Wild Roses of Summer

Approximately 400 years later

Greenwood the Great, Early Summer

The sound of giggles caused Legolas to lift his head from the blanket. He sat up and gazed across the clearing at the elflings sitting a short distance from them. He grinned and nudged Cellin, who lay beside him, half dozing. "Linn, you have to see this!"

She sat up slowly with a yawn, leaning her head against his shoulder. "See what?" She blinked sleepily and then looked to where he pointed. "Oh my!" She laughed quietly as she took in the sight of the two elflings surrounded by three foals.

The fillies were nibbling at long gold and dark hair and the flower crowns sitting on top of those small heads. The two elflings were snickering and petting the babies, oblivious to the adults watching them. "Oh, Lass." Cellin sighed looking up at him with nostalgia, "Do you remember?"

He smiled warmly at her and nodded. Leaning down, he kissed her. "I remember…" he whispered against her lips. He laid back on the blanket, pulling her down with him, their forms hidden by the tall grasses of the meadow around them. Their kisses were suddenly disturbed, however, by the voice of a child.

"Ada! Nana! Can Haldoron and I each have our own foal?"

With a groan, Legolas sat back up to look upon his young daughter and the son of Ninglorwen and Dúrion standing some feet away. "I believe, Lindaeriel, you will need to take that up with your Daeradar," he answered her with a raised brow. He cringed at the squeal that followed.

"Daeradar gives me anything I want, Haldoron! Come on!" The two elflings raced away towards the King's Halls, leaving the small group of foals looking bereft.

Legolas lay back down in the grass next to his wife, turning to her with a grin, but she was frowning. "He will give the foals to them, you know," she complained. "Your Adar cannot say no to any of his grandchildren!"

He laughed. "I know, but I think she and her young friend are both ready for such chores, and if they should cause some sort of trouble…" he grinned wickedly. "I can remind Adar that he was the one who gifted her with it."

Cellinn smirked at him. "Ninglorwen will not be happy," she warned. He shrugged, his grin spreading across his face. Dúrion would handle Ninglorwen with ease — most likely by ordering her a new gown — and the two children would have their horses.

"You are terrible." Cellinn said, shaking her head and leaning over him. Her eyes grew heated as she lowered her head.

Legolas pushed himself up on his elbows and captured her lips with his own. Then he rolled her over until he was looking down at her. Her smile turned seductive and her fingers reached up to unfasten the clasps of his tunic.

Legolas blinked. "Here?" She lifted a brow suggestively and reached for the lacings of his leggings. "I love you," he told her hoarsely.

She laughed softly as she made quick work opening his leggings. "You'll love me even more in a few minutes," she declared as her fingers found what they sought. For a long time after that, neither spoke.

The small herd of horses surrounded the two entwined elves who were engaged in their love making, their bodies hidden from view by a small group of inquisitive foals with their flicking tails, and their mothers' rounded bellies, rumps and soft muzzles buried in the sweet grass.

At the edge of the clearing, among the brambles and brush, the first wild roses of summer bloomed.


(Don't overlook the end notes titles Over the Years. Important info in there about the characters and what happened next)

Pronunciation Guide to Names

Lindaeriel (Leen DYE ree ehl) – Legolas's and Cellinn's second child.

Haldoron (HAHL do rohn) – Dúrion's and Ninglorwen's second child.

Author's Note

Over The Years

In the following years, Arandur and Minuialwen had a daughter followed by another son: Celaireth and Arthon. All three children were born fairly close together, with each having reached their majority before the next was conceived.

As Legolas and Cellinn found themselves in the role of uncle and aunt so soon after their marriage (and loving it), the couple put off having children of their own for many years. Only after the birth of Arthon did Cellinn conceive their first child — a son they named Glassion. He was followed by his sister, Lindaeriel. Tirn Legolasion was born shortly before the Shadow encroached upon the Greenwood. He does not remember the forest before the Shadow fell. He married Gwíllaer in 2075 during the Watchful Peace. Their children are Calennen and Lainel (both also born during the Watchful Peace).

Lainel is Legolas's and Cellinn's only granddaughter. They have no great-grandchildren by the time of the Ring War.

Over the years, the relationship between Arandur and Legolas grew more distant, but in times of need, the two were always there for one another. Minuialwen and Cellinn always remained close friends.

Dúrion and Ninglorwen married five years after Legolas and Cellinn consummated their marriage. They had three children, the second of which was a son they named Haldoron. To the surprise of many, Legolas's and Cellinn's daughter, Lindaeriel, formed a bond with Haldoron that greatly resembled that of her parents. The two married shortly after Lindaeriel's coming of age, thus finally joining Lammaeg's house with that of the king.

Lammaeg remained a mere advisor until he chose to sail West shortly after the coming of the Shadow. He was followed by his daughter and eldest grandchild many years later when Dúrion was killed during the attack of Sauron's forces on the elves of Mirkwood. He was buried with all honors due a kinsman of the king.

In the Autumn of 3019, Legolas returned home from the Quest accompanied by his friend Gimli the Dwarf…but that's another tale entirely.

A huge thank you to all the readers who have followed this tale over the years and to the various people who have helped me polish and edit the story. Thank you to my betas of early drafts: nautika, Nea, Wimsey, and various members from GoI. And last but far from least, a giant THANK YOU to my final draft betas: Aearwen and Ignoblebard. Without them, this story would not be nearly what it is. And Aearwen, thank you again for nominating Wild Roses for this year's MEFAs!

It has been a wonderful, and often frustrating, three years in the making, but I don't regret a minute of it. The lessons I have learned about writing while creating this story are invaluable to me. I know my next stories will be far superior for having taken the time to explore Legolas's and Cellinn's story.

And now, you may ask, will the series end? At the moment, I'm not entirely certain. There are several stories burning holes on my hard drive in other series, including several short stories and a novel length angsty tale in the Undying Friendship Series, as well as several other unrelated Legolas romances (including a modern day tale!).

But somewhere in the plot bunny hutch there are a few story ideas hopping around in the Greenwood Prince series. I have thought about exploring Arandur's and Minuialwen's story, and there is also Thranduil and Eirien as well as Dúrion and Ninglorwen. There's always Legolas's and Cellinn's foray into parenthood to explore, but at the foremost of my mind is a tale about the youngest daughter of Legolas and Cellinn set in Ithilien during the 4th Age. But when it will get written…it all depends on the muse.

Thank you again to everyone who has shared the journey with me and to all the wonderful reviewers! Couldn't have done it without ya! See ya next time!

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