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Chapter 18 - Break


"So kind of you to join us. We need your help." Sirius stated as he looked on towards the figure in the doorway. Dumbledore looked at Sirius with questions in his eyes but he wasn't looking at him. He was facing the person with tears in his eyes and a pleading in his face. "You need to help us. You are the only other one besides me qualified for this James."

"How is she? Is she okay?" James asked as he rushed to her bedside. He stared down at the lifeless body of Saralina White... one of his oldest childhood friends and right then was one of the only times in his life so far that he actually thought he would break down sobbing from the pain in his heart. It was hard to imagine that this frail, weak figure was once his vibrant, fierce best friend. She was his sister in all ways that count. "What do you need my help with Sirius?"

"Dumbledore here tells me that the only way to save her is to transfer all of our love and memories of us with her, the good and the bad, to her body and soul. He reckons it's the only way to save her. Of course there can possibly be other repurcussions right?" Sirius inquired as he looked up at the wise face of Albus Dumbledore.

Dumbledore chose his words wisely, he didn't want to frighten the poor boys from saving from their friend, but he also knew that they weren't the kind of just abandon someone they loved, especially someone as close to them as Saralina. "Well, her injuries are far beyond extensive, so she will need everything you could ever think of. Everything you felt, saw, or heard, everything hidden in your memories. Leave nothing out for her recovery. Yes there are some other ways this thing could go. Either, her brain gets so overwhelmed trying to heal her body and take in everything given and shut down, or she could be overflowing with all of your emotions and memories that she loses any connection she has to either of you." The boys looked up at their old professor with fear but a fierce determination, and love for their friend and nodded. They were ready to sacrifice everything they had to save the important person lying unconcious and almost dead in the bed beside them.

"Alright then, let's begin." Dumbledore mumbled, "Sirius stay on the side the left, James you on the right and hold her hands. Now rest your heads on your clasped hands and think of everything that ever happened between you. Send every memory, feeling, anything you can think of towards her while I say the incantation." They did as they were told and Dumbledore started to chant. Dumbledore could feel the love pouring out of the worried boy's souls and hoped it would be enough to work. He let his eyes roll into the back of his head as he chanted.

Sirius had his eyes closed, concentrating on anything he thought of to bring his Rali back. He was only pulled out of his thoughts by a short gasp across the bed from him. His eyes snapped open as he glared at James for ruining his concentration, but then he saw that James wasn't looking at him. He saw the hands they were holding start to glow before their eyes and then realized the body that was connected was not only glowing, but floating almost a foot off the bed. This change in her condition only made Sirius more determined. If something was happening, and Dumbledore wasn't freaking, it had to be a good thing right? No sooner than he closed his eyes, did Saralina start to shake.

"Dumbledore?" Sirius called. "What the hell is going on here?" He shared a terrified glance with James, but they both kept their thoughts flowing with memories as they watched their friend convulse and glow almost fluorescent. Dumbledore opened his eyes but did not stop chanting as they grew wide as saucers, taking in the scene before him. He watched as she raised too high for the boys to hold her hands and shook so violently that he was worried it would snap her neck. Then all of a sudden the glowing stopped and she curled into herself in mid air. It seemed like hours before anything happened when in reality it had only been a few seconds as they watched inraptured. It made them all jump as she threw her head back, and she was encased in a cocoon of light so bright they had to shield their eyes. Then everything went dark.

When Dumbledore opened his eyes what he saw made him almost cry in relief. She was in one piece. Every cut had been healed, every bloodstain wiped clean. As she lay on that hospital bed, as peaceful as she would be sleeping, he took in the changes. She was no longer wearing that outrageous dress, but a long white robe. Her hair was no longer matted with blood but was in a single perfect braid that ran almost the length of her body. It was astonishing and now all they had to do was wait for her to wake up.

Sirius and James opened their eyes to the sight and sighed loudly. It would only be a matter of time before they could gaze into her beautiful, unique eyes and confess their apologies. Sirius knew he wasn't thinking logically and that she had a hell of a lot to be mad at him for, but for now he was just glad that everything was going to be okay. That she was lying calm, and completely healed in this bed, with her chest rising and falling with long, deep breaths. Then when he didn't think this moment could get any better he saw her slowly open her eyes.

Saralina looked around. She wasn't in the dungeon anymore, it looked like she was in a hospital. Thank the Gods that someone had enough decency to get her some help after what they put her through. However, as soon as she thought this images from this night ran through her head like a sped up movie. Every flash of a spell, and all of the horrible things she did to those people showered down on her conscious and she had to fight not to scream. She sat up with speed and scared everyone else in the room to death. As she took her turn looking at them they could see her eyes, and what they saw made them think twice about her being better. Not only was her whole body shaking with tremors, but her eyes were filled with everything from justification to remorse. Although they could see every conflicting emotion that passed through her eyes, it wasn't the emotions so much as the eyes themselves that gave them pause.

Whenever she looked at them it wasn't Saralina's gorgeous eyes, but the eyes of the Goddess in her. There was no blue in sight. The whites of her eyes had turned a shiny, but dense black color that looked like it was shimmering in her eyes, but the pupil was another story. It was a pure snow white. It was eery of course but Sirius was not about to complain. He had his Rali right in front of him sitting up, and looking around. The only worrying thing about this is that she should already be cussing up a storm at not only her behavior, but his as well, she had not said a word. Not even made a sound.

After a beat Dumbledore walked up to her bed next to her head and slowly whispered, "Saralina? Darling are you okay? Do you understand me?" She suddenly sat very still.

"Albus...?" She rasped out, it felt like a thousand knives were piercing her throat when she tried to talk but she had to know. "I have a question."

"Go ahead dear, what is it?" he said in that gentle, all knowing tone of his.

She looked towards him, and said without an ounce of fear or trepidation, "Why can't I see?"

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