Adventure of the Space Warrior's!

Gotta see! Gotta know! X Prodigy's real face!

Later X was bringing back some Groceries for the AF before he stopped. Cause on a passing window, he noticed pictures of his Girlfriend Tia Halibel wearing swimwear and quickly stared, unknown to him, Hinaten, Hareta and Lunatic where watching.

"What in the world is X doing?" Lunatic asked.

"So dissapointing," Hinaten muttered when suddenly X turned their way but they ducked behind their hiding spot.

"He's on to us!" Hareta whispered.

"Lunatic you idiot, you blew our cover!" Hinaten whispered.

"Why is it MY fault?" Lunatic whispered, but X was actually looking at the Billboard they where hiding Behind.

" Ancient Warriors gonna be a movie!? I gotta order tickets in advance!!" X said dashing off with his Groceries.

"Let's go, before we lose him," Hareta said.

"Right," Hinaten and Lunatic both said, as X turned a corner, the three young heros turned that same corner....and X was gone.

"He's gone?" Hinaten said.

"Damn, he got away," Hareta said.

"Where'd he go?" Lunatic said as X appeared...right behind them.

"Hey..." X said scaring them nearly out of their pants. "Do you guys need me for something?"

"No not really!" The said in unison. As they turned around scared.


Luckily he left them alone but they where back to thinking.

"How'd he figure out we where tailing him?" Lunatic asked.

"Maybe there was just too many of us?" Hinaten asked.

"Oh please, if you know how to hide, it dosen't matter....don't tell me you've forgotten everything Hinaten?" Lunatic said in scary tone and hit the ground again.

"Your the one who forgets!" Hinaten yelled.

"We should shadow him, it'll be good practice, but this time we should do it alone," Hareta said walking away.

"I agree, we should totally ditch Lunatic," Hinaten said.

"SAY WHAT!!???" Lunatic yelled,


X was reading some Bleach Manga while walking down a street, unknown to him, Lunatic was watching him, hiding behind buildings when...X vanished.

"HUH!? What the!?" Lunatic said looking everywhere.


Hinaten and Hareta where having some Diet Coke for drinks when they saw Lunatic walking over chuckling nervously.

" away," Lunatic said.

"Just as clumsy as always," Hinaten said.

"Why are you an Idiot?" Hareta asked as Lunatic lowered his head.


We see X simple sitting in the park, it was lightly raining as Hinaten was watching him from some bushes.

"Oh what is X-san doing, he hasn't moved in ages.....don't tell me!" Hinaten said as she came out of her hiding spot and was a dummy.


Now Lunatic and Hareta where drinking some Diet Coke as they noticed Hinaten who giggled nervously as they both lowered their heads and sighed.


The same Murkrow passed by as we see Lunatic and Hinaten drinking some Diet Coke before they noticed Hareta.

"Hareta how did it go?" Hinaten asked but Hareta sighed.

"I got tired of shadowing him," Hareta said as all three of them sighed.

(That's this part, now if someone can give me ideas on the next part of this little idea, like who to use as those three ninjas, anyway hoped you liked it)