed her forehead, then asked, "How about a nightcap?"

Without waiting for an answer, he went over to the credenza where Nanny kept her liquor and poured them each a double brandy. Nanny took a deep relieved breath. They both sipped, their hands a little shaky. Seeing that Wilkes seemed just as nervous as she was oddly made Nanny a little calmer. Suddenly she felt a giggle bubbling up from inside her and she couldn't stop it escaping her lips.

Somewhat confused and unsure now, wondering if he had misread the unspoken invitation, he asked, "What's wrong?"

"N-Nothing. I just ..." Then Nanny nerved herself, and put down her empty glass, took Wilkes' from his slack fingers, and mutely reached out for him again.

He stepped closer, then his arms went around her and his lips were on hers hungrily. Both realized that this was their last chance to be together before Eloise was home. If they went no further tonight, they most probably would not be going further ever. As they kissed, their hands weren't still: pressing, smoothing, clutching and loving. Suddenly, shockingly, the telephone rang shrilly.

Nanny pulled free, dragging in some air and trying to still her heart and steady her voice before she answered it. "Hello? ... Oh, hello, pet. ... Yes, yes, I'm back. ... Yes, the play was very good indeed. I'll tell you about it when you get home. ... Yes, I'll see you tomorrow, love, for sure, sure, sure. ... I ... I missed you, too, Eloise. Good-bye for now, love." She hung up the receiver, still shaking slightly, then looked at Wilkes. It was obvious the mood had been broken.

Wilkes tried to smile, but it was forced and weak. "I ... I do hope you enjoyed the play tonight. It was magnificent, don't you think? Perhaps the ending was a little ... unexpected ..."

"I don't even know if it had a happy ending or NOT!" Nanny almost wailed, not telling him she was more interested in a happy ending for herself, yet terrified it might not happen. If he left now, her happy ending doubtless would go with him. "I never got to see the end!"

Wilkes began to smile. He had affected her that much by his caresses in the theatre? Before he lost his nerve, he began to speak quickly, thinking of the ring he had tucked in his suit jacket pocket. "Elizabeth Anne, I SHOULD apologize, but the truth is, I am very, very glad you are so responsive to my touch. I love you ... more than you can imagine. I ... I need you, to make me into the man I want to be with you at my side. Please, please say you care for me too! I love your strength, your courage, your boundless energy with Eloise ... I want your love, your ..." now he blushed vividly, seeing her open-mouthed astonishment, "your body." he added quietly, and waited for her response.

Nanny snapped her mouth shut at his last two words, then a mischievous look crossed her face. "I saw enough of My Fair Lady, and remember enough to say, 'I'm a good girl, I am' ..."

"I didn't mean to say you weren't ..." Wilkes began to stammer wretchedly. Confound it, had he told her he wanted to marry her, or hadn't he? He couldn't remember. He certainly had MEANT to ask her! "I mean, I want ..."

Interrupting him, Nanny continued, "I also remember the last part I managed to see in the play. Like Eliza, I, too, would rather not have words right now ... Eliza said it best tonight to Freddie. Don't TALK of love ... SHOW me!"

"Sh - show?" Wilkes asked dazedly.

For answer, Nanny began to back towards her room, kicking off her dress shoes as she went and starting to undo the buttons down the front of her dress. Instantly Wilkes was at her side, his hands over hers as he helped her push the buttons through the holes, his lips sliding over her ear, her cheek, her forehead, her neck as he whispered, "Oh, my love!" before they finally covered hers.

Nanny sank onto the bed, and gave herself up to the wonder of it all as he deepened the kiss, their hands moving over each other, steadily and provocatively building the fires inside even as they slowly and somewhat awkwardly removed their clothing. He smiled at her corset before unlacing it, reverently released her garters and smoothed her stockings down her legs with loving touches.

Staring at the marks on her body where the corset had pressed into her, he looked into her eyes. "Why do you wear something that tortures you?"

Nanny swallowed. "To ... to appear thinner ..."

Wilkes shook his head and muttered as he cast the corset away. At last they were both naked, skin to skin, wrapped so tightly around each other that they weren't sure WHOSE heart was beating so passionately and so quickly.

His breath stirred her hair, and her lips touched the hollow at the base of his throat. His arms tightened around her even more. "Nanny?"

She heard again the question he didn't ask out loud. "Yes," she moaned. "Yes, Wilkes."

Their bodies trembled together and despite her bravado, Nanny felt a moment of fear when he rose over her. She had been told she would experience pain at this point ... a LOT of pain! Instead, she only felt discomfort ... and shame. Suddenly doubts began to seep into her mind. She was old ... her body was far from perfect, for Lord's sake! What if she disappointed him? What if she wasn't doing something right? In spite of herself, she tensed, trying to fight back the panic and feel only the desire. However, her arousal stubbornly receded, and the more it receded, the more her panic grew.

Then Wilkes, with a gasp, collapsed on her, his body shaking and his breathing as heavy and ragged as hers was. Nanny lay still, her body tingling yet somehow unsatisfied. Was he done? Had he ... had he gotten more out of their encounter than she had? Or had she completely ruined it for him? Terrified, she didn't move. She had wanted this to be so perfect ... but one could only escape reality so far. She had felt so wonderful in the beginning, so what had gone wrong? Or was this really all there was? Maybe the fireworks she had read about were just that ... fiction! Maybe the delicious feelings she had experienced a few moments ago were all she could hope for! They had been lovely, but somehow not quite what she had expected. Instead of fireworks, she only had experienced a sort of fizzle ...

Unlike the highly-charged silence of their time in the theatre, the taxi, and coming back into the Plaza, this silence was now awkward and tense. Both of them were contemplating the fact that making love wasn't quite what they had imagined it to be. Both were convinced it was their own fault, and not the other's. Nanny wanted to cry. Wilkes was wretchedly certain that she would never forgive him for this! What had gone wrong? Had he pushed her too fast? Had he ... had he HURT her?

"I'm sorry," Wilkes mumbled at last, kissing her cheek. "I'm so sorry, love." He kissed her other cheek. "I wanted to love you so badly ... and I ... I must have ... moved wrong ... or ..."

"YOU did?" Nanny opened her eyes and stared at him, incredulously. "I thought *I* had ..."

"Oh, no ... you ... you are perfect!" His lips touched hers briefly. "Perfect."

Nanny sighed. Perhaps ... perhaps they had not failed? Perhaps if they continued ... "Wilkes ..." she began hesitantly, then she smiled crookedly at his eyes fixed again on hers. "Perhaps we should try again." Slowly she began to move beneath him once more, even as she pulled his head back to hers as he deepened the kiss.

Their movements were slow and deliberate as once more they caressed each other lovingly. Nanny gasped faintly at the renewed ecstasy she was experiencing almost before she was aware that it had come roaring back. The sounds of her breathless cries and the feel of her coming apart in his arms burned away the last of Wilkes' control. He gave himself up to her, pouring into her all the love he had tried to express in words, and feeling her love washing over him in return.

As he lay on top of her, trying to catch his breath, he managed to say, "Elizabeth Anne, you quoted Eliza earlier by saying 'Show me!' I'm now quoting the men ... 'By George, we've got it!' Perhaps we should ... try again ... just to prove to ourselves that we can, you know..."

Nanny's breathless chuckle was smothered by his enthusiastic embrace.

O o O o O o

Lily, trundling her linen cart along early the next morning, stopped in surprise at the door to Nanny's suite. She stared at the Do Not Disturb sign, then her broad grin spread over her face. She just KNEW what had taken place there the night before! And THAT meant that she had won the betting pool! To be completely certain, she hurried down to Sir Wilkes' room with a supply of towels, just in case, and tapped lightly on his door before using her key to get in. Sure enough, his rooms were empty. "YES!" Lily cried exultantly, raising her fist into the air triumphantly.

O o O o O o

Nanny woke to pale dawn light and the stunning realization that she wasn't alone in her bed. A male body was pressed close against her back; his hand idly stroked her hip. "Did I show you my love adequately last night, Elizabeth Anne?" Wilkes whispered in her ear, unbelievably making her shiver with longing again.

Memories of the hot, wild things they had done last night, and more than once!, singed her mind. Nanny felt the heat creep up from her breasts, fortunately decently covered by the sheet, to her face. "Oh, my sainted Aunt Fanny!"

"Nanny? Eloise is returning today, is she not? Before she comes, I must know ... you WILL marry me, won't you?" Wilkes pleaded, his breath in her ear destroying her ability to think.

"Willy, I ... Ohhh, yes, yes, yes, Willy!" Nanny moaned faintly.

Swallowing hard, knowing she had to leave him, Nanny edged away and rolled onto her back so she could look at Wilkes. He was smiling lovingly at her. "When?" he asked.

Nanny frowned in puzzlement. "When?" she echoed. "When what?"

"When are you going to marry me? Today? Tomorrow?" Wilkes' hand smoothed over her hip again. "I love you, you love me ... you said yes, you'll marry me ... why should we wait? So ... WHEN will you marry me?"

"I said yes, I'd marry you?" Nanny stared at him, aghast. "I never did!"

"You did! Just a few moments ago! I asked if you'd marry me, and you said, 'yes, yes, yes, Willy!' And I plan to hold you to that promise. I'd LIKE to be married today ... but I will wait until tomorrow or even the day after that, if you really insist. And that's only because I'd like Kathleen, David and the boys to be here if it's at all possible."

"But I ..." Nanny was about to say she couldn't possibly marry him ... that he was too far above her on the social ladder ... that they couldn't marry on such short notice ... that his sister would never accept her ... but her thoughts scattered when he drew her closer, his touches growing ever more urgent.

"I never thought I could be this active when I was this old," he confessed, "but you really HAVE rejuvenated me! Except ... could we possibly skip breakfast today? I'd rather stay here in bed ... with you ... Oh dear! I have made a dreadful blunder!" He sat up straight in bed.

"What?" Nanny clutched the sheet to her bare breasts, her eyes wide.

Completely disregarding his nudity, Wilkes got up and rummaged in the inside pocket of his jacket. Nanny watched him, bemused, then held her breath when he turned and walked back to the bed, only to get carefully down on the floor on one knee beside her. He took her left hand in his, and slipped onto her finger the engagement ring he had bought a few days before. "Elizabeth Anne, my dearly beloved Nanny ... I love you and want to marry you as soon as we possibly can arrange it. I want to retire ... today, if possible ... and considering I own the company, it should be possible! I'll remain on the board as a consultant for a while until we replace Jamieson, but ... Good heavens! What am I doing? In the middle of a marriage proposal and FREEZING to death, I go on about retiring! I simply MUST do this properly. Nanny, please ... will you marry me? Very, very, very soon?"

"Wilkes, I ... you ... we ..."

"Tomorrow? Right! Brilliant! PERFECT!" he beamed. "I'll phone Kathleen and the boys ... later ... much later..."

He pulled himself to his feet, then scrambled into the bed beside her, drawing her closer once more.

"Oh, my stars, stars, stars!" Then Nanny began to chuckle softly as he nuzzled her neck. "Wilkes, if I DO marry you tomorrow ... or the next day if necessary, will you do something for me?"

"Anything, Nanny, my love!"

"Rawther rash promise, Willy," she commented, her hands sliding around his neck. "Take me to see My Fair Lady again as soon as Walter can get some more tickets? And this time let me WATCH it? I want to see it right through to the end this time. Even though she doesn't have YOU, I absolutely MUST know if Eliza could possibly be as divinely happy as *I* am right now!"

THE END (...and they lived happily ever after!)