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Dean rummaged in the trunk of his car, cussing under his breath. "Where's that crappy rosary?!" For the flash of a second he regretted not having the Impala any longer, with its neat boxes and brackets that his father had build into the trunk almost 30 years ago. Quit it, he told himself once again, no use in crying for the past. Finally he found was he was looking for and stuffed it into his jacket's pocket. Since he needed a new car almost every two weeks, it was a waste of time to always rearrange the trunk. Dean had gotten used to just throw in the weapons and tools he needed, hidden under a second floor. He now grabbed some magazines with silver bullets and hairspray (he found out that worked best with Wendigos), and also his lighter.

It was a tough 2-hours-walk through the dense undergrowth, and Dean was sweating despite his good stamina. He wiped with his sleeve over his forehead, trying to stop the stinging beads of sweat of burning in his eyes.

It was fairly bright in the woods since it was full moon, but Dean still stumbled over roots and branches every so often. When he arrived at the coordinates the Humphries had given him he was winded, sinking to his heels and catching his breath. He searched for his flashlight and lit it, shining the bright yellow circle directly into the dark mouth of the cave that opened only a few meters away from him.

"Just why is it always dark and dirty?" he muttered, grabbed his gear and slowly walked to the entrance. Even from here he could smell the rusty, iron taste of blood that was shed obviously only a couple of hours ago. He had gotten so used to this kind of smell… His hunter instincts kicked in, and he crouched a little as he entered the cave.

It was even darker than he had guessed, the walls wet and greasy from the water that came through the roots of the trees growing on the cave.

Something crunched under his booted foot, and Dean winced. He bowed down, directing the circle of light to where the sound had come from.

Bones, he mused, so I'm on the right way. He moved on, careful, oh so careful – and stopped sharp as he heard muffled moaning from the far edge of the cave. He turned back to the entrance, making clear that there was no werewolf or wendigo or even another unexpected surprise waiting for him to say hi, and then he stealthily rushed to the side of the young man that was bound and gagged, lying on a pile of rubble.

"Shhhh, be quiet! The cavalry is already here…" He pulled his knife from its sheath on his left forearm and cut quickly through the rope. "No sound!" he warned again, then took the gag out of the man's mouth. And drew his eyebrows together.

"Wedge?! That you?!"

The boy rubbed his wrists and shot a glance at Dean. "What are you doing here? Why are you here? How did you know…" He stopped in midsentence and bit his lip.

"That was Bobby's idea, right?" Dean fumed. Now everything was fitting together.

"B-Bobby? I don't know any Bobby", Wedge lied. Dean smirked. "Sure you don't. Why do you keep your hunting secret?"

Understanding gleamed suddenly in Wedge's eyes as he tried to avoid a direct answer. "You – you are Dean Winchester!"

"Uh – yeah, that's right. And now answer! I'm sure you know your parents were hunters – so why didn't you tell them? And who trained you, anyway…"

Wedge avoided Dean's eyes. "I – uh – I didn't want to upset them. Can't you understand that? My older sister was killed by a vampire, and after that, my parents retired – sort of. I didn't even know I had a sister – until one year ago, I meet this Bobby Singer – he gave me Leia's diary. Don't know how he got it, and actually I didn't care since I found out the truth about what's going on out in the dark. I was so angry with my parents, I wanted to run away, just to get away from these liars, but Bobby convinced me to stay. He trained me, sort of, at least filled me in with the theoretical part. But – theory is fine and good and all, but I want to save lives, not just sit around and read!"

Dean smirked, knowing too well the feelings the young man in front of him had. "Okay, so we better get outta here, before –"

He never finished the sentence since something hit him hard, too hard, into the back, throwing him against the younger one, toppling Wedge, and smashing him against the back wall of the cave. His head made contact with the sharp rocks before he could raise his arms to protect is face. Dean tried to lift his head, tried to get up, but his vision was blurred by something sticky and warm that ran down into his eyes, and he knew he was bleeding before he lost consciousness.