I needed, or more like felt like making another JiroxKluke story!~ I love this couple and I really want to play Blue Dragon Plus...I just can't find it yet. But if it's for DS i might have to save up for that first. Umo...saving up money for my anime-con, saving up for Blue Dragon plus and Ds...umo that's about $300, 100-120 for a used DS from Game spot, 50 dollars or lower for Blue Dragon Plus, and $120 for my state's anime-con! Yay I can't wait, my Nanna is making my costume~ I might go as Kluke, I can't pick right now.

This is set in the game, really no where, but I added Bouquet in it. Oh and sorry if there is a I or Me or My in the story, I tried my best on proof reading it and didn't catch any, but I usually typing Pov. So I was just wondering.


Kluke sat down on the roof of a building in Jibral. She straighted out her black dress and she tighted her bright yellow belt. She sighed and stood up and leaned against the cement that seperated her from the ledge. She sighed and smiled down at the rich people of the city. She never really envied them, she loved her home back in Talta village, even though she was the only one who occupied it, but she still had her friends next door. How could she complain? She sighed and looked over to see Bouquet dragging Zola and Maromaro around to look at Jewels, side snacks, and a simple flower shop. She slightly giggled when she saw Shu also get dragged into the mess. She didn't notice a presence behind until a hand was placed on her shoulder. She gasped and quickly turned around to face Jiro.

"Oh, I'm sorry I scared you Kluke." He said, feeling sorry for the girl. Kluke blushed and looked away.

"No, it's ok, I should of known someone was going to get me soon." Kluke said, trying to not hurt her crush's feelings. Jiro smiled and felt his cheeks grow warm. Kluke fiddled with her fingers and kept her gaze at her fingers, now finding them intersting. Jiro kept his gaze to the side and then something caught his eye.

"Hey, Kluke...want to check out the jewels in the town?" He asked his best friend. She nodded.

"I would love that Jiro" She exclaimed with a bright smile. Jiro flushed and looked away and nodded. They started to walk down the stairs when they heard someone yell.

"You love me?! Really!?" A girl exclaimed.

"YES!?" A boy yelled, Kluke could tell the boy didn't want the girl to make a scene.

Jiro and Kluke looked at each other, blushed, and looked away trying to hide their red faces from one another. Maybe, just maybe, one day they can admit their feelings to eachother, just like Shu and Bouquet just did now.


Yup I always love adding a Shu and Bouquet moment somewhere. It was small but cute, I might make a one shot sequel for this. I don't know yet. I just feel much better typing a Blue Dragon oneshot, It seems when I write Blue Dragon oneshots my writing ability is awesome. Cool! That means more Blue Dragon oneshots!

For a picture of Kluke and Jiro there is a link on my profile.