Never Die

Chapter One: I'm Just The Trouble That You Need

By: Jondy Macmillan

A/N: Okay, so YET another new story, and this one really annoys me because it was five pages of perfection until my hard drive crashed. Originally this was called Every Sinner Has a Future, but it seemed like a long, unflowy title. I really can't think of anything better right now. Plus it's definitely going to be considerably shorter. I can't remember the first three pages, and I'm too lazy to sit around and wait for inspiration to strike once more. That might take forever. Anyway, this is slash. This is, like everything else I write, style and k squared. So I present to you…this. Please review.

They sat by the edge of Stark's Pond. Kenny was stretched out across one of the picnic tables unstably balanced on the frozen ground. Welcome to South Park, the only place that still had frost in late August. He was laying in at least an inch of lacework snow, his parka vest unzipped, leaving only a thin t-shirt to guard him from the cold. Kenny never seemed to mind the chill.

His knee was in Kyle's face, the pale skin visible through a rip in his threadbare jeans. A silver, engraved flask the Jewish boy had inherited from his grandfather sat on Kenny's stomach.

"It burns so good," the blond boy moaned, his hair forming a halo against the table and the snow.

"You're an alcoholic."

"You're just jealous because I had two shots more than you."

"There were barely three shots in that thing," Kyle told him, resting his head against Kenny's knee. He felt the other boy shrug with his entire body.

"Exactly. And I had two of them."

"Who are you showing off for?"

"You," Kenny laughed, "It's always you."

Kyle reddened, but didn't say anything. This was their annual pregame the school year party. A party of two, just like it had always been. This was the last one they'd have; they were going to be seniors, starting tomorrow.

"You're such a dick."

Kenny nudged Kyle's head with his knee, ignoring the insult, "This year's going to rock. We're going to be kings."

"You're going to be a king," Kyle corrected with a small smile, his eyes watching the stillness of the Pond.

"Nah, not without you," Kenny was watching the stars, the way they burned bright and clear above his head. This is why they would pregame here. It was quiet. It was beautiful. No one would interrupt them.

"You're delusional. Kenny, you're like one of the most popular kids in school. I'm…a mathlete."

"A very cool mathlete."

"Well, that's a given," Kyle replied good-humouredly.

"Anyway, you're playing up the nerd card too much. Everyone knows you're on the basketball team, no matter how hard you try to hide it. All the girls love basketball stars," Kenny teased.

"Basketball here is like playing ice hockey in fucking Southern California. People think it's a weird sport. Dad wishes I played football."

"Your dad does not," the blond protested, eyes still trained on the stars, "He's terrified of football players."

"That's true."

Kenny shifted, inching his body down onto the bench, next to Kyle. He leaned his head on the redhead's shoulder, "I want things to change this year."

"Change?" Kyle asked, "Why would you want that?"

Kenny turned. His icy blue eyes danced with mischief, "No reason."

There was a reason. A really good reason, actually. Both of them felt the tension that shimmered between them. Neither would close the space. Kenny had been patient. For four years, he'd been patient. Now he'd run out of time. Kyle knew it too. One of them was going to snap, and soon. It was a game they played, over and over again. Who would be the first to give?

Kenny smiled. Kyle returned it. They had time. The entirety of senior year lay out ahead of them. Nothing was going to mess it up. One of them would cave, one of them would say those three words that they conveyed in stolen glances and small, friendly touches. It would happen. Kenny was prepared to wait.

"Maybe a new kid will transfer in," he piped up, "Or we'll get a new teacher."

"Who transfers in senior year?" Kyle rolled his eyes, "You're on crack."

"You're just jealous that I didn't share."

Kyle sighed, "You really want me to be jealous, don't you?"

"I just want you to pay attention to me," Kenny replied lightly, jumping to his feet, "Is it working?"

"You're my best friend, Kenny. I never pay attention to anything but you."

"I know. That's the way I like it."

Kyle laughed. School would start tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow would be the day.

Or maybe something would change.

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