"It's so soft!" Clear gray eyes looked up at Roxas. Though tiny, the terrors of this adorable kitten were not to be underestimated. Roxas would agree that slightly long, pure white wisps of fur, and the adorable mewls that came forth from this miniature beast were to be feared and respected. Or not. The blond leaned down eye to eye with the small cat, having an intense staring competition while a certain redhead looked on in a sort of bemused state.

It was quite an adorable sight- something you didn't exactly see every day, so Axel took it within his liberty to fully enjoy the sweet tasting sunlight as it beat down on their backs-- while Roxas had a staring contest with a kitten, of course.

Said blond was currently lying flat on his stomach, on one elbow while using the other to stroke the kitten's fur, which surprised Axel, but he quickly got over it as he remember that Roxas had some weird affinity with animals. The cool spring breeze was near silent as they sat, or laid, on the pavement, soaking up the nice weather that had been long missed for many a-month.

Just as the quiet, albeit the usual chirping of birds, had become almost monotonous, Roxas cried out gleefully, jumping up from where he laid and scaring the kitten so that it ran behind Axel.

"I win! The kitten blinked!" Roxas collapsed next to Axel, a cheerful grin on his face. He sat, leaning back with his elbows supporting them, and lifted his face to the sky with closed eyes.

Axel looked from the kitten, and then to Roxas. Smirking, he said, "You beat a kitten at a staring contest. That's not that much of an accomplishment."

Roxas twisted his head slightly to look at the lankier man, "Says you. That kitten was a fighter. I swear! It was using it's whispers to poke my eyes!"

"Right." Axel drawled out in a long, disbelieving tone.

The blond broke out into a grin, and laughed.

"Don't ruin my fun!"

Axel stared back at his friends crystal blue orbs, and realized how nice this moment was. It was just them (and a kitten), sitting together on one of the nicest days they'd had all year, enjoying life and all it's precious moments-- and.. he wanted more. Roxas' smile dimmed a little, and he looked questioningly at Axel.

"What're you thinking about?" Axel leaned in a bit, and suddenly noticed he could see all the details and conteurs of the smaller boys face. The curve of his cheek bones, the way his long golden lashes moved whenever he slowly blinked, the way his plump lips were cutely opened naturally- he saw everything. And he-

"Axel? What are you doing?"

-leaned in slowly-




-until the lightest touch of their lips, and silenced Roxas. He was barely even touching him, but Axel could feel and hear everything that Roxas was doing. There was the shocked trembling of his lips, the way his breathe was hitched, and it was as if though Axel could even feel the air fanned into his face by Roxas' eyelashes. Of course, that was a completely silly thought, but it was still a great feeling.

The rehead leaned in even more, slowly connecting their lips into a tender, yet full kiss, and Axel slowly started to slide his hands to rest on the back of Roxas' neck to bring him closer.

As Axel touched the golden locks that shone even brighter in the midday sun, he had a single, amused thought.

"It's so soft."


READ THIS: This is not written by me. This is written by my friend to me and she insists to be anonymous and let me submit this in my ffnet profile. I thought that you all should read this. This is so nicely written and beautiful and if you've read my fics, you know that I could never produce a description as perfect as this. Hope you enjoyed~