Rain, oh rain.

Drench my pain.

It's soiled my name.

Has it defamed?

Rain oh rain,

Please don't go away.

Stay and take away,

That scorching bright day.

--Pain over the Rain


Fleur's P.O.V.—

People would be dead wrong if they referred to me as someone. I am not someone. People would be wrong if they called me nobody. I am not that either. People would be wrong if they called me a beauté attirante et exotique, because simply, I am not. They would be in serious error if they called me Fleur Delacour. No, she died years ago. I am but the struggling vacant ombre of Fleur Delacour. I am nothing but. I merely look like her though I am not her. I haven't been for awhile. I don't think anyone realizes it.

Rain doesn't hurt anymore. It used to though. It used to burn, but I guess that was just the penetration of the rain into my skin. Once it hit though, it froze my soul over in a deep frost. Every time it rains, it leaks straight through. I think it builds more ice inside of me. I've found nothing that could melt the block. No. Not even the thoughts of home and family could help me. Family left me long ago, nut even before that, I was freezing. Family only turned my ice into a fiery ice, one that never melted from its own flames, but burned nonetheless.

" 'Ello ma'am. Would ya like to buy some flowers for a pretty lady." I sneered at the poor man and replied.

"If I would 'ave wouldn't I 'ave listened to you?" His eyes fell to the ground and he blushed furiously. I marched away, not losing a step.

"Don't kill a mate 'oo was tryna be kind to you! Fate'll get ya!" The man shouted to my cold form. Fate probably would get him before me. That's how it was. Random outsiders, contorted and love struck faces, taking in my thrall. Was it time yet? I glanced at my Gerald Genta stainless steel watch and smirked. 10 minutes. I apparated to a capacious office in a lofty building. A woman strolled into my office.

"Fleur, we have an issue. One of the movie projects is due today and…" I handed the woman a miniature disc and she flashed a smile at me and left without another word. I pressed on a small button located on the left side of my desk.

"Gwen, please send in ze new girl for ze interview." Now to wait. I reclined into my chair far enough to see through the huge city outlook my window provided. My flaxen mane obscured my vision and I sat up to see a female with brown curls bouncing and billowing as she strutted into my office. I cast a uninterested look in her direction. She continued, her face scrunched into a nasty grimace. She pranced up to my desk and jammed her hand right into my face.

"Hermione Granger." I rose and shook her hand loosely.

"Fleur Delacour." I moved from around my desk to face her directly. She was short compared to me; I towered at least 4 inches over her with my heels. She wore a basic black skirt along with a silver silk undershirt under a black suit jacket. Her black heels were also relatively plain. As was she, plain.

"So I zee you are ze type to dress so ennuyer , non?" I smirked. Her eyes glowed with wrath but see concealed it in her physique.

"I don't worry about the petty fashions the world has to offer me, I wear what pleases me."

"So, you are saying zat I wear petty fashions ? I quirked a knowing brow at her and her gaze never wavered for a second.

"Simply put, yes." I glared at her and turned to face my window near my desk.

"Vous vous rendez bien compte cette mode petite est tout à fait le fabricant d'argent?"

"Est-ce que je dirais cela si je n'étais pas ?" I was slightly surprised she spoke a lick of French but I disregarded it for the time being. I sat on top of my desk and faced her with disinterest.

"What makes you so qualified as to work under me Miss 'Ermoine Granger?"

"Can you read?" She snapped.

"Very well, yes."

"Read the resume Miss Delacour, it does wonders." I sneered at her and flicked my eyes over it. Nothing was unnaturally impressive to me, though to any other person, they'd be amazed. My vision was soon filled with the aggressive women. She was unlike anyone I'd ever met. She inspired the nastiest in me.

"So, ze point was for me to be impressed? Miss Granger, for someone so cocky and unexplainably rude, one would zink you would 'ave some'zing amazing. 'Oo are you to come into zis office and expect a job from the Fleur Delacour of SoMaAxe Films, ze most successful video company in Le Havre, France? So, please explain Dear 'Ermoine." Hermione's defiant stare did not crack, or did it sway, or fade from existence she smirked. Her locks bounced as she sauntered up to my desk.

"I am the best that you'll get. I made sure of it." Hermione bored her eyes into mine and realized suddenly, my thrall was going off, and wasn't reacting, at all. I meet her stare and I smirked.

"What makes you so sure? 'Oo gave you the certificate zat said you triumphed …" I stopped as her finger lead my gaze to the bottom of the application that had Mr. Yen Sid's signature on it. Authentically. Yen Sid was a famous movie director who owned a school in Torino, France.

"As you can now see, Yen Sid himself signed this. Scan it, gape at it, be amazed. I told you the resume would do wonders. Now when do I come in tomorrow?" I tensed my jaw and I scribbled on a note my cell phone number and her work hours. She grinned and marched in, much in the same manner as she came. I contemplated irately over the prospect of Hermione being the best, in more than one way.

" 'Ey! Gwen! I need you to send in ze lovely blonde girl in ze waiting room. Tell 'er I need 'er immediately." Gwen heard me from across the hall and mouthed, 'what a booty call'. I let a flicker of a genuine smile reveal itself to her and she paged the front office reluctantly. Just 2 minutes afterwards a bubbly blonde shuffled sexily into my room.

"What'cha need me for, huh? I gots stuff to do." Her sultry voice tickled my eardrums. As she approached slowly I licked my lips.

"I see you came prepared for work with me, non?" Embarrassment crossed her face as the thrall started to affect her. I met her at my door and kicked it to close it. I enclosed my pastel limbs around her voluptuous body and drew her into mine. She gulped and flushed nervously.

"Oh no, mon peu d'appel de butin, I will take good care of you and your body. Zere is no need to worry about zat. 'Ave I failed you before?" I smirked and pressed her against the wall. "Good care, indeed."