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selfless [self-lis]


having little or no concern for oneself; unselfish


I was sitting on the couch, Emmett's arm wrapped around my waist. His eyes were glued to the television, as he was deeply involved in the football game playing across our new flat screen. I sat there, drowning in my thoughts, as I though fantasized how my life would have played out if I had stayed human. Edward wouldn't have been able to stand my whining. He's lucky he's at Bella's house right now.

Ah, bringing me back to Bella.

Everyone automatically assumes I hate Bella because of the way I often find myself glaring at her. But I don't hate her. I could never hate a person who had brought so much joy to my life. She has truly been my savior.

I only glare at her because I find her choices foolish. She is willing to give up everything she has, everything I want, for love. Sure love was a powerful emotion, it gives you a reason to live. Yet, here I was dead, my heart as cold as ice, heavy as a rock.

Then there was my case of vanity. I knew I was conceited, I knew I was self-centered, pig-headed, arrogant, egotistical....

But, my beauty was all I had. It was the one pro of being a vampire. I knew people hated me for it, but really, I was just looking on the bright side of things. Sure I have Emmett, but I would give him up to be human in a heartbeat. If only my heart did beat.

And, finally, there was my love for Bella. Yes, you heard that right. I loved Bella like a sister, just like I loved Alice. Bella has brought so much pain to our family, but really there was more happiness that came with it. Emmett always seemed to be smiling when she was around, though he never stops smiling anyways, but you could even see subtle changes in Jasper, Esme, and Carlisle. Though Edward was the biggest change. Before her, he put on a smiling face for us, but I could see beneath his facade. He though he was content and we all had accepted he would always be a loner, with minimal feelings of euphoria. But then Bella came along, and you could quite literally see the changes in his face, ever smiling, always joking. Never again would he be in such as state as before.

That was when I had a realization.

Bella was my guardian angel.

And then all of a sudden, my eyes felt wet. I lifted my finger to my face, only to find a small tear rolling aimlessly down cheek.

Impossible, I though to myself.

Snapping out of my trance, I looked up to see Emmett still engaged in the television program, and I turned my gaze to the window. I saw the warm, vibrant sun, beating down on the pane of glass. And for a moment, I found myself smiling. Smiling for someone other than myself.

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