You guys hate me. As you can tell, I've deleted all the previous chapters off this story so I can actually begin working on it. For some reason, I've fallen out of love with this – I have so many ideas crammed into this tiny head of mine that this specific one isn't on my top list of things to do. Same is happening to "Ghosts from the Past" and "47 songs, 47 stories", and it SUCKS. Mostly because there might be people actually waiting for updates, and I'm just being a douche about this entire thing.

I give you permission to kill me, lmfao. I would kill me too. HOPEFULLY I will get my C&C Mojo back and update the first chapter with a NEVER BEFORE SEEN SCENE... that sentence only made sense in my head. Uhm. Yeah. I hate myself at the moment for doing this. I was about to delete it completely, but I came up with this alternative.

If people have actually stuck through the A/N's and this shit that I've been causing, if you excuse my language, then you guys are truly amazing. I'm sorry that I've been so awful and neglecting you guys AND the story, but of course life gets in the way (and so does spending 8 months straight of staying awake until 4am – I am exhausted all the time and can never get enough sleep, which causes lack of concentration and shizz)

Those are my pathetic excuses. Pshawwww, myself. Epic Pshawww. I just love all my readers, because I irritate myself for doing this shizz. I think I'm going to stfu now so I can like, sleep? Yeah, I'm lazy.

OH, I re-wrote the Prologue so it's in Nami's POV. Hopefully that will get some people going... *epic doubt*. Sorry I couldn't be more kinder to this story. Grawr. :c