Meth puts holes in my brain.

You're almost the same.

Constantly putting holes in my soul,

I love and hate the pain.

Believe me, you wear the pants.

Just as soon you feel your faith tear,

One word and you'll find,

I'm the one in cold underwear.

God, why couldn't I be stronger?

Why couldn't I be better?
Forever I'm left,

To sit and ponder.

--Torturous Love



Hermione's P.O.V.

Fleur was so sexy when she was mad. My only utter want was to ravish her while she was mad. The way her eyebrows were knit together and the way her chest heaved laborious breaths and the way you could set her off with only one little misstep—

"No." Oh, my. Margo was just asking to put into the morgue wasn't she? Maybe she was ready to go? Maybe she was suicidal? Maybe she thought a mad Fleur was sexy too? Whatever the reason, she and I were already watching Fleur grow closer with every step. What a marvelously terrifying way to die.

"Do you want to extract your azz, or do you want to run while you still can?" Fleur's tone was dangerously even, and the naughty part of me wanted to see the consequences.

"I don't think my ass is going anywhere, Ms. Delacour." Fleur's lips curled upward in a snarl as she pounced, and when I say pounced I mean quite literally. I glanced down her shirt to see her own pert nipples, alert and standing at attention. It was hot in here, what was with the hard nipples?

Margo made a split decision to run, and Fleur missed her perceived target, and instead, I ended up face down into her cupcakes. Fleur growled while her face was by my neck, and I whimpered softly at the passing air. Fleur sighed and continued to lay on me. I quirked a brow at her behavior and broke the silence.

"What on earth are you doing?" Fleur shifted slightly so that her knee was placed between my legs. I fought down the urge to gasp.

"I am simply resting and zinking."

"About what?" I asked my voice strained. Her knee and my sexual desire did nothing to help my yearning to ride out all my frustrations on her knee.

"You, of course. You left me wiz a lot to consider."

"And what exactly are you trying to consider, Ms. Delacour." She chuckled into my ear, causing me to shudder at the proximity.

"I am considering 'ow I can get to know you better." I snorted.

"So laying on top of me is a way to go about things."

"Oh, but it iz." I scoffed. How so like Fleur to come up with ridiculousness.

"How so?"

"I learned zat you don't mind if I lay on you like zis, or put my knee in places where it should not go in a public place such as zis." Crimson coated my cheeks and Fleur placed her lips on it in an attempt to sooth it, but her knee popped up and brushed my sex. I moaned unexpectedly, and Fleur smirked. "See? I learn zings simply by watching you squirm." By now my face was probably stained.

"Why are you doing all this? You weren't interested before." I stated plainly.

"Non, I waz not, but the simple fact of the matter iz zat, I am now." She grinned at me coyly, but I stared at her.

"Oh. So what changed your mind?" My tone then became harsh and sardonic. "Lack of sex, or an abundance of masturbation?" Fleur's eyes narrowed, yet the look did not leave her face.

"Abundance of masturbation, most definitely. It's 'ard to keep your azz off the mind when ba'zing." I feigned ignorance and gained innocence.

"Me? What's so great about me, I mean I'm just plain Granger." Fleur's laugh reverberated in my ears, and tickled the inside of my ear.

"If I 'ad every night in the world to fuck you zen, you'd wake up wiz sore hips for the rest of your life and I would alwayz complain of my mouth hurting every morning." I grew moist at the prospect, but my voice remained even.

"Oh, really? I'm sure I'd be the other way 'round." Fleur's eyebrows wordlessly questioned me. I smirked.

"I'd fuck you 'till the neighbors heard your laboring cries, and then punish you by handcuffing you to the bed. From then I'd make a playground out of you. And when I'm done playing, and only when you're good and sopping wet, I'll tease you with my fingers. And when you begin to ooze onto the bed, your wetness penetrating and ruining the sheets, I'll punish you by assaulting your clit. And when you are groveling and writhing in your own fervid and raunchy chagrin, I'd fuck you until you have no more cum to give me. So indeed, Fleur it would be the other way around." Fleur's eyes cast a lustful haze into them.

I heard by this time Fleur's neediness in her articulation. She sounded desperate; really desperate.

"And would I sound som'zing like zis?" Fleur's mouth hovered over my ear, and she moaned twice. The first utterance went down my spine and tickled my sex. The second, louder one went straight to my ever overflowing center.

"Ah—yes. Yes, it would." I struggled to find my footing afterwards, but Fleur was wearing down on my sexual patience. By the time I managed to stand up, my underwear would be ruined for good. To Hell with them now, they were probably due for the trash. Fleur snuggled into me, subsequently making her knee inch forward.

"I 'ave found in zis time zat I like your character, 'Ermione." I smiled. I decided to test Fleur.

"So does Margo." Fleur's nostrils flared, and her position became rigid.

"Zat bitch! Who does she zink she iz? I obviously 'ave a claim on zat azz! Next time she even makes a move to touch you, I'm kicking her azz to London and back." I shook my head at Fleur's outburst.

"A claim, Delacour? Really?" Fleur simpered pitifully.

"Well, it's not a secret zat I am attracted to you. And it's not a secret zat o'zer women are az well." I looked at her in question and she sighed. "Zere are a number of women 'oo are fond of your body, and like your style, in fact, zere is a band of z'ree."

"Three? I thought I was simply plain Granger." Fleur chuckled and leaned back into me.

"Margo, az you've so seen iz attracted to you and iz the band leader, Kay, the fiery dark-haired one wiz piercing blue eyez, and Nicolette, the blonde 'oo waz a model previously." I cocked my head in wonder. Really, what were all these girls doing liking me, and better yet, what the hell was with the lesbian count in here? Is it really safe to have all these horny women in one building together?

"Huh. Well, Kay is hot. Nicolette is hot, and Margo is hot, but Kay is definitely the hottest. Really hot." Fleur huffed irritably.

"What of me zen, am I not hot?" I had a desire to kiss her pouting lips, but I resisted and answered her question.

"Nope." Her surprise was surmountable. "You are damn sexy. Especially when mad." Fleur grinned again and place a kiss on my cheek, but again her knee popped up, and this one struck harder than the last giving me a jolt of pleasure. I whined audibly. Fleur's infamous smirk curled on her lips and she did it again. I barely was able to focus the second time as my body was gaining the upper hand on my actions. I didn't want to reduce myself to humping my boss's leg.

"Fleur," my voice came out as a whimper, "please don't." She altered her arrangement so she was on top of me.

"Why not, 'Ermione?" Her pitch was lowered into its husky note.

"I can't—I can't, not now, I want to wait." Fleur's lips pouted and I tried to control myself enough to stare in her eyes.

"Why? I want you now." I shook my head in the negative.

"It'd be like last time." Fleur stiffened.

"You're right, you're right, but 'Ermione, can I kizz you?" I nodded, to afraid of what I would sound like begging Fleur to kiss me. Fleur leaned in slowly. I felt her move again so she was straddling me. I breathed slowly and closed my eyes the moment I could sense her moving in.

Fleur meet my lips and I was reminded of the softness that had driven me crazy years ago. I pressed my head upwards to deepen the kiss, and Fleur responded by parting her mouth and allowing my tongue to gently massage hers. Her tongue was broad and petite compared to my elongated and slender, and I easily did circles around her own lingua. However, her tongue proved useful in bed.

Fleur moaned and hissed as I gave her supple breasts a squeeze. She broke away first. She rested her head on mine, smiling.

"I feel so, connected 'Ermione, iz zat bad?" I kissed her nose.

"Nope, it just means it's time for an actual date where I'm not yelling at you." I sobered shortly after my remark. "I hope you've changed." Fleur blinked and barely whispered.

"I 'ope I 'ave too."