The Sky is Ever so Blue

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(Hellboy's POV)

The pipsqueak had grabbed my right arm and led me towards the infirmary. Her hand was so small and reminded me how tiny she really was, well, compared to me. But her hand in my right one just made hers look even smaller. Her action reminded me of the day when she had asked if I felt anything in it. Even though most of the agents believe that there's no feeling at all, it's just like my other hand. I was brought out of my musings by an orange spotted puff of fur that was currently eyeing me on Sora's shoulder. I growled softly to myself. What kind of shit had I gotten myself into now? Normally I love cats, but this was no cat but a demon in disguise. The stupid fur ball was just waiting for an excuse to pounce and scratch my face off.

Said kitten was watching Hellboy as if he were a bug scurrying on the ground. Tiger's big adorable eyes were narrowed at Hellboy as if to dare him to try to get close to Sora. Still glaring at Hellboy, or the cat equivalent to a glare, Tiger started to nuzzle Sora's neck and started to purr and occasionally let loose a cute kitten noise.

"Awe! You're so cute Tiger! Are you hungry? I'll get you some food one I finish taking the big monkey to the infirmary okay?" Sora with her free hand was petting Tiger and talking to him as if he were a baby.

"Why you littleā€¦!" Hellboy was interrupted. "Ah hello Sora, is something wrong? Do you need Medical assistance?" Abe was standing next to a lab table. "Nope, not me this time Abe, but HB does." Sora smiled toward him while cuddling the fluffy beast. While he and tiger were having their stare off Hellboy didn't realize that they had reached their destination and was now standing in the BPRD's medical facilities. Looking around Hellboy also saw his father standing there too.

"Red, why don't you sit and we can take a look at you," Abe asked.

I wasn't about to start a fight right now with father watching me, so I grumbled while plopping myself in the examiners chair. Abe proceded to collect materials needed for whatever he was about to do to me. I hate the infirmary.

"Hello professor, how are you today?" Sora was stroking Tiger while chatting with father. The stupid cat was still glaring at me. 'Stupid cat,' I thought with disdain. As if hearing my thoughts it started to nuzzle Sora's chin again. My fists clenched slightly.

"Now what is ailing you Red?" I said nothing and just stuck out my injured arm. Abe grabbed medical tweezers and started to poke and prod into my wound. A small pinch was slowly irritating my arm until Abe spoke, "You were burned by some organic acid."

"Hn, I'm lucky that way," and then I felt another sharp pain, "Ow!"

"I worry about you," my father said while walking next to me. "Me?" What is he talking about?

"Well, I won't be around forever you know" he continued.

"Damn!" I whipped my head to face Abe, "Could you please be a little more careful?"

Sora looked at me then and turned her head to take a glance at the parasite that bit into my arm. "How long was it latched onto you?" She sounded worried. I looked at her face and saw genuine concern in her eyes. I felt fluttering in my gut, but kept my cool, "I don't know, bout' five seconds."

I hissed in pain, "Professor look!" Abe exclaimed. I didn't want to turn around and see whatever I felt get pulled out of my arm. "Is it bad?"

"Touched you five seconds, laid three eggs," Abe concluded.

"Didn't even buy me a drink." Abe proceeded to put the eggs on a slide and place them under a microscope.

(Sora's POV)

Abe looked at all of us and took a deep breath. 'Here we go' I thought to myself. I couldn't imagine how I must feel like to have three eggs laid inside my arm. I shuddered involuntarily.

"The stinger detaches itself from the tongue and injects the eggs." Abe looked to professor Broom. "They're very sensitive to heat, light. They need a humid, dark environment, to breed." Abe explained

"Did you ever lose track of him?" I turned to see who had asked the question. I didn't even realize that Meyers was here.

"Huh, well let's see. There was that moment when I had a train on top of my head." I could practically taste the tension in the air between HB and John.

"We can't risk it." Professor Broom stated. He then looked and me and Hellboy. "Tomorrow you go back to the tracks with a group of agents. Search the whole place top to bottom. Find those eggs and destroy them." He said with finality while he turned and exited the room.

I had never seen or heard Professor Broom sound so firm before. An uneasy feeling wormed its way through my chest as I hugged Tiger a litter more closer to my body. Something bad was going to happen and I just knew it. The only question that remained was when.

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