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1. Strange Introductions?

Yako sits staring out the large classroom windows, ignoring the simple textbook on the desk in front of her, drool is slowly pooling in the left corner of her mouth, but she is too busy with her thoughts to notice.

Her Chestnut eyes are slightly unfocused. 'only one more term and I will be in a new school, Junior high! With better food, five star menus, five star!' She imagines all the wonderful food they will serve there, Gohan, Sashimi, Soba, Udon and Ramen!*1*

Her hand flies up and wipes the drool off of the corner of her mouth, then reaches down to tug at the edge of her Campbell of Argyll plaid jumper. 'and better uniforms as well. No more peter pan collars or blouses! It takes too long to dress, and then I have no time to eat! I always end up eating only fifty or sixty sausages, and only seventy or so eggs! Way too annoying!'

She lifts her fair shaded hand and fixes the strange red barrette on the right side of her honey-blond hair, It had suddenly fallen crooked when she was pulling at her jumper.

"Katsuragi!" Yako starts and looks at Their teacher, Mr. Hinatsurii, A look of surprise on her face as she sees his thin metal pointer aimed straight at her. "You have raised your hand, the answer please."

Her face pales. 'Crap he must have mistaken my hand when I was fixing my barrette for a raised one!' "Katsuragi you are on a hook!" one of their teachers favorite sayings to a student who has not been paying attention. His thickly rimmed glasses catch the light as he looks down at her.

"The answer please, now." Yako stutters. Her face quickly growing as red as the barrette in her hair. Mr. Hinatsurii begins to meticulously straiten his tie. 'crap a sign of impatience.' Suddenly a jab at her side causes her to look down.

'Kanae!' Yako's panicked face shifts to one of relief. " Page 37 line four." Kanae hisses quickly, chewing on her faded red hair to disguise the movement. Yako snatched up the textbook and flips through the yellowed pages until she comes to the right one and scans it frantically.

"Kyoto!" she nearly shouts, still not knowing the question, only the answer. "Hmm....... Well, that is correct." Mr. Hinatsurii turns and continues the lesson, but not for long. A firm knock on the door causes Mr. Hinatsurii to pause, irked at having to stop again. "Come in."

The steel gray door swings open loudly as their Principle, Mr. Ushitoni, walks in, his gray suit as lethargic as always. But hardly anyone pays attention to him, they are too busy staring at the boy who struts quite pridefully in behind him.

He looks around eleven or twelve. "Around our age, must be a transfer student!" Kanae leans over to whisper excitedly across the isle, her sky colored eyes sparking. "Mmmm....." Yako is much too absorbed in watching him to answer, and for a good reason.

The nameless student's outfit is like any other boy who went to the school, tan pants, the horrible plaid jacket, a white button down shirt, green tie. No what she is most fascinated in is his face, his eyes are impossibly green.

They seem to have light frozen in shards in them, almost glowing, Like lasers, burning through everything as he scrutinizes the class. "What strange eyes." she mumbles, her gaze wanders to his hair, the front locks are a satiny black that seem to gleam almost maroon in the classroom's fluorescent lighting. The hair behind however is a much different color a bleached gold, almost white. These are tied into a short ponytail on the back of his skull, spiking every way, while the smooth black locks are free hanging.

'He sure has long hair for a boy, Its almost past his nose!' Yako quickly forgets the strange eyes and hair as he smiles.

The whole class seems to gasp in unison! His smile is, well...... demonic. There is just no other way to describe it. It makes Yako shiver just seeing it at a distance.

Just then Mr. Hinatsurii turns around from his quiet conversation with the principal to face the class.

"Class, we have a new student who will be joining us today," "See! Told you!" Kanae whispers to me, proud of her grand prediction.

Mr. Hinatsurii turns halfway to the board to scratch out something on the board as he continues, "His name is Nougami Neuro, I hope you will treat him kindly."

His name is now spelled out neatly on the board in the pale white chalk Mr. Hinatsurii loves to use so much. "Nougami I believe there is an empty seat behind Katsuragi, there." Mr. Hinatsurii points with his chalk.

Neuro walked silently up the row, his smile seems to only get bigger. 'Just how does it stay on his face?' Yako wonders. He takes the seat behind Yako so quietly she can hardly hear him breathe, she does however, hear the quiet chuckle he emits after being seated.

Yako squirms ever so slightly. She gets the feeling that this is a very bad thing, for her. 'Only one more term.' She reminds herself. She seems to hear the sound of sharp blades coming from the desk behind her, causing her to sweat bullets.

'Will I survive that long?'


*1* gohon:Japanese White rice, Sashimi: Raw Fish, Soba: Thin gray noodles made of buckwheat flour, Udon:Thick golden wheat noodles, Ramen: Chinese style wheat noodles in meat broth.


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