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Donna stared into the mirror; the long wet strands of her red hair framed her face. The blue eyes stood out more than ever; they longed to see past her outer exterior and see what was inside. What made her so damn important?

What was it about her that made the Doctor love her?

She could not go as far as saying that she was not 'special', her ego prevented that.

But, what bothered her most was that out of millions of people in her time, on her planet, plus the one's living in time periods from past and future; that the Doctor would pick her to travel with. To live with. To share a life with.

Was she so uncharacteristically attractive not to pass up? Maybe there was something the man from Gallifrey was not telling her, something he knew and that was why she was there.

Donna had already saved the world, almost died saving the world…universe. Her mind had almost been liquefied from her very head. But, it hadn't; thanks to the Doctor.

He kept reminded her that it was her who was the one saving him; but she could only think about him rescuing her time and time again.

Blimey, it made her sound like some damsel in distress and he was the knight on the white horse.

Except instead of a white stallion; it was a blue police box and she was just some temp from Cheswick.

Yet, funny how life is sometimes thrown for a complete 180.

The Doctor, the man who could do practically anything he set his heart(s) to; chose her.

She knew it could not last and she didn't expect it to.

Okay, okay; so she did think it would last forever, but that prospect quickly changed. She knew how dangerous life with him could be and she accepted that. It was better than sitting home alone on a Saturday night, wasn't?

Hell yes!

Silly thing was, the Doctor was someone that didn't like the idea of planting his feet, growing roots, having children.

Jenny had been something of an anomaly; but she had grown, in just those few short hours into his hearts.

Donna knew that the Doctor thought about Jenny; and knowing that he had had many children once, the thought of having more would change him.

She knew that as well.

The Doctor had been the first one to engage the kiss, Donna would be adamant about that fact alone. She remembered fondly about that night, three months ago, and it was him that spoke those words to her. Telling her about his harbored feelings, how he never wanted her to leave him, of course knowing that could not stay forever. But that he wanted her that night like he had never wanted anyone else.

Yes the words had been a bit cheesy and yes he had not been the best she had ever been with. But, the words and the passion with each movement knew that he had meant what he said, and it had been better in that way.

They had made love every night since and they could not say that living just a bit on the domestic side was a little daunting, but seemed to get easier each time.

It was sort of like when she had first thrown open the TARDIS' doors and looking out into the vastness of space. Now, it seemed that whenever they landed on a new planet, it was she to get to the doors first.

All that was needed was time, which they both had plenty of; for the time being at least.

The Doctor had the patience and she had the will to follow.

But the dance was about to change tempo right in the middle of their waltz, and Donna felt tired all of a sudden.

She tore her eyes away from her reflection and stared down at that lovely pink plus sign and then bad up to her worried face.

She wasn't too old to have children?


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