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Twilight of Dawn

There was a figure lying wearily on a couch in his living area, a hand massaging his forehead in order to stall the incoming migraine in vain. It was peaceful, calm, his surroundings. But it was only a matter of time before it was disturbed. At the moment, he was going to enjoy it. If only Hermione Granger was there to do something to alleviate his migraine. Contrary to popular belief, pain relievers does not work that well. Maybe it doesn't work well on wizards. Hmm, he'll have to ask Hermione that next time.

After the war and the defeat of Voldemort and with blood on their hands, Harry Potter had gone back to Hogwarts to finish his seventh year with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, his two best friends, along with the survivors of their year. It was under the tutelage of Headmistress McGonagall that the three were able to graduate though it was hardly of any matter to them at the time. The number of deaths was staggering and it was only with the help of each other that they got through their pain. It was especially hard for Harry as he had lost more loved ones than any of them combined. His parents, his godfather Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Fred Weasley, Albus Dumbledore, and Severus Snape; all gone. It was surprising that he hadn't sunk into depression and yet, it wasn't. Harry was always a strong one.

It was two weeks after graduation that he decided to pack up and leave his world behind for a normal life. Hermione and Ron, not to mention Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, didn't like it but they understood. So with the permission from Andromeda Tonks (he didn't need it but she was the grandmother), Harry collected his godson and was on his way across the world to America where he'll be residing in Forks, Washington. He didn't know why but something told him that Forks was the best place to be at this time. He just hopes that nothing exciting will ever happen. Heaven knows he had more than enough to last him a hundred lifetimes.

Now two weeks later and life in the Potter household was anything but peaceful. A few days after their arrival, Teddy had contracted the flu, a Muggle illness. Harry had stayed up late at night seeing to the comfort of his charge. If he could have cured it, he would. But it was something that Harry had learned from Madam Pomfrey: you can't use magic to cure muggle illnesses as it would backlash, causing more damage than there should be. Fortunately, he had listened to Hermione and had gotten a flu shot when he told her of Teddy's illness. Unfortunately, that didn't stop him from being grumpy and tired.

He groaned as a cry resonated from the walkie talkie on the table. Teddy had woken up again. Blinking dazedly, a pair of gorgeous emerald green eyes was seen. He barely had time to properly wake when Teddy let loose another outraged cry. Grumbling, Harry made his way upstairs. His last words heard before he enclosed himself in the nursery were, "Somebody redeem Voldemort so he can kill me now."

Three weeks later and the residents of Lion's Den were healthy and well. The weather was gloomy (as it always is in Forks) but that didn't stop Harry from spending the day outside with Teddy. The Lion's Den was located deep within the many forests of Forks. It was ideal for the wizard as he needed secrecy to practice his magic and to fly his broom.

Their humble abode was hardly that. It was a two story brick house, Victorian style. A winding path circled around a fountain in the front, a statue of a phoenix in the center. At night, it was a beautiful sight: The phoenix emits flames of gold and red, and the surrounding wall dances with the flames of golden hue. Engraved into the wall was an H for Hogwarts. Surrounding the lone letter was the symbols of its four houses: Lion for Gryffindor; Snake for Slytherin; Badger for Hufflepuff; and a Raven for Ravenclaw. The Fawkes Fountain was Harry's work. He wanted something to remind him of Hogwarts, of the only other home he had ever belonged to other than the Burrow. It's not like he doesn't have pictures of his days at the magic school (he has the late Colin Creevey to thank for that) but he wanted a solid foundation, so to speak. Besides, it would do for Teddy to know the houses of Hogwarts and its history, something he wasn't good at but was willing to leave that up to Hermione when he's of age.

The Lion's Den was a beautiful home. (Read: I am not that good with details so I won't describe the house so just bear with me.) As mentioned, it was a two story house. But Harry had immediately added a third floor for his magical purposes and charmed it invisible. Sure their home was out of the way but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

Two days before school begins saw Harry and Teddy arriving at Forks High School. Yes he had already graduated but it would be hard getting a job in the muggle world (should he choose to achieve one) with a diploma from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. So he decided to attend the local muggle school as a junior to learn only what he can and want (and to do something other than sit home with Teddy) and get his certificate. He was sure that it would go off without a hitch but the problem was getting a babysitter for Teddy. He didn't want to leave him alone with a stranger as he barely know or trust anyone in this town but he wasn't sure if he was allowed to take him to school with him. His house was off-limits so hiring a babysitter to stay with Teddy in familiar surroundings was out of the question.

Carrying four month old Teddy and his pack, he strolled across campus to the administration building. He took his time looking around, taking in the structure and the stature of the school. He didn't want any surprises while he's here in his new life. Merlin knows he wants to take a break from all and any surprises that has a mind of its own and springing up on him without a warning. He would have taken all day if he hadn't wanted to take Teddy to the beach he had heard about from the realtor who sold him the house.

He walked in the building, garnering looks from the few staff that were there. He ignored them all and made his way to the counter indicating it was the registration section. He waited impatiently for the lady behind the counter to realize she had a possible student on her hands to look up and was on the end of his rope when she finally did. She was somewhere about mid- to late twenties and was heavily caked up on make up. She raised an eyebrow at him and her face contorted slightly at the sight of Teddy.

"I'm here to register myself," he said, holding in his anger at the prejudiced look on her face. One thing he wanted to make sure of was that he never loses himself in front of Teddy. Anger does nothing but bring pain.

The lady said, "You need a parent with you, kid."

"I don't need one as I do not have one, ma'am. Besides, I became of legal age as of two months ago."

If anything, her eyebrow rose higher. "You expect me to believe that? You look barely out of middle school, kid. Unless I see some identification with your birth date, you will need a guardian with you."

Harry closed his eyes, meditating. It wouldn't do to release his anger among the muggles. It would not end well. When he opened them again, the lady gasped. His eyes had turned a dark red, a sign of his magic. He willed himself to calm and his eyes slowly turned back to its emerald shade. The lady gulped and took a small step back. This boy was scarier than the five popular outcasts in the school.

Harry took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He said so soft that the registrar had to strain her ears to hear him properly, "I don't want to do something rash, ma'am, so if you would be so kind, give me the proper forms to fill out and I'll be out of here in no time. I have no notion of staying longer than I want to, either."

The registrar fumbled around for a bit. "O-oh sure. Wa-wait right here. I'll be back with the forms." Then she practically ran…somewhere. Harry didn't care where as long as she comes back with the forms, he was fine.

He sat down in a chair setting Teddy on his lap. He bounced him lightly eliciting giggles from the half-werewolf, half metamorphogous. He nuzzled his cheek against the chubby little boy, both giggling at the feeling.

"I bet you're looking forward to the beach, huh, cub? I know I am too. I never forgot that time when Aunt 'Mione took us and Uncle Ron to the beach. You were laughing at the sounds and made Aunt 'Mione cried. Remember that?" he whispered to his godson. Teddy cocked his head to the right, reminding Harry of Sirius. He laughed.

He talked to Teddy for almost half an hour when the lady, a Ms. Trent, returned. Harry stood up, shifting Teddy to his left side and walked to the counter.

"Ok well, these are the forms you need to fill out. I'll take your identification card and make a copy while you do this," she said, still nervous around him. Harry gave her a small smile to alleviate her fear but to no avail. He took the papers back with him to the chair and proceeded to fill out the forms rather awkwardly with Teddy in his arms. He was interrupted when a voice that reminded him oddly of Luna Lovegood but not quite broke through his thoughts. He looked up at a girl, who looks like a pixie with her hairstyle and her face.

"I'll carry him for you if you want," she said, smiling at him and his godson.

Confused and not trusting this stranger, he said, "Um, that's ok. I got him."

"You look like you can't even fill that out with your arms full. I'm not going to hurt him or kidnap him, dear," she giggled. "Although I just might considering how handsome he is." She knelt down next to them and cooed at the little cub.

Harry didn't know her (obviously) but something told her that this girl was to be trusted. He slightly sent out his magic to embrace her, to tell him of her aura and found it was devoid of all evil. Except…there was an extra light to her that he couldn't quite put a finger on. Oh well, he'll have to investigate that some other day. Right now, the stranger was right. He couldn't fill out the forms with Teddy in his arms. He stood up and found they were almost the same height. He held out his right hand and said, "I'm Harry, Harry Potter, and this is my godson, Teddy. Say hi to the pretty girl, cub."

If she could blush, she would. Instead she just shook her head and said, "Flattery won't get you anywhere, Mr. Potter."

Harry laughed. It was what Hermione would say. "I think I like you, stranger."

Alice Cullen laughed. "I think I like you too, cute stranger. My name is Alice Cullen, by the way." She took the cooing Teddy and was immediately consumed by the sounds the little human was making. Rosalie would love him, she thought. "He is so handsome, Harry."

Harry smiled. "Thanks. I'm sorry but I would really like it if you don't go anywhere with him without me. I don't trust you yet."

"No problem," Alice said. "My parents doesn't trust my siblings and I out with other people either."

"You're new here?" Harry asked, already working on his forms with Alice across him playing with Teddy on her lap.

"We moved here last year. I'm a junior with my brother Edward. I came to get my schedule for next term and found a better distraction." She grinned at Harry's bowed head. She had seen him coming with the little cutie on her lap and though she wanted to tell her siblings, she didn't think Edward would handle hearing about a new student so soon after that witch Bella Swan. To think she wanted to be best friends with her. She knew about Harry's secret, of course, being the seer and all but she liked him. He was a good man and she felt a lifelong connection with this one. Oh and not to mention that she just might have a new brother-in-law in her life. She grinned down at

Teddy and whispered so low that Harry couldn't hear, "Daddy is going to have so much fun this year and the next and the next, isn't he, Teddy Bear? We are going to make sure Daddy has fun, right?"

Her only answer was Teddy's chortling. Oh yeah. Daddy Harry has no idea what's in store for him.