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chapter one - the beginning

There i sat. Waiting. Counting the ticks of the clock as i waited for the small hand to get to the eleven.

Maybe i should take this time to introduce myself....My name is Saralina White. Yeah i know what you're thinking....not another one of those pureblood maniacs. Just to clue you in, I'm NOTHING like my family got that?!?! Good. My family is all about the purest blood. We are about the purest there is...and don't we know it. My family is part wizard don't freak okay? Part Goddess. On my mother's side of course. You see centuries ago there were these monsters. They were called the Entities. Legend has it that there was a powerful Kingdom called Utopia. Heard of it? Of course in your world it's probably a myth...well in this story it was a full blown country in itself.

Well ever since I was little I was told I was destined for big things. Enormous things. Things that could shake the very existence of our world as we know it. I don't really understand the whole thing myself.

Well when i was little i was branded with a mark. The mark of the Gods.

In my story it has a huge significance. Back to the land of Utopia. Well the monsters were about the ugliest creatures on the planet. It's a well known fact that they had always tried to steal the beauty of a God. It seems the only way to do that is to take the life of a baby born to the most purest being that lived in the Utopia. The Goddess of Elements. One day the Entities had snuck in and stolen the child of the Queen. Which at the time happened to be the Goddess of Elements. (surprise, surprise) They also weren't very good in there subtlety. The leading creature in the Entities was a woman named Shantee. She was the daughter of a banshee and a mongrel. One of the most evil people to inhabit this very lovely place we call Earth. (thinly veiled sarcasm if ya didn't catch it) I'm not usually this pessimistic, I guess the story of my wonderful ancestors is getting to me. My ancestors weren't huge snobs like my family is now though. They believed in equal and fair people as well. They of course never let humans in the Utopia though for fear of losing the purity they held dear.

These Entities, they couldn't disguise themselves as Gods and Goddesses seeing as they were hideous beyond compare from years and years of evil wearing down on them. they had studied the Gods and did not fail to notice how unbearabely kind they were which i suppose was their ultimate downfall though humans weren't allowed in Utopia, they were allowed to the gates if they were injured or sore, poor you name it.

Have you heard of Hercules? How he fell in love with a human and would have given his life for her. That story was vaguely based on one of the gods that lived there.

So these Entities knew of the rules of the Gods and decided if they couldn't disguise themselves as Gods then they were gonna do it as injured humans. Well lets just say they passed with flying colors. (my ancestors obviously weren't that smart...i mean if i saw one of the most hideous creatures in the world i would be a little wary of them as well huh?) As some Entities distracted the guards of the gates the others infiltrated every building and incapacitated every God. Well the King and Queen had not heard of anything yet as the guards were disposed of and could not call for assistance or ring the alarms. One of the Queens midwives had heard of the attack and ran to the castle as fast as she could. She was named Carmena. She is the saving grace of our family. If she hadn't rescued that baby none of us would be alive today. She snuck in, told the King and Queen and they asked her to take the child to the land of the humans....(aka the wizarding world) The baby she saved from the Entites name was Sherise and the tradition of naming their daughters with an "S" name is still going strong obviously. My mother's name is Shawni. Me as her daughter and the most powerful goddess the world has seen since my ancient ancestor was named after the person who started it all, Saralina. (aka the queen)

Here I am. That story has been pounded into my brain since the moment i could comprehend words. I needed to know every single detail of my ancestors which totally sucked. My family is counting on me as their ticket into the precious Utopia seeing as I am the most powerful ever to be turned out. No one in my family has been let back in because they all disgraced the name of Utopia by being utterly up themselves and greedy for power.

so now that you know my ancestor story, should i enlighten you as to why I'm here?

I have been refused my proper schooling ever since i got the letter when i was eleven. Now that I am sixteen my family thought 'hey maybe she DOES need proper magic training since she is part Wizard and got a letter for a reason' shit right? OF COURSE I DID!!!! Oh well waste not, want not.

Well seeing as goddesses need to hide their appearance, especially me in such dangerous times. You see I resemble a Goddess the most. I have curly black hair that shines beautifully in the light of the sun and moon, and the bottom layer of my hair is bright snow white and board straight. Strange i know but it makes an amazing combination. My eyes are start of blue on the edge of the iris, the fade into green, then yellow as they reach the pupil. I have perfectly plump pink lips and beautiful pale skin. My body of course was perfectly hourglass. (total goddess from head to toe like i said) Well seeing as i need to hide my appearance and of course my name I am looking now like a plain teenage girl with brown wavy hair and chocolate brown eyes. i have tan skin and a petite figure with absolutely barely any curves in sight. It felt a little weird but since i wouldn't be gawked at by teenage boys and fourty year old men alike this would be awesome. Now though my name isn't Saralina White while i go to this school, i will be known as Terry Gray. Yeah I know, kind of ironic but hey...i like it.

Well there is one crucial part of my childhood you haven't yet heard about. His name is Sirius Black and he was my best friend until he left to come to Hogwarts...

I have known him since we were both infants in swaddling clothes crying for our mamas...doesn't that just sound absolutely adorable? Yeah another thing, I was totally and completely head over heels for him. He claimed to be the same for me, I believe him though. Ever since we were six we decided we would be boyfriend and girlfriend. He was my first friend, boyfriend, first kiss, and first love. We talked until we were ten when he came here and I'm so nervous to see him and his AMAZING metallic silver looking eyes. They look almost like chrome....(sigh) lovely i know. He was the sweetest guy i knew, and he even gave me a sterling silver necklace for my birthday with out initials carved into the back of a sun/moon (thats the crest of the gods i have branded into my back). I still wear it every day and if I'm lucky he will still be the sweetest guy in the world. I mean he was practically my world. When my family was horrible i would run to him and he would make everything better. So here I am on the train walking through it looking for a compartment.

Which leads me to where you found OOMPH!!!!

What the hell? What was that? All i know is that I'm on the floor and this blockhead is laying on top of me!!! Plus this horrible pain in my head i feel from bashing it on my trolley. I reached back there to feel my head and...yep blood. Just as i thought. Oh well, it will heal. Goddesses heal unbelievably fast.

Okay back to the block head...

"Hey are you okay?" no I'm not bloody okay you kind of made me bash my head into a corner thanks... "Hello??"

"Hi, who are you?" i asked...trying not to be too rude seeing as i just met him and he's standing there looking so embarrassed. Wow he looks kind of roughed up. He has a long scratch going from his forehead to his chin on the left of his face and has topaz eyes and honey brown hair. He's kind of gorgeous.

"I'm Remus Lupin, and shouldn't I be asking you that? I gather you are new?"

"Oh yeah I am. My name is...uh..." shit...i forgot my name...crap...what? OH YEAH!!!

"Your forgot your name?" he asked me a bemused look on his handsome scarred face.

"Um of COURSE not blockhead, name is Terry Gray." Geez that was a close one.

"Oh well I'm guessing you aren't a first year."

"Nope! I'm a duck with no place to rest my behind because i have no friends. Who wants to be friends with a duck anyway...." i cried out startling him but making him laugh...

"Ha, okay well you, young duckling. Would you like to sit with me and my buddies? I'm pretty sure they would like you." YAY!! I scored someone with friends!


So as he was showing me to his friend's compartment, and then we were confronted with a group of giggling girls and one sour looking redhead. As I accidentally bumped into the peroxide looking blonde that seemed to be leading them she looked at me like I was the vermin of the earth....oh if she only knew who i was.

"Um, excuse you!" She sneered at me with a horrible nasally voice that seemed to be unbelievably annoying...oh wait, it doesn't seem unbelievably annoying.

"Who do you think you are, you skanky whore to bump into me? God i have her nerdy germs on me!!!" Oh please this girl is calling me a whore when she's wearing a skirt that barely covers her ass and a tube top that her stuffed a-cups are falling out of... and yeah you can totally tell its stuffed because they are totally uneven.


"Well, excuse me. First you call me a whore than you call me a nerd? Which am I, Miss invisible knickers and stuffed bra?" yeah i went there.

"Umm i don't know what you're talking about this is all natural wannabe. Ugh you are so plain....Look at you!"

"Well I'm sorry you are soo insecure that you have to pick on other people, maybe you wouldn't be if you hadn't gotten that horrible nose job." Man it looks like Remus is turning purple he's trying so hard not to laugh. That redhead's not even holding it in though she letting it all out! Amazing! I even turned one of her own on her. "Well this chat has been most illuminating, but I have to go meet my new friends so...come along Remmy!"

"Yeah, well I have to go meet my boyfriend Siri-poo so maybe you should stay away from him if you are going to meet Remus's friends." Siri-poo?!?! Please tell me that is not Sirius Black!!!!! As in this is his girlfriend?!?!?!!? Oh my god Oh my god this is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!

Oh wait nevermind. He won't recognize me, I'm not Saralina White right now, I'm plain old Terry Gray. Riiigggghhhttt...i knew it.... my bad

I look at Remus and I whisper..."Sirius as in Sirius Black?" but he's not looking at me, he's looking at the girl next to the redhead. Well more like gaping ridiculously with a lovestruck look at her. She is pretty, but not like fake gorgeous like everyone else in the group.

She has a very subtle true beauty though. It's really soft and she looks like she doesn't even belong in this group because she looks so sweet!

"Well tah Remus and loser...unless you would rather walk with me, Lily, and Rose?" she simpered to him.

"UMm we are all going the same way so why not?" Remus looked pleadingly at me.

"Super!" she gaggled.

"Let's go loverboy...." i groaned as we followed the three girls to the compartment.

Well the girls made it first and closed the door right in our faces. I looked exasperatingly at Remus as he rolled his eyes at me. As he pulled open the door I could hear these disgusting slobbery noises and I looked in. "Miss stuffer" (as i affectionately decided to call her) had decided to latch herself on some poor guys face! Wow and it looked like she was eating it! a...what did she look like? She was like strattling him on the bench...OH! She looked like a praying mantis that's what it was...yeah...gross..i know.

Then there was miss redhead..I'm guessing Lily? and Rose is the other one, the one Remus was lusting after...ha...lusting i saw it...then there was an adorable boy with crazy black hair sticking up like a broomstick and circular wire framed glasses. He had an adoring look as he stared at Lily and she looked back at him in distaste. I don't know why, i wish a guy would look at me like that...(sigh) Wow two of these guys are gorgeous i can't wait to see the third. Oh man was i anxious... I can only picture what that god looks like now. Well not God, but...yeah you get what i mean...and...wait for it...they are coming up for air!!!! Oh my god!!!

Well the minute they look up is when Remus decides to introduce me to everyone.

"Hey guys, this is the new girl. Her name is Terry Gray and i found her looking for a compartment so I invited her here." he said staring at them with a look that screamed, ""BE NICE""!!!!!

I looked at everyone and the guy with the psycho hair looked at me with a friendly, playful smile and said, "Potter, James Potter". I laughed of course thinking he must have seen the James Bond movies and he knew that I put two and two together and laughed with me. I know he is a pureblood...all Potter's are so I can't help but wonder how he saw those movies. I have met him before though so obviously my disguise is working because he hasn't recognized me...we were kind of friends when i introduced him to Sirius turns out they got to stay friends.

Time to look at my love....

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