Story for Vambie 5th birthday bash.

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The simple answer.

The answer, in the end, was simple. He simply turned around and walked away. Her crying broke his heart and knifed at his soul. But it had to be this way. She was only making it harder on herself in the long run. He had to leave. As much as he had promised to always be there for her, he had to leave her alone now. As the door shut her cries became pleas and he could not stop the tears from running down his own face. Chakotay almost turned around, but stopped himself before he could reach the door.

He could hear her crying continue as he walked the long lonely hall back to his bed. He wiped his face with his sleeve so that the woman waiting for him could not tell he had been crying. But he knew she knew him too well. She would be able to tell instantly and she would call him on it. He just hoped she would not make this night any harder on him than it had already been.

"I just wanted a glass of water." He lies sliding in next to the woman waiting for him.

"You are lying. You went to her again." She starts to get out of the bed, but he catches her with a strong arm and pulls her back to him.

"Ok. I went to check on her. I heard her crying and just had to check on her."

"Darling, she will never learn to sleep through the night by herself if you keep running to her. She is almost three years old. She has to learn."

"I never had to sleep by myself in a room until I was a teenager." He tries to counter her, "And that was only because I was the only boy."

"Well this is how it is going to have to be Chakotay. I will not have her sleeping in here until she goes off to the academy." Kathryn states looking sternly at her husband.

"I have a better idea." He says softly brushing her hair off her silky shoulder, "Let's call it a compromise of sorts."

"She is not," But he silences her with a passionate kiss.

"Just listen to me." Like Kathryn was capable of coherent speech right now, she just nodded her head to him.

"As I was saying I have a simple answer to the problem. Let's make her someone to keep her company."

Ten months later little Taya had Edward to keep her company in her room.