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It was a cool, misty morning in Forks, Washington. Pretty much a typical morning for late summer. I'd lived here most of my life. My mother, Renee, had remarried when I was in high school and I decided to move in with my dad, Charlie. It was a hard choice because I knew my twin brother, Emmet, would want to go with me. I didn't want him to pack up his life and leave but I thought mom and Phil would want sometime to just be a couple.

I instantly fell in love with Forks. It was such a one eighty from what I was used to with its rain and gloom. I had loved the sun of Phoenix or, at least, I thought I had. In comparison to forks, however, it just didn't compare. So I had decided to stay, even after high school.

Emmett fit in well right off the bat. He was the most likable guy I knew. He was great at sports, making him popular with the jocks. His teddy bear side made him instantly popular among the girls. In Forks, Em was a well known guy.

Charlie was the sheriff of Forks and, although he thought it was much too dangerous of a job for his only daughter, he was proud when I decided I wanted to be a Police Officer. Charlie was always helping people, solving crimes, keeping our small town safe. It was what I wanted to do. It was really a no brainer for me.

I did my seven hundred and twenty hours of basic law enforcement training and then continued on to the Washington State Police Academy. I was top in my class, beating out all the men, and was in great shape. I should have gone on to a big city, like Seattle or something, but I went back to Forks to work with the old man.

I bought some land by La Push beach, being friends with the tribe's Chief was helpful. It was a twenty minute drive to work, but the scenery and peace made it worth my while. I had enough land that I had two houses built, one for me and one for Em.

Em had a job at the high school as a gym teacher but he had been a pro football player for about two years before that. He had been maliciously injured, thus ending his career, and then sued the other player. He won and was now set for life. Personally, I thought the bastard deserved some serious jail time for what he had done to my brother, but I couldn't toss everyone in jail; Charlie was always reminding me of that.

Em hated my job. I wasn't even sure hate was a strong enough word for his dislike. Maybe something like, disliked with the intensity of a thousand suns was more accurate. He was afraid I would get hurt or killed. I constantly had to remind him that we lived in Forks. Nothing happened here. Add Charlie being my boss to the equation and you had zero likelihood of me being hurt. It was laughable really.

I stood at my huge window facing the beach, my modest home was closest to the beach, and sipped my coffee. I liked to watch the sunrise before work. It helped center me for the day ahead, even if that day was just helping cats down from trees and returning bikes to neighborhood kids.

I watched as the rising sun bathed the figure of Em jogging along the beach. His knee injury had ended his career, but not his life. He was always the optimistic one. We were always each other's compliment. He was happy and sunny, I was dark and brooding. He was out going, I was shy. It was just the way we had been born.

I put on my Forks Police coat, took one last look at myself in the mirror and walked out my front door.

As I made my way to my decrepit truck, Em strolled up to me and tried to give me a big bear hug.

"Em, eww! Come on, you're all sweaty! I don't need to smell like an irritable grizzly all day," I said as I pushed against the brick wall that was my brother.

Em chuckled and crushed me against him anyway, 'You should fit right in then. I mean, it isn't like the whole force, all fifteen of you, put hygiene as high up on the list as you do."

"Fuck you Emmett," I fought back a smile, " Do you hug Rose with those stinky pits?"

"Point taken Bells," he took on a serious air, " Be careful, ok?"

"Always am," I repeated the line Dad had always given us.

The door of the truck creaked open and the mixed scent of mint and tobacco enveloped me like a familiar hug. She was well taken care of, Jake saw to that, and I would never replace her if I could help it. I loved this old truck.

Jake was Em's best friend. He lived on the Rez, which was how we got the land here, and we had dated for nearly three years . He was a wonderful guy, it just hadn't worked out, for either of us. We remained close friends. Neither of us could imagine a world in which the other wasn't there and Em would have killed us if it ruined the relationship he and Jake shared.

I caressed the steering wheel as she roared to life, thankful for one more day. Then I started the drive down our long driveway and to the station. I plugged in my blackberry, I was addicted to the thing, hoping it would charge enough to make it through the day.

The drive seemed shorter than normal, I thought as I pulled into the parking lot. I parked the truck next to Charlie's cruiser, grabbed my phone, and headed inside.

"Morning Bells," Charlie's gruff voice greeted me.

"Morning Sheriff," I replied.

Charlie grimaced, he hated it when I addressed him so formally, but I didn't want anyone to think I wasn't professional here.

"Hey, Swan. Another day huh?" Mike Newton spoke, suppressing a chuckle.

I nodded in agreement and made my way to my desk.

My desk was a simple thing. There was a picture of me and Em before his last game. A picture of Charlie and me after graduation from the academy. A pencil holder Em made as a joke in high school. My slim laptop and a phone. I used my desk a lot because our town was always quiet.

I opened my laptop and started to browse through myspace. Charlie hated that I had a myspace but allowed it as long as I set my profile to private. He didn't want everyone to be able to sift through one of his officer's private lives. I used it to keep up with classmates and stave off the boredom of the day.

I had a message from Ange. She and Ben had married right out of high school and attended college together. She had majored in Photo Journalism and Ben had majored in Graphic Art. They were currently living in Seattle where Ben had gotten a job doing special effects in movies. Ange had just found out she was pregnant with their first and was happily sharing her news with me.

Sometimes I wondered if I would always be alone. I didn't want the typical husband and three babies type of thing, but I did want to be loved. Not just some luke warm love either. I wanted all consuming love, the type you saw in the movies. Being a cop made it hard and after a while I had given up. Every once in a while though, the drawer I kept the longing in rattled and made itself known.

The morning was slower than usual and I started to get a feeling like something was looming ahead that I couldn't shake. I ate my lunch at my desk, left over chicken alfredo. Trying to get rid of the stupid black feeling in my gut. My gut was usually right and just as I was putting the last bite in my mouth Charlie walked into view.

He looked as though he might vomit on my desk.

"Bells, we've got a call. It's pretty serious and you're the closest thing to a detective we have," he sputtered out.

"What is it, what's happened?" I looked at my watch, it was only just now noon.

"Someone discovered a body a few minutes ago. Called in as soon as they found it. They said it is pretty gruesome and we think it may be a murder," a dark cloud crossed Charlie's face as he spoke.

"A murder?" I was shocked.

"Yep. We should get going Bells," Charlie tossed me my Jacket.

I grabbed the camera we kept on hand for crime scene photos and the number for the Port Angeles CSI team. On the way to the crime scene I made the call to Port Angeles and they were all to happy to help. I thanked them and hung up.

Then the thought hit me like a ton of bricks : who was it?

We knew pretty much everyone in this town, the chance that it was someone we weren't familiar with was doubtful at best.

"Dad," I said, "Who was it?"

When he placed one of his big hands on my leg I knew it was bad.

"It was Lauren Mallory," he said, his eyes never leaving the road.

As awful as it was, I was instantly relieved it wasn't someone I was closer too. Lauren had always hated me and, while I wouldn't tell Charlie, I was glad if it had to be someone it was someone I wasn't really friends with.

"Has someone told her parents?" I asked.

"I sent Newton to do it," was Charlie's simple reply.

We pulled up to the Timberlane Apartments, where Lauren had lived, and I immediately saw Jessica Stanley crying. There had been rumors for years that Jessica and Lauren were more than just friends and when they moved in together after we all graduated it just cemented those rumors. So, finding out she was the one who found Lauren didn't shock me a whole lot.

I got out of the cruiser, told Charlie I would talk to Jessica , then headed her way. Her face was red and blotchy. Her curly brown hair blowing wildly in the breeze. I couldn't help but feel bad for her.

"Jessica," I began, " I hate to do this to you but would you mind answering a few questions for me?"

Her grief filled eyes darted to me at the sound of my voice.

"Sure," she wiped her nose with a tissue.

"When did you find Lauren?" I began the usual list of questions.

"When I got home from work. I worked a half day today, we had plans to go visit my mother," she sniffled.

"Where in the apartment was she?" I continued.

"On the bedroom floor," she looked at her shoes.

" I'm sorry about this one, but I have to ask. What was your relationship with the victim?" I felt the blood rush to my cheeks as I spoke.

"She was my girlfriend and I loved her," she whispered.

"Ok Jessica, if I need anything else I'll call you," I was concerned for her, "do you have someone to stay with tonight?"

She nodded and I moved on to find Charlie.

I walked into the small two bedroom apartment, ducking under crime scene tape as I entered. I followed the absent minded points of the CSI team from Port Angeles and eventually found Charlie-and Lauren. No training could ever prepare you for something like this. I hissed.

Lauren was laying face-up in the middle of the bedroom floor. Her blood creating a sticky metallic smelling pool around her. Her throat had been cut and not in a clean manner. A hunk of her hair was missing.

"Bella, the FBI is here. Evidently the killing fits the M.O. of a serial killer in Oregon," Charlie looked pale as he spoke, "The agents are down stairs, they also brought a profiler. "

"Ok," I said, "What do we do?"

"We cooperate. "