Universal note posted on ALL stories (which means if you've already read one you don't have to read the others):

I've been in some deep shit lately, and there are various different conflicts both personal/family and education wise. I'm slowly starting to loose sight of the plots for most of my story because the focus of my attention has been steered clear from them for so long. I get it, you're all probably pretty pissed off at me; I get the same feeling when an author of a story I like does what I'm pretty much doing now.

Pretty much my fanfiction account is on hiatus until I can reorganize everything plot-wise. I apologize. *bows* I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry...

And I really hope it doesn't come to it but I might either; A.) Abandon these, or B.) Put them up for adoption if I can't get back into my writing frenzy mode.

Tis iLuke, signing out~~

~~(Sorry for disappointing you all).