Gotta See! Gotta Know! X Prodigy's Real Face!


The first thing we see is a Murkrow flying over a street as suddenly we see the squinted eyes of Lunatic121 the youngest of Team Fictor and the Fictorian Ninja!

"Now that I have called you here," Lunatic said as we see non other than Hinaten and Hareta the youngest Pokemorph Members of the Space Warrior's!

"Why did you interrupt our date Lunatic-san?" Hinaten asked.

'Cause if it's something stupid, your dead!' Mewtwo Hinaten thought.

"You wanna see it don't you? It's time!" Lunatic said.

"For what?" Hareta asked.

"You know what I'm talking about! X Prodigy's REAL FACE!!" Lunatic said the last part in a scary tone as Hinaten who got scared became her Mewtwo form for a second to punch Looney into the pavement!

"WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!" She yelled as she returned to normal.

"Not a good idea, X would probably try and kill us if we tried, come on let's head home," Hareta said as he started walking away.

"Your right Hareta-kun," Hinaten said.

'Oh, who am I kidding, sounds fun!' Hinaten thought.

'If we get caught we just say it was all Lunatic's idea!' Mewtwo Hinaten thought, as Lunatic smirked before he whispered to Hareta.

"What if he has a blimp!" Lunatic said as Hareta froze in mid-step, as the mental image entered his mind, causing the poor boy to shiver.

'One more push!' Lunatic thought while snickering.

"Or how about Buck Teeth!" Lunatic said as THAT mental Image entered his mind as he practically felt like he got hit by a lightning bolt!

"I'm in!" He yelled as Lunatic grinned.

"Perfect!" Lunatic grinned!

(That's the Prologue, next time our young heroes try to get X to take his mask off, can they do it...probably not, but it'll be funny anyway!)