Ok this my my newest fanfic. I know I should probably finish at least one other one first, but I couldn't help it anymore. xD Anyway, I did so many Beauty and the Beast songfics that I wanted to do a story of it HSM style. So we're starting off with just the prologue and in a few days I'll get through typing up the first chapter. Basically what's going to happen with this story is that its the same idea as the movie but with some twists. You'll see what they are as the story goes on. So as far as the characters go, they'll be HSM characters of course, and replacing those in Beauty and the Beast. I did a lot of planning for which character would be who and I also got some help from , so thank you for the assistance, and I really hope this story turns out well. And if you know me, you know who the story will be about. 0=)
Disclaimer: I do not own Beauty and the Beast, HSM, nor any of the characters from either film. Nor do I own any music from either movie either. xD

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a prince who had all anyone could ever dream of. He was surrounded by his servants, he had riches, and his looks, but yet he remained selfish and uncaring. The world revolved around him and there wasn't a single other person that mattered.

Then, one night, an old woman walked up to the prince's castle. She asked him for shelter from the bitter cold. And in return, she would offer him a single rose. Disgusted by her offer as well as her horrid looks, the prince slammed the doors in her face and forced her away.

But much to his surprise, the old hag burst through the doors and transformed before his eyes into an enchantress. She placed a curse on the castle and everyone who lived within it. The exterior grew dark, grim, and bleak. Snow began covering the ground and everything surrounding the castle and everyone was trapped inside, as there was no escaping her curse now. She transformed everyone into simple household objects, becoming even more of servants than they once were.

And the prince had the worst of it. His looks began reflecting his harsh side and his cruel personality. For with the curse he became a beast.

The enchantress left behind the single rose, which topped off the curse. The rose would bloom for three years and then slowly began to wilt. The beast would have to break the curse before the rose withered away. If he could learn to love another and earn her love in return before the last petal fell from the rose then the spell would be broken. If not, then there would be no hope of changing back and they would remain under the curse forever.

But instead of searching out to find that one chance, the Beast locked himself away in the castle, refusing to come out. Trapped inside the walls as the rose slowly withered away and time began to run out. But to him it didn't matter.

For who could ever learn to love a Beast?

Ok so it wasn't a short chapter and I apologize for that. But there wasn't much to say here. xD So I'll make the next chapter longer, which hopefully you gathered by now. I'll try and get it up as soon as possible!