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Sure as the dawn brings the sunrise,
We've an unshakable bond!
Destined to last for a lifetime and beyond.

-Far Longer Than Forever, The Swan Princess soundtrack


Teach Me

Ch. 11: Unshakable Bond - Part Two

(Spock POV)

The following morning, I awoke thanks to an odd itching sensation on my face. Immediately, I opened my eyes but found that action to be useless, for an opaque, silky item was firmly tied around the upper portion of my visage. Based on the texture of the obstruction, I concluded it was a piece of clothing. Was I blindfolded? As I sat up in bed, I heard footsteps approach. What was my captain up to now? I reached up to remove the offending piece of cloth when I heard Jim protest.

"Leave it on, Spock." A thrill passed through me at the sound of his smooth voice. In a few hours we would be bonded, and I would no longer have to suppress the blood fever that threatened to send me into the throes of pon farr at any moment. But I put that pleasant thought out of my mind for now, as it would not serve any purpose to dwell on it.

"Jim, what is impeding my vision?" I asked patiently.

"Oh that." I could hear his smirk. "That would be one of my ties."

"You own a tie?" It was difficult to keep the skepticism from my voice.

"Hard to believe, I know," he answered. "But I happen to own two ties, in case the occasion calls for one." I deduced he was not referring to dressing up.

"Jim, I refuse to participate in illicit sexual acts before the bonding ceremony." He sighed.

"Why do you automatically assume that is what the tie is for?"

"Because it was your idea." Jim gave a loud scoff.

"For your information, I blindfolded you because on Earth it is bad luck for the bride to see the groom before the wedding." The corners of my mouth curled upward at his response.

"That is most illogical." I said wryly. "I cannot believe that one so intelligent as you would fall victim to an old-fashioned Terran superstition. Besides, we are not bride and groom." It was an obvious statement, but I pointed out anyway just to irk him. "Unless you are willing to assume the traditional role of the female?"

"Forget it." With a sigh, Jim pulled the blindfold off me. For the first time that day, I drank in the welcome sight of him. His crystalline eyes captivated me, and I flung my shields up before he could feel the depth my desire. I still couldn't believe that when he could have anyone in the entire universe, he chose me. But who was I to question Jim's choice? "You are no fun, Spock," Jim scowled. "I'll have to fix that. By the way, have you seen my dress robe thingy? I seem to have misplaced it."

"Jim." I shot him a tiny glare. "Elder Spock gave your Vulcan ceremonial robe to you only yesterday." He hit me one of his killer pouts.

"I'm sorry, okay!" He threw up his hands in protest. "I was too busy worrying about the meld to think about where I put my clothes." Shaking my head, I rose to use the facilities. When I closed bathroom the door behind me, I found his white robe to be hanging on the hook behind it.

Really, Jim? Really?

How had he managed to get through school, let alone the Academy? If I was to maintain my sanity while bonded to Jim, it was imperative that he learn basic organizational skills. I refused to act as both his bondmate and his mother. One role was challenging enough. Yes, if this union was to be successful, I would have to teach Jim a thing or two about order.


We changed into our robes, and I had to refrain from looking directly at Jim for fear of being blinded by lust. The blood fever was calling, singing my name with its seductive promises, but I refused to give in to it just yet. Jim had a much greater chance of emerging from my pon farr unscathed if we were bonded as opposed to if we were not. And as his safety was very much my concern, I willed the fever away yet once again. Closing my eyes, I endeavored to meditate my thoughts away. But Jim had other plans.

"Spock, what's that on your robe?" I blinked, and looked down at my IDIC pin. It was a rather startling contrast to the black fabric of my robe. The design featured a silver circular background topped by a golden triangular shape split down the middle in two equal parts. At the summit of the triangle sat a tiny white circular jewel. It was said that this was supposed to symbolize the Vulcan sun at the top of Mount Seleya.

"This is an IDIC pin." Seeing the confusion on his features, I explained further. "The acronym stands for Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, which one of the great Vulcan philosophies. I deemed it appropriate to wear today."

"It's beautiful," said Jim, reaching out to finger the pin. "After all, our bonding is somewhat unusual, being an interspecies relationship and all that."

"Indeed." I found myself unable to look away from his searing gaze. "Jim…" He was much too close! Luckily we were saved by the interruption of a com. Jim was the one who had the presence of mind to answer it, and soon my elder self materialized on the view screen.

"Greetings," said the one who was me. "Spock, your presence is requested at a meeting." Upon seeing my worried reaction, Elder Spock amended his request. "It will not take long; you will be on time for your bonding."

"I will attend," I relented. Elder Spock, who went by the alias of Ambassador Solkar, asked that I meet him in his home, just as I had the day before.

"Can I come too?" Jim asked, trying not to sound too eager. That was when my father joined Elder Spock onscreen.

"This meeting is for Vulcans only," Sarek said, his voice strained. I opened my mouth to defend Jim, but my future self beat me to it.

"With all due respect, Ambassador, I would prefer for Captain Kirk to be present." Sarek did not get to answer because another one of the elders demanded their attention. He bowed his head, clearly not wanting to deliver his news.

"Ambassador Sarek, Ambassador Solkar, we lost another one." My elder self gritted his teeth, an action so subtle one would not recognize it if they were not looking for it.

"How many more young Vulcans must die before you see reason, Sarek?" Elder Spock asked, the emotion clear in his ancient voice.

"This requires further discussion. Very well, Kirk may attend the meeting." My father's voice sounded rather edgy. He did not appreciate being overruled. But he should not have excluded Jim. Elder Spock bid us goodbye and cut the connection.

"What was that all about?" Jim wondered.

"I do not know," I admitted. "But we will find out the true nature of those cryptic words soon enough." We left our lodgings together, heading towards the home of my elder self. If we were lucky, this meeting would not take long and we could bond without delay.


When we arrived at his office, Elder Spock gave us a fond smile.

"Good morning, Spock. And a good morning to you as well, James."

"Good morning," we murmured. My father was also present, but he made no move to acknowledge us.

"Please, sit." Spock gestured to two chairs that were facing those of his and Sarek's. "I am hopeful that your brief bonding ceremony will set a new precedent among Vulcans."

"Our ceremony isn't going to be how Vulcans normally bond with their mates?" Jim gave me a strange look. I wasn't sure how I was supposed to answer that, as it would take much explaining. But someone else stepped in for me.

"No, it is not," Elder Spock replied. "Vulcan females are usually given the option to challenge their intended mate with someone else of their own choosing. That option is also available to same sex couples. But it is a fight to the death, and more Vulcan deaths are something we cannot condone." Sarek was already frowning.

"Ambassador Solkar, you must realize that overturning a millennia of tradition is not something to be taken lightly. My son is to be bonded to T'Danna. It has been arranged by her father and I." I looked at Jim in apprehension. While my father no longer held power over me, his influence might prevent our bonding from being legal.

Right on cue, a petite Vulcan named T'Danna burst through the doorway. I had never met her before, and I could not help but note her natural beauty. (Not that she had anything on Jim, of course.) Her cropped, flaming red hair was pulled back from her face in a silver headband, and she was dressed in a ceremonial robe similar to mine. Except hers was light blue, which matched her eyes.

"Where is he?" She asked, the emotional undercurrent in her voice evident to all present. It was obvious she cared for the male to whom she was referring.

"This is my son, Spock." Sarek gestured to me, and I gave her a small nod.

"I do not believe that she was referring to Spock," my elder self injected.

"You are correct," she quietly snarled. I could tell that the drive to mate was affecting her normally logical judgment, and was causing her much emotional distress. She looked wildly around the room. "Where's Moldak?"

"I am right behind you." In walked yet another young Vulcan dressed in white ceremonial garb, who came to stand at the female's side. The handsome dark haired Vulcan towered over T'Danna, but there was an aura of familiarity and protectiveness there. He then addressed my elder self. "Ambassador Solkar, we were told that you were going to overturn the standing law, that we would be able to choose our mates!"

"And so you shall," Elder Spock reassured them.

"No. It is an illogical for those being bonded to choose their mates," Sarek insisted. "This is not how our society is run. The probability of two such beings choosing each other as mates among the thousands of Vulcans available is-"

"But she does not want Spock!" Moldak interrupted him.

"And I do not want her," I added, glancing over at my captain. "I want Jim, and T'Danna wants Moldak. It is very simple, really. We should be allowed to bond with the one that we love."

"Indeed," Elder Spock agreed wholeheartedly. "I know this is difficult for you, Ambassador Sarek, but change in any society is inevitable. Ours must change out of necessity for the survival of our species. The one to whom you were bonded was a proponent of change, was she not?" Startled, Sarek flinched at the reminder of my mother's passing.

"Yes - that she was." I could tell he was wondering how my ancient self had known Amanda. My father scrutinized the four of us, Jim and I, along with T'Danna and Moldak. The other Vulcan couple clasped their hands tightly together in mutual support. I would've reached for Jim's hand but I did not wish to test my self control at that moment. Instead I stepped closer to Jim, until our shoulders were touching. After our display, it should be clear to my father that our newfound logic must prevail.

"Ambassador Sarek, it is within your power as one of our highest surviving ranking officials to overturn the current law regarding how bonds are recognized," my future self gently reminded him. "Decide wisely and you could be remembered fondly by future generations of Vulcans for centuries to come." I was thankful that Elder Spock had thought to play to our father's pride. It would be very difficult for him to resist having a lofty place in the long and rich history of our people.

"Have it your way," Sarek whispered. "I will overturn the law in an attempt to preserve our species. But that does not mean that I support it personally." After a not-so-subtle glare at Jim, he turned on his heel, ignoring me completely as he strode out of the office.

I could not deny that his rejection stung. But it did not outweigh the joy I felt now that I knew our bond would be considered legal in Vulcan society.

"You okay?" Jim asked softly.

"I am fine, Jim." I tried to reassure him that I was not affected by Sarek's behavior, but he sent me his warmth through our link anyway.

"Pardon me, I must still speak with the ambassador." Elder Spock took his leave of us, and I was pleased to realize that I was still quite spry in my old age.

"Let's follow him," Jim suggested. "I want to hear what he says to your father."

"Very well, but I must remind you that this was not my idea." After wishing T'Danna and Moldak all the best, we hurried after Elder Spock.


The ambassadors had locked themselves in one of the conference rooms in the multi-purpose building, and it was not too difficult for Jim and I to hear what they were saying. We stood outside the door, trying to catch our breath from our run.

I listened as Elder Spock spoke with my father. Eavesdropping fell under the list of misdemeanors that Vulcans never took part in, but at that moment I did not care. I swelled with pride as I heard my older self personally vouch for Jim's strong character. While I could not hear my father's response, at least I knew that he had another opinion of Jim.

Then I glanced down at my chronometer and saw that it was almost time for the bonding ceremony. I had heard enough. Elder Spock's plea on Jim's behalf may not change my father's feelings about my choice of bond mate, but it made all the difference to me that Jim heard him argue on his behalf. As we walked over to the registration center, I casually commented,

"It seems I still think very highly of you, even at an advanced age."

"I am a rather likable guy," Jim kidded, but I knew that he was deeply touched by my elder self's declaration.


Twenty Earth minutes later, it was time. Finally, after all that Jim and I had been through, we were going to bond! Two Vulcan attendants pulled the doors open, and suddenly it was time for Jim and I to walk before our audience as a couple. I glanced at Jim, and he at me. We did not need words to express our deep feelings, they radiated between us through our mind link.

As soon as the music started, we filed into the Grand Chamber of the New Vulcan Registration Center. It was the only venue large enough to seat the entire crew of the Enterprise, therefore we had to use it out of necessity. The audience was already seated and waiting as Jim and I processed in, walking side by side with Jim on the right and I on the left. Scotty was on hand, playing a lively tune on his bagpipes.

Jim and I had discussed musical selections beforehand, but since Scotty had volunteered so eagerly, and we had other matters to attend to, we just let him choose. Jim had made an odd request that Mr. Scott pick anything other than "Amazing Grace". I asked why he thought our chief engineer would ever pick such a solemn piece for a processional, but Jim gave me a sharp look that clearly said 'drop it'. Not wanting to argue, I did. As it turns out, Scotty's selection was more than adequate. But if I had to do it over, I would've preferred to walk in to something other than "Scotland the Brave".

It did not long to approach elder Spock at the front of the room, who wore a crimson ceremonial robe of his own. When we came to a halt, he struck the rectangular gong, symbolizing the beginning of the ceremony. I was pleased to see that some of our old traditions had been implemented into this new version of the bonding ceremony.

"We are gathered here today to commemorate the joining of two minds," Elder Spock began. "They are about to embark on the ultimate adventure, as their souls will forever be entwined. S'chn T'gai Spock of Vulcan, name your chosen bondmate."

"I choose James Tiberius Kirk." My voice was steady as I affirmed what Jim and I already knew.

"James Tiberius Kirk of Earth, name your chosen bondmate." Jim held my elder self's approving gaze as he spoke.

"I choose..." Jim hesitated and there was some speculative murmuring from our audience. If they wished to believe Jim was getting cold feet, so be it. I knew that Jim was merely balking at the task of saying my first name. "I choose Sah Chu-heen Tuh, um, Tuh…" Jim winced as he forgot the last syllable. My right eyebrow rose of its own accord at his disastrous attempt to pronounce syllables only fit for a Vulcan's lips. "Oh, screw it!" He groaned. "I choose Spock, okay?"

"Very well." Elder Spock gave a slight smile. "I ask the witnesses to come forward." Witnesses? As far as I knew, Dr. McCoy was to be our only witness. But there was Sarek, stepping forward to come to stand at my side. I glanced over at him, unable to contain my surprise and joy, but he did not look my way. Then Elder Spock asked the witnesses to state their names.

"Leonard McCoy, for James Kirk." The good doctor stood on Jim's right, and flashed his charming southern grin at us.

"Sarek, for Spock." My father stood on my left, and I had never been so grateful for his comforting presence. Because if he hadn't been there, I would have had no one close to me as my witness. Our officiant then cleared his throat, subtly demanding the attention of everyone in the room. Any background chatter immediately died. It was so quiet you could hear the drip… drip… drip… of the fountain in the back of the hall. That was when Elder Spock began to speak, his rich voice resounding across the chamber so that all could hear.

"I am about to gift Spock and James with the deepest of sacred bonds, but I will do so only by strengthening their already burgeoning connection. If anyone has an objection to this union, speak now or ever hold your peace."

I held my breath, half expecting my father to object. But he did not. Elder Spock gave me a satisfied nod as my father stared at me, his eyes full of warmth and reassurance. He was actually showing emotion, as much as he dared in public, anyway. But I got the message. To me, it was as plain as day. Sarek approved! Of Jim, of us! I could not have asked for anything better. I knew that I was reinstated as a member of the House of Surak, and more importantly, that I was once again a recipient of my father's love. I knew I had my future self to thank for my father's sudden reversal of opinion.

Then Elder Spock motioned for Jim and I to come forward. He placed his hands on our meld points and initiated a three-way meld. I found my consciousness slipping away and entered a world of utmost peace and calm. Although there was another presence there with us, Jim and I found each other quite easily.



/Be calm, both of you./ Elder Spock gently chided.

He went to work, strengthening the gossamer tendrils that linked Jim's complex mind to mine. As he fused us together, I was slammed by a onslaught of Jim's memories.

He was playing starship captain with his mother at age seven. Not much older than that, he suffered a beating from bullies at school. He attended his mother's wedding to his stepfather. After he drove the man's prize red convertible over the edge of a cliff, he received a pounding that put his treatment by the bullies to shame. On his fourteenth birthday he lost his virginity to the pretty girl who lived on the next farm over. He spent his first night in jail at sixteen. At twenty-two, he crossed paths with Captain Pike in a bar, who urged him to join Starfleet. He became the first cadet to ever beat the Kobayashi Maru. He was smuggled on board the Enterprise by Dr. McCoy. He was sent to Delta Vega, where he was chased down by an enormous creature and almost killed. He survived the ice planet, only to be almost choked to death by me. He was given command of the Enterprise, and commended for saving Earth from Nero.

Jim had failed to mention that I almost killed him by sending him to a planet with carnivorous creatures, I thought, strictly to myself. Why had he not mentioned it to me? Then the answer came. He knew I was already overwhelmed with guilt of the destruction of Vulcan and the death of my mother. Jim did not wish to add to my already heavy burden, and I could not fault him for it. He was truly a compassionate soul, once you got past his front.

/I am finished./ Elder Spock informed us. Was he? I had not noticed. /I would advise you to prepare yourselves for a magnification of the senses. Shields up./

/Jim, are you ready?/ I asked, making sure my defenses were in firmly in place. They were.

/Always./ Elder Spock gently eased away from us, allowing the chance to experience what it was like to meld with just each other while bonded. I had no indication of where I ended and Jim began. All I knew was that I was unconditionally loved.

/Spock… our bond!/ He exclaimed. /You aren't touching me with your hands, are you?/

/There is no need, Jim. We no longer need physical contact to meld./

/That's incredible! It's just you and me. We can do anything we want here!/

/Indeed. But we are also standing before an audience of 1,000./ I had to remind him of this fact, as he seemed to be more emotionally compromised that I.

/Good point. We should probably return to the ceremony./

/I will break the meld when you are ready./

/I'm ready./ I eased off on our telepathic connection, and the world came slowly rushing back. Jim was breathing heavily, as he was feeling the suppressed effects of my blood fever.

/Shields up./ I reminded him as he seemed to have forgotten.

/Right./ He pursed his lips in concentration, successfully calling on the techniques Elder Spock had taught him. We reveled in the fact that our new bond allowed us to communicate telepathically without a meld. Slowly, we returned our attention to our officiant and he continued the ceremony.

"Now, repeat after me." Elder Spock swallowed hard. It seemed Jim and I weren't the only ones who were affected by their emotions. "Parted from me and never parted." My eyes met Jim's as we repeated the vows in unison.

"Parted from me and never parted."

"Touching and touched."

"Touching and touched."

"For better or for worse."

"For better or for worse." A tear glistened in Elder Spock's left eye as he whispered the last vow.

"With you, I will always remain until the end of time."

"With you, I will always remain until the end of time."

Then two Vulcan attendants tied sashes of deep purple around my waist and around Jim's, indicating the ceremony was now complete.

"You may join hands," said Elder Spock. I extended my arm to Jim, holding out my two forefingers in the traditional gesture of a Vulcan kiss. Jim's fingers brushed mine, and for a single moment, it was just the two of us there in that chamber. Elder Spock graced us with a bittersweet grin. I surmised he was missing his Kirk at that moment. This made me cherish my Jim even more, for our time together would not be infinite - at least in this universe, anyway.

"I now proclaim you bonded as one." Elder Spock nodded at both of us. "Congratulations."

We did it! Our fingers still touching, Jim and I turned and faced the crowd as bondmates. Jim was beaming as if he'd just won the lottery. (Which, in a way, he had.) I too had trouble disguising my emotions. It was most obvious how I felt about Jim, as I allowed myself the luxury of a wide smile. The Starfleet members in the audience went absolutely wild when we were announced as bondmates. The cacophony of noise was almost deafening to my sensitive ears. I hadn't realized that so many humans were in favor of the match. This was most agreeable! In contrast, the Vulcans in the audience politely clapped. Jim basked in the glory of the moment, while I began to feel self-conscious.

/Spock, relax./ I was startled by the sound of Jim in my head. It was most satisfying, but it would take some getting used to.

/I will endeavor to do so, Jim./ And I did. I loosened my rigid posture, drawing on a bit of Jim's energy to relax my mind. We stood there for a few more minutes as the photographers took pictures of us. We had one by ourselves, one with McCoy, one with Sarek, and one with Elder Spock. Thankfully, this tiring process did not last long.

We were about to recess out of the chamber when Jim surprised me by going for the human kiss as well. I don't know why I allowed it, as it was not part of the ceremony, but I did. At that moment I was too overwhelmed by Jim's sheer happiness combined with my own to care about what our audience might think. I was irrevocably in love with Jim, and he was allowed to take some liberties on our bonding day.


We held our reception outside. As promised, there was enough food to feed the enter crew of the Enterprise, as well as the remaining guests. Among the delicacies were Scotty's bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches and Uhura's homemade vanilla cake topped with vanilla icing. (Thankfully she remembered that chocolate was out of the question.) Dr. McCoy was in charge of the alcoholic beverages, and was enthusiastically manning the open bar with Mr. Scott. Jim automatically moved toward the food, but paused and turned back to look at me.

/Go on./ He heard the amusement in my thought, and gave me a shrug.

"What can I say, Spock? After all that, I'm hungry." There was that smirk again. Both eyebrows flew up to my forehead.

/Do not go there./ That was a warning.

/Fine./ He gave me a quick pout, but relented when he felt I was serious. Then Jim grabbed my hand and practically dragged me over to the food. He began to pile up his plate with his favorite food, but I cautioned him not to eat too much, as I would also feel his stomachache.

"I'd shield you from it," he grumbled, but he refrained from adding more to his plate. We took a seat at one of the tables, and spoke to those who came up to congratulate us. I ate a light meal and spoke little, but Jim was having some difficulty talking and stuffing his face at the same time. It was rather entertaining to watch.

After most of the guests had eaten, Dr. McCoy began the Terran wedding ritual known as the toast. There were no slices of bread to be found, but he did raise his glass and give a stirring speech about how Jim and I were destined to live a long and happy life together. Uhura chose to read a poem from the late 20th century that she believed described my relationship with Jim.

"It's entitled Unshakable Bond and written by Joanna Fuchs," she informed us. "I have tweaked the old-fashioned words to fit this situation." Nyota waited until the crowd was silent before she began.

" A bonding of two people of quality and character, so obviously right for each other, is a joy and a blessing to the universe. May your fondest hopes, wishes and dreams all come true, as you grow closer together in an unshakeable, loving bond. May your bonding be filled with sunshine and rainbows and every kind of happiness you two so richly deserve." She glanced over at Jim and I, and tried to compose herself. Nyota was such a caring soul, I was not surprised she was being affected by her strong emotions. She sniffed and wiped her eyes with her the back of her hand. "Con-congratulations, and every good wish for the best things life has to offer you."

Nyota walked around the other side of our table to hug both Jim and I. Then she returned to her seat next to Mr. Scott, and they immediately struck up a conversation. Any guilt I had been harboring over Nyota's possible interest in me evaporated as I saw how she was enamored with Scotty. In turn, the chief engineer seemed entranced by her as well.

/It looks like Scotty has finally met his match./ I jumped again, turning to face Jim.

"I did not realize you were watching them," I admitted. All around us the festivities went on, but neither of us noticed. There was a dull roar in the background, but we ignored it, instead choosing to focus on each other.

"I wasn't. But you were." Of course. The bond. We bent our heads together so that we could talk without being overheard.

"Jim, while it is quite wonderful, our bond is somewhat…"

"Weird?" He supplied.

"Yes." I smiled again, relieved he felt the same.

"I think we'll get used to it, but it will probably take awhile," he surmised. "I know I'm not used to having someone else's thoughts in my head outside of a meld." I gave just the slightest inclination of a frown.

"You misunderstand me, Jim. It is not the nature of the bond that I find 'weird'. It is the strength of it that surprises me. Vulcan couples usually do not manage to communicate telepathically without a meld for at least a few days after the bonding ceremony. I do not understand it," I mumbled. "This is a most irregular development. You are human, and I am only half Vulcan. How can this be possible?"

"Guess we're just special," he deadpanned. "If you want, Spock, I don't have to think at you."

"That would be unnecessary, Jim," I told him. "I happen to enjoy the access to your innermost thoughts." He grinned at that.

"Good." He reached for my hand under the table and we held hands unseen while engaging in conversation with others.


About thirty Earth minutes passed, and it was time for the newly-bonded couple to have their first dance together. This was an entirely Terran custom, and I was rather hesitant to participate.

"C'mon, Spock, they're waiting for us!" Jim urged.

"Jim, I do not know how to dance." He raised his eyebrows in disbelief.

"Spock, it's a slow dance, not quantum physics. All you have to do is sway to the music," he explained. "I'll guide you through it. All you have to do is hold on and let me lead."

"Consider this a test of my faith in you," I grumbled, but I accompanied him onto the dance floor anyway. Strains of soft, lush music filtered into the atmosphere, and Kirk pulled me into his arms, placing mine on his shoulders. He was right, all I had to do was follow his lead. It was simple, really. I closed my eyes and listened to the lyrics of the early 21st century song.

I am you
You are me
We are one
Take me in your arms
And flow through me
I'll flow through you

/Let go, Spock./ This time I did not jump at his voice. On the contrary, I found it soothing. My jerky, robotic movements slowly ceased as I let myself feel the music. It was not something I could logically categorize. Sure, there were the notes, the dynamics, and the rhythms that could all be logically defined. But it was the feeling a song evoked in you that made it truly great.

/Much better, Spock! That's it./ I was almost limp in his arms, and I rested my head on his shoulder for all to see. While a small action, it said volumes to the Vulcans watching how I felt about Jim. I was acknowledging his momentary dominance over me, something that Vulcans never allowed with a being of a different species.

/Ever since I met you, Jim, I have been taking part in many things that Vulcans do not do./ I felt him swell with pride.

/A little rebellion is good for you, Spock./

We continued our dance, in a world all our own.

Steal my breath away
Cause I'm so moved by you
Deeper than I ever thought
Was possible, was possible, it's everything, oh

Jim's hands began to drift south, past the small of my back, all the way down to my…

/Jim!/ He chuckled and returned his hands to their original position.

/Just checking to see if you were awake./


Difference between me and you
It's all in where your heart lies
And every day's another chance
So let's get it right.

I was inexplicably flooded with a vision of Elder Spock with his Kirk. Jim felt it too, of course. They were on their Enterprise, and Spock was lying down in Sick Bay. Elder Kirk clasped Elder Spock's hand, and the Vulcan squeezed back. This simple feeling… And then the vision faded as abruptly as it had materialized.

/We're getting it right, Spock./ Jim thought fiercely. /This time around, we're getting it right./

/Yes, Jim, we are./

I am you
And you are me
We are one
Take me in your arms
And flow through me
I'll flow through you

The song ended, and we were met with a round of thunderous applause. We both had to shake ourselves awake from the intimate experience. When he regained his wits, Jim took a bow, but I remained standing. Then Jim looked and me, and I looked at him, and it was suddenly time to leave.


Elder Spock had given us the use of his home for the duration of our honeymoon/pon farr. How we arrived there I could not be sure, but I think Jim ended up having to carry me most of the way. Thankfully, he still had a clear head. After our dance, I found I could no longer keep the blood fever at bay. I shook with need as Jim carried me inside the house. He headed straight for the guest room, and gently lay me down on the bed. If I'd had the strength to look around, I would've noticed the room was stocked with plenty of food, water, and other necessities that were needed to make this experience as painless as possible.

"Jim!" I shivered as he stared down at me from his upright position. Take him…make him yours…mark him…do it now. "Please!"

"Not until you lower your shields." He gazed down at me in concern. "I'm not about to let you do this halfway."

"I cannot," I whispered. "For if I do, I will give in to my animal lust. Jim, I will not hurt you."

"You won't hurt me!" Jim slowly began to remove his robe, which was not helping things. Soon he stood before me in nothing but his Starfleet underwear. One look at his firm, muscled body and I was panting. Panting. This is so humiliating...

"Jim, do not…tempt me," I gasped out.

"That's the idea, Spock." He said, rolling his eyes. "Now it's your turn." I did not comply with his request; instead I curled up into a fetal position and shook with lust and heat. I was burning for Jim, aching to feel him as a part of me, in mind, body, and soul. "Spock, logically you know you have to remove your robe." That made sense to me. I turned away from him on the bed, and pulled the robe over my head, discarding it on the floor. But I still did not face him. I could not. If I did, I would attack him, much like I did on the Enterprise. I could accidentally kill him in the heat of passion!

"Spock, look at me." Jim's voice was ever so persuasive, that I actually complied, stretching out so that he could be granted the same view that I granted him. He drank in the sight of me in my underwear and our mind link flared. I was stuck by his lust and an undercurrent of deep abiding love. Jim crawled onto the bed beside me but he did not touch me. His beautiful blue eyes gazed directly into mine. "I want this." He extended his two forefingers and waited for me to do so as well. What could a bit of kissing hurt? I am in control of my emotions. I am in control of my emotions!

Of their own accord, my two forefingers reached out to brush his. We both jumped as the strong, almost electrical current flew through our connection.

"Jim, I do not know how to proceed after this," I admitted. It was true. After the kisses, I only had a vague outline of how this was to play out. "This is one area of science in which I am not proficient enough to-"

"Spock." Jim gazed at me with the utmost affection. "You don't have to worry. I will teach you all you need to know. You bonded with me, remember? Jim Kirk, King of Sex?"

"How could I forget," I said dryly. Jim continued,

"Now, I love you but for the love of God, please… shut up!"

"Shutting up," I murmured. His fingers slid down mine and I tried to relax and just feel. The texture of his skin against mine was absolutely exquisite. I responded in kind, and our fingers began the age old Vulcan dance. Jim was able to enjoy it more so this time as he could feel my reaction through our bond.

But then, all of the sudden, Jim pulled away.

"Do not stop," I murmured. I assumed he was playing a game, but when his fingers did not return, I opened my eyes. Jim regarded me solemnly, as if he wasn't quite sure of the certainty of his next move.

"We're not going any further until you lower your shields."

"Not yet."

"Yes, yet," he growled. "Dammit, Spock, you're still holding back." He was right, I was, very much so.

"I cannot be responsible for your death," I insisted.

"And I can't be responsible for yours," he countered. "Spock, you know we have to have our telepathic connection completely open for you to survive this." Jim leaned closer now, his breath warm on my ear. I held my breath, praying that he would and wouldn't do what I was imagining he was about to. And then his tongue laved the very tip of my ear, while he simultaneously thought,

/Let me in./

Down crashed my barriers as a jolt of pleasure coursed through my body. My shields crumbled and so did my resolve as I frantically melded my mind to his. The connection was staggering, pulsating with energies that engulfed us in an all encompassing glow. At that moment, I knew it was imperative that I take charge of this situation. Before I knew it I'd flipped Jim on his back and I was straddling him, my hands on either side of his shoulders. But I did not move. I couldn't. Not yet.

/Jim, I must apologize in advance if I cause you any bodily harm-/

/NO APOLOGIZING. Spock, just stop./ He even interrupts my thoughts! /This is the part when you stop thinking and start moving./ My body gave an involuntary shudder at that. Take him, take him!

/But I am afraid./

/So am I. But we shouldn't let our fears rule us./ Jim fed me some of his bright energy through our link and I greedily absorbed it as a starving person would eagerly consume necessary sustenence. He ensconced me with his light, drawing my need to the foreground. How I hungered for him! My bondmate also bucked his hips towards mine, giving me some much needed physical stimulation. I literally saw stars.

/Ah, Bright One!/ Jim chuckled.

/When did you start calling me that?/ I could not recall. Some past memory flitted through my mind but then it was gone. /It doesn't matter, T'hy'la./ Jim was warm and tender and I knew that it was past time for my complete surrender.

/Jim. I am ready./

/Great! So, before you turn into this sexy Vulcan animal that I know you have hidden inside you somewhere, I have only two requests./ Now that I had made up my mind, I could only stall for so long…

/Name them quickly./

/First, I must ask that you not rip any of the pillows to shreds./


/I don't want to wake up covered in feathers./ Even during intimate moments such as this, I still couldn't figure out the reason Jim's bizarre request.

/Very well. There will be no pillow biting. What else?/

/Don't hold anything back from me, Spock. Please./ How could I refuse him this, after all he had done for me? I smiled through the connection, and I blended my joy with his.

/As you wish./

And then our souls collided.



Three days later, Jim and Spock emerged from their temporary lodgings. Spock had bags under his eyes and Jim was sporting suspicious red marks on his neck, but they had indeed emerged from the ordeal relatively unscathed.

Thanks to Jim and Spock's trial bonding ceremony, the Vulcans now had a new, logical way of choosing their mates. Elder Spock did not attend Jim and Spock's reception as he had to perform the bonding ceremony on other couples who were about to experience pon farr. Sarek stayed with him on Vulcan to ensure that all of the adolescent Vulcans were bonded in time.

As soon as the captain and first officer of the Enterprise beamed aboard, Scotty and Uhura announced that they were officially a couple. Spock showed more emotion than usual when congratulating the new boyfriend and girlfriend. Then Jim announced that it was to be business as usual, as they were on a tight schedule.

It was time for the Enterprise to return to Earth. And after that, who knew? There was an entire galaxy out there, just waiting to be explored.

The End!

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Mission to Gamus

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