Chapter 1: Expectation


I was not looking forward to school this year. I had a great summer, there were bonfires, parties, friends, sleepovers . . .and boys. But, the two main things I wasn't looking forward to were how judgmental people can be. If you weren't a platinum blonde, if you didn't get hundreds of dollars, and if you didn't shop at Hollister or Abercrombi and Fitch, you were cast away from the social classes and known as a nobody.

The second thing was that no good, dirty rotten, asshole of a player Edward Cullen. He was the spawn of the devil, not really his father is actually really sweet, and a real two face. I used to hang out with him here and there when he first moved to Forks, Washington but when all the girls began to hit on him, he didn't feel the need to hang out with me anymore and left me for all the jocks. He was currently, as far as I know, dating Lauren Mallory. The head cheerleader and the captain of the baseball team, not very surprising.

I can't really say that I have anything against his family because... I don't. But he certainly does not give them a good name, I actually feel pretty bad for them. Alice was a very hyper girl, who helps with all the pep-rallies, with a really nice boyfriend, Jasper, who spends most of his time in the library studying. Emmett was a buff wrestler that was dating the lead singer of the choir group, Rosalie. Jasper and Rosalie are twins of the Hale family while Alice, Emmett and Edward are from the Cullen family.

Carlisle Cullen, their dad, is the best doctor in town while their mom, Esme Cullen, runs a gardening shop down by my boyfriend's hiking gear shop or something. My dad talks about Carlisle all the time, its always about how dedicated he is to his job and how great it is that he moved down here. I couldn't say the same.

When I left my house for my dreaded day at school, I sighed in relief when I saw that my dad put the snow chains on my truck. The roads were icy and the air was cold. I wasn't looking forward to this at all, I stopped at a gas station on my way there to fill up my tank and grab a coffee. I was heading out the door when someone ran into, almost knocking my coffee into my chest.

"Sorry." said an all too familiar voice. "Actually, no I'm not." Edward Cullen sneered from behind dark sunglasses that were not needed. His leather jacket fit him tightly and his pants hung over his hips lightly. I gagged slightly at the scene before me as Lauren Mallory came in and attacked him with her lips. I stomped back to my truck and sped out of the parking lot as fast as I could.

The school was only a few minutes away, so when I arrived the Cullens and Lauren arrived soon after. They parked a few spots away and I glared at Edward as he got out of the driver seat. Lauren and Edward had yet another make out scene beside the truck and I almost regurgitated the coffee I had just drank. Alice and Emmett seemed just as revolted about it as me, they shook their heads and walked off. I walked through the common area, where all the kids lounged around, and made my way to class.

"I am so glad that school is back! I can't wait, let me see your schedule... do you think we have any classes together? I hope we do!" my best friend Angela said energetically.

"Angela? Did you have coffee today?" I asked slowly.

"Maaaaaaaayybeeeee..." she acted innocent, she handed back my schedule and ran off down the hall to find her boyfriend, Ben. This year was going to be different, I was going to focus on my grades and make sure that Angela didn't have anymore caffeine.

My first period was gym and that was my worst subject. Give me numbers and I can count, give me words and I can spell, give me a ball and I will fall flat on my butt in less than five seconds. I couldn't even run without tripping. Today we were playing soccer, I can't play any sport let alone a sport that involves running, kicking, shoving, and blocking.

"Yeah, you're supposed to make it into the goal, Swan!" Edward teased as I kicked a ball at my own team mate.

"Don't you have another girl to take into the broom closet?" I countered with acid thick in my voice.

"Well, you can come with me if you want," he smirked at me as he came closer and trapped me between a wall and him.

"Yeah... I rather barf!" I weaved my way under his arm and away from him. The feeling of having him that close made me want to sanitize all clothes and scrub my body with chemicals.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" some girl yelled at me.

"Excuse me, do I know you?" I got up in her face and she cringed away. Usually I wasn't this hostile, but this girl had no right to be calling me out on a subject like Edward. I am not the type of girl that swoons over emerald eyes or a nice body.

"Did you seriously turn down Edward Cullen? What are you smoking? He is the hottest guy in school, what I would give to be locked in the broom closet with him..." the girl bit her lip and I shook my head as I walked away.

Yeah, if you were stuck in any closet with him... you would come out HIV positive! I thought evilly. I couldn't stand that boy at all, he was completely naive and self abosorbed. Everyone was obsessed with his hypnotizing stare... puh-lease! I switched out of my gym clothes and into a more casual attire.

Oh thank God! Lunch! I smiled to myself as I thought about hanging out with the people that I liked most. My friends. I walked into the cafeteria and almost tripped over my shoe laces as I made my way to the lunch line. Mike came up behind me and kissed the back of my neck, earning a squeal in surprise. "Mike!" I laughed in embarrassment as I continued to fill my tray with fruit and a salad.

We walked together to the table where everyone was sitting, casually talking and eating their food, we sat at the end with Angela and Ben. There were random conversations about summer and jobs. But as we finally got into a heated discussion over zombies and vampires, the bell rang telling us to go back to class. Mike gave me a peck on the cheek and I smiled as a slight blush crept up my cheeks.

I walked to my English class and sat next to Angela and Jessica. I wasn't the best of friends with Jessica, it was mostly because she was the school gossip girl and I just didn't like that about people, but she was someone to hangout with. She told us all the latest gossip while we waited for class to start. Jessica blabbed about the most random things, oh, haven't you heard? Lauren got a nose job over the summer and told everyone that she ran into a door.

The teacher sat at his desk debating on what to teach, To Kill a Mocking Bird or Romeo and Juliet. Either one is great, but Romeo and Juliet was my obvious choice. The tragedy of forbidden love due to the feud of two families was exhilarating. You could literally feel Romeo's pain when he found Juliet lying on that cement bed pale and cold. You could feel the anguish when Juliet awoke from her slumber to find her true love lying on the ground with a poison vile in his hand. It was amazing. Props to the main man, Shakespeare.

"Okay class, I want you to discuss the positives and the negatives in Romeo and Juliet. We will start on... Romeo's choice on taking his own life when he thought Juliet was dead. Mrs. Swan you will be backing up the positives and... let me see...." he looked around the class and smirked to the back of the room... Edward was staring at the rain as it poured down the window.

"Mr. Cullen," the teacher stated loudly.

"Here!" he called.

The class erupted in hysterical laughter, the teacher hushed everyone and went on with the subject. "Edward we are done with attendance, you will be telling us your opinion on why Romeo made a bad choice in killing himself. Go!"

Like he has even read the book! I smiled to myself, this was going to be good.

"Well, personally I think his opinion wasn't well thought out. Who says that you will only love one person? He could have met someone in his future years and fallen in love again. They were both young and immature... no one can prove that they wouldn't meet other people and forget about each other," he sounded disgusted. What I would give to slap him right now.

"The world says that you will only find that one true love and they found each other. Of course they couldn't love again! Their love was so undeniable that they couldn't stay away from each other, Romeo killed himself for Juliet and you don't think that was out of love? That kind of love comes once in a life time and they found each other as soul mates." I argued back.

"There is no such thing as a soul mate! And again, they were young... how could they possibly know that they were what you call 'soul mates'," his voice was mocking. I wanted to back hand him for making fun of such an amazing play.

"Excuse me! I would have to argue that your choice today is too immature to talk about a subject like love. Especially when he is making out with a different girl every week in the janitor's closet," I glared at Edward.

The teacher was about to announce what I knew as detention, but Edward fought back, "Yeah, maybe next time you should pick someone who isn't jealous of the girls that I make out with in cupboards... or maybe you should choose one that doesn't secretly want to make out with me in a cupboard."

"In your dreams!" I seethed. The closest thing I had was a pencil and I was on the verge of stabbing him with it.

But as Edward was going to reply, the bell rang and students booked it out of the class. I made it to the door right before. . .

"Mr. Cullen, Mrs. Swan... get over here," the teacher beckoned. I sighed in defeat as I shuffled back to the teacher's desk and scooted as far away from the imbecile that I could and hoped that we wouldn't have to hug and express our feeling with each other like my mom would make us do. Instead, we glared at each other.

Someone patted me on the back, "Nice going! Its good to have someone finally tell him that the earth doesn't revolve around him." Alice skipped away. Wow, she felt the same way. His own, flesh and blood... felt the same way. Well, this is definitely an interesting day.

"Mrs. Swan... I am very disappointed in you. I was expecting a lot more maturity from you and Mr. Cullen... do you wish to participate in baseball this year?" the teacher demanded from behind his black rimmed glasses as he gathered his books and papers in a brief case.

"Yes sir," Edward sounded defeated and I smiled wickedly.

"Then you will cooperate with Mrs. Swan here. For she will be your new tutor," our eyes went wide with shock and I almost fainted.

"WHAT?!" we screamed at the same time.

"Did I stutter? Mrs. Swan will be tutoring you... now leave before I give you both detention," he threatened.

"And what if I decline?" I asked as I slammed my hands onto his desk.

"Well then I hope that you like failing grades... Bella you are one of my best students. Edward needs help and you can help him, this is your semester project. If he fails, you fail. If he passes, you pass. Its as simple as that... good day to you, I have a wife and dinner to go home to, now if you will excuse me," without another word the teacher walked out of the room and left Edward and me frozen by his desk.

"Oh. My. God." I breathed as I slowly walked out the room.

Could the first day of school get any worse? I wanted to scream. I walked briskly out to my red truck and put my keys in the ignition in a daze. My life is ruined, I have to work with Cullen for an entire semester. I have to watch myself lose brain cells as I engage in conversations with him. "Why do you hate me?" I asked God.

A/N: I hope it was a bit more interesting! :) There is more to come!