Candlesticks and Chandeliers

== x ==

I knew it was easy for me to fall over 'anything' – but I wasn't expecting this.

== x ==

Isn't life a complication? Every day is just a struggle to pick up the pieces that we had thrown away the day before, some being forgotten and abandoned while others were purposely ignored for righteous reasons. Sure, there will always be the times where we regret leaving those pieces behind, and as we try to reason with a certain piece, it simply doesn't want anything to do with you – the silent treatment is the worst of course, thick flames enveloping you whole and licking your fragile skin ferociously to remind you of the wrong that you had done. People would say "leave it behind", but hey – I'm a stubborn girl.

I didn't expect persistence to turn out like this.

The clouds grumbled in annoyance, water threatening to pour violently out of the deep gray cushions above me as I stalked towards where you held the most important piece of myself; the piece I had abandoned all those years ago – the broken shard of my heart. You were trying to ignore me, but I could feel your shy and irritated glances bounce at me every once in a while, and for once it felt... right. Yet the eyes that I had grown to love stayed stuck on the ground that everyone trampled over. As much as it irritated me, I knew that soon you would focus all your attention on me – for more than one reason.

So here's where my thoughts stand at the moment; I couldn't care less that my supposed best friend was calling my name as I was making 'a big mistake' in her eyes. I couldn't care that the whole school was watching and listening to every echoing step I took. I couldn't care if I looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards, or that my mascara was trailing down my emotionless face due to previously unshed tears. All I wanted was to hear your voice – to know that you forgave me for all the awful things I had put you through. It still shocks me that you were by my side when I needed you the most, even when I had thrown you to the ground in spite and left you to wallow in explicit agony. Usually I would have accepted this as defeat, but I felt like I had to do something to make this entire situation... secure.

All I know is that I am represented by nearly everything around us – the sky cries for me, the dirt everyone walks on was the treatment I knew that I deserved, the audience spellbinded in a way that gave a feeling of anxiety which slowly creeped up my spine in an almost feline manner. All I knew at this moment in time was how I didn't deserve you, that you would always deserve better than myself, but you held the part that could make myself whole for the first time since my life fell apart, and it needed to be sewn back together as soon as possible.

The school is quiet as I stand in solitude and you with your friends at your side. My vision is blurry as I look up, yet when I coincidentally meet your wavering sapphire gems a lump becomes lodged uncomfortably in my throat. I was thankful for the attention that the pair of us were recieving – the two jaded students with the will to get away from life for two very different reasons. Words couldn't describe what I was about to do, until I took the necessary steps towards you and croaked out the words that were begging to be said aloud for the world to hear.

"I'm sorry."

And with that, the sky broke against its restraints whilst we became submerged into a state saturated bliss, for words literally couldn't explain this moment; in moments like these, actions tend to speak louder than words.

The new improved Prologue of "Candlesticks and Chandeliers"! I hope you all enjoyed it. It was definitely fun to type :D