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Donna rubbed her belly sluggishly; this morning sickness was certainly taking its toll on her.

She raised herself from the floor and leaned against the marble countertops, turning on the tap she let the water run for a few seconds. Before she moved her hands under and splashed the cold water onto her flushed cheeks.

Lifting her eyes to the mirror she stared at her reflection Donna looked worn out and tired; more than she had ever seen herself before.

It had only been a month since they had found out that she was going to have a baby, and yet she couldn't wait for the day to arrive so she could hold her child in her arms.

Donna sighed, knowing that she had to get ready and greet the day; she was already two hours slow than she normally was, but the Doctor hadn't found the delight in bursting into their room and rousing her as he used to before the pregnancy, opting to let her rest as much as she needed.

She loved that man so much that she couldn't believe that he could ever share her feelings in return. It seemed that it was so long ago that she had stumbled into his life, and he into hers and they came together without any pushing or prodding on either end.

And now to be pregnant by him, it was truly a blissful feeling.

She had often wondered what they were going to do when the baby was actually born; a life with the Doctor was not one that could be lived on a whim. She had to think about her life and the life of her child. The doctor would never have to stoop low and live a domestic life. This was going to be as far as he would go and that was enough. She could not ask for more of him.

Donna brushed her teeth, ridding her mouth of the bile that lingered there and left the bathroom. She went to her drawers and took out an acceptable yet comfortable outfit to wear. She was dreading the day when she was going to have to change her wardrobe to a much larger one.

Slipping out of the room fully dressed Donna swept her long red hair up into a loose ponytail. She didn't have to search long for him; The Doctor was sitting on the yellow jump seat, waiting for her. He had his smart blue suit on with the red Converse and matching red tie. Her favorite look on him.

"Good morning." He said brightly while sliding off of the seat. He gathered her into his arms. "You okay?"

She nodded slowly, "Yeah, I'm just still trying to adjust to this whole being pregnant and throwing up part."

He kissed her forehead softly, his arms coming to rest on her upper back, his fingers spread outwards as he pulled her tighter to him.

"You're being such a great sport about all of this," He whispered into her hair.

Donna scoffed and pulled away so she could look up at him, "Are you kidding me? Just wait until it comes close to the day, or when I actually go into labor, oh, just watch out cause I'm not so sure I'm going to be a bundle of fun then.

The doctor smiled, "Well," He kissed her temple. "I just want you to know that I'm so happy that you agreed to keep the baby, that I'm going to start living my life to the fullest again, with you."

It was a moment like this that Donna could feel her heart beat thunderously inside of her, the Doctor was so gifted in making her feel this way.

He stepped away from her and brought his hands up to cup her stomach; he had told her that there was a very good chance that the baby would be born like him, two hearts and everything. He had been quiet and she knew that she was thinking about Jenny, he did very often in the last month. They had yet to find out the sex of their child, Donna had wanted to keep it as much as a surprise as possible; but she hoped deep down for a son, a boy that would get the Doctor's mind off his daughter's murder.

The TARDIS had done a wonderful job supplying a room for the baby, it was adjourning the room she and the Doctor shared and the door was right by their bed. Of course her mother was already 'helping' her with baby tips, telling Donna that she shouldn't get upset every time she heard crying coming from the nursery or that it was okay for her to set the baby down ever once in a while. Donna knew that her mother meant well, but it was so hard at times to not say a snide comment back or roll her eyes.


She shook her head and looked into his dark eyes, "Sorry? What were you saying?"

The doctor grinned down at her, her mind wondered so much lately that he didn't worry as much whenever she would space out, "I was asking if you would like something to drink. Tea? Or perhaps some water."

A soft, loving smile danced upon her lips, "Water sounds good." It was another symptom that seemed to barge into her life, it was either she couldn't quench her thirst or that she was going to the bathroom more and more. But, it was the price that she would have to pay in order to bring life.

Taking her hand into his, the Doctor brought it up and kissed her knuckles softly then turned and left the room. He was always a physical man, whether it was stroking Donna's hair or caressing her skin with kisses, but lately he was hardly a breath away from her except when he was getting something for her. She thought it silly that he had to fetch this even if she had mentioned it lightly; he was quick to make sure that she had it.

She brought her hand up to her head as she swayed slightly on the spot, "Oh," she murmured gently as she moved to sit down on the worn out cushions. The wave of dizziness swept through her so quickly that by the time she was fully seated she felt fine once more. Shaking her head, she squeezed the back of her neck, the taunt muscles constricting under her hand.

"If you wanted a neck rub, you should have asked."

Donna looked up and took the glass from him.

The doctor moved around to the other side of the jump seat and sat down, "Slide back." He told her softly.

She did what he asked and a moan emitted from her lips as his cool hands massaged her skin.

"You're too good to me," she whispered leaning back.

He shook his head despite the fact that she couldn't see the act and replied with a kiss to her collarbone.

Her previous dizzy spell was forgotten as his kisses became frequent and soon thought had left her altogether.


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