Ok I thought of this from that AT&T commercial. Were they guy text the girl were he his. And the third text is of her sitting in the park.

Trent hugged me goodbye. I didn't want to say goodbye. But TDI is over and its time to go home. I gave him my number and he has mine, so I hope we can stay in touch.

I get home and plop myself on my bed. My phone rings and I have a picture message. It's of Trent back in Quebec. He is standing in front o that singe that says "Welcome to Quebec". I smile and close my phone and fall asleep.

Two days latter I got another picture message of Trent by Niagara Falls. I wonder what he is doing there.

Two days from that. I am at the park playing fetch with my dog when I get another picture message. This one is of …. … … ME!!!! Not just an old picture. This is of me throwing the stick for my dog, it was taken now. I look up to see Trent walking toward me. I run into his arms, happy to see him again.

Short I know. Like??