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Her lips on his, her skin between his teeth, her blood flowing down his throat and himself… positioned at her entrance… 'Yuuki'.

"Zero!" She whispered in his ear harshly, "Zero! Wake up!"

Clearly, Zero was having another nightmare, he was moaning and writhing in his sleep again, she had to wake him up.

"Yuuki" He groaned out, half between sleep and the wonderful dream he'd been having. It took him a moment to realize the weight on the bed next to him and the fingers running through his hair were…real.

"Shhhhh… Zero, it's okay. I'll stay here… just like this." She whispered into the dark of his room at the chairman's house. Holiday break was here and she and Zero were once again staying with their guardian, the chairman.

Zero felt the familiar feel of Yuuki's hands tugging at his silver strands, how many nights had Yuuki crept into bed with him when they were younger, and lulled him to sleep with her hypnotic motions?

They were no longer children, and her hands in his hair brought a new sensation… His

member was still engorged, aching and throbbing from his erotic dream, and her hands

tugging lightly at his silver strands, creating pleasurable pressure on his scalp, slightly

tugging and nails scraping gently.

"Yuuki…Gomen…" He managed, only a moment before his eyes took on the familiar

Red glow of bloodlust.

Yuuki nodded, and silently bared her throat, knowing what was to come and, hating it…

or maybe… not… so much anymore. This was Zero and he was… warm and… despite

the fact that he hungered for her blood there was a familiarity and safety. When his

tongue reached out and laved her neck – she shivered, though not in fear or disgust, but

with… something else.

His tongue ran along her neck and a flush spread across her cheeks and when his fangs

sunk in, gently this time, Yuuki released a breath and, instead of tensing up as usual, she wrapped her arms around her long time friend.

The arousal her body felt could be tasted in her blood, and, on some level Zero was shocked, but on another, more instinctual level, it raised his own. Without thinking he rolled himself, pushing Yuuki back as he did, so now he was on top of her, covering her.

Yuuki was surprised at his move, and her cheeks flamed, even as she spread her legs to accomadate his body above hers… He didn't really give her a choice in the matter, but still there was no resistance.

"Zero!" She gasped, when she felt his hardness brush against her center. Half of her was cursing herself, for wearing a short nightgown and not pants, but quite of their own volition her hips raised and his pressed down. Her arms tightened around the barrel of his chest, under his armpits, and her nails dug into his back as he began to rock against her.

His hands traveled up her sides, and brushed the sides of her breasts, and even that stimulation was enough to make her nipples bud – untouched as she was… eventually though, one of his elbows landed above her shoulder blade and angled to allow him to cover the top her head, while the other arm lightly gripped the side of her hip and encouraged her to move with him.

Despite the pain in her neck, the sensation of him moving against her made her pant and a pleasurable ache began to form between her thighs... He was so hot and so hard...

The gulping and sucking slowed, and his tongue came out to lap the drops of blood that ran to her collar bones. When Zero had finished lapping though – he didn't pull away like he usually did. Instead his soft lips and sharp fangs traveled back up and he buried his face in her neck. She felt a few drops of warm wetness on her neck and Yuuki's eyes opened for a moment, her body stiffening and halting the rocking motions that had felt so good.

Are those... tears???

"Zero..." she whispered, holding him to her even more tightly.

"Yuuki…" he managed in a chocked whisper, then, after a moment, "I…. I… I… need you."

Yuuki understood his meaning and she sighed a little and let her body relax under him. She nodded, and allowed her hands to travel to his hips, and then around to grip his posterior. Yuuki pulled his hips to hers and bucked up at the same time, pressing his large warm hardness to her center once again. He groaned as they resumed moving against each other roughly, neither really knowing what they were doing, and working on instinct and experimenting with what felt good. It was awkward and clumsy and... perfect.

Zero was safe, he was familiar and comforting, despite his sometimes cold demeanor, and there was a trust and bond between them that was special. None of the other girls would even dare to approach him - but - Yuuki knew him in a way no one else did, or could, or would ever know him. He was hers in a way... his secrets known to her alone, and he knew her even more than Kaname-senpai.

Zero knew her favorite color, that she was allergic to kelp, that she loved to sing, even though she was horrible at it, and that she took abnormally long bathes when she was upset. Zero was there when she got chicken pox, and he'd brought her soup, and scratched her back for her, claiming that his hunter ancestry made him impervious to stupid things like common illnesses - after all, his ancestors had eaten a vampire.

Zero knew she loved the smell of worms after rain, ate ice cream when she was stressed, and couldn't stand math. He knew she liked mint flavored bubble gum, while he preferred cinamon.

And now...

Zero knew she liked when he ground against her and rotated his hips back and forth, moving side to side, while she moved up and down... Zero knew that she clutched his back with all the strenght she could muster and her knees came up, before her legs straightend and her toes curled and every muscle tensed and her thighs trembled. Zero knew her eyes snapped shut and her head fell back and her back arched up and her hands fell away from him. Zero knew she bit her bottom lip and whispered his name in a breathless gasp as her core rippled and contracted and her panties became soaked in her own liquid heat.

He pulled his face from her neck and for a moment his amethyst eyes bored into hers, before he pressed his forehead to hers, closed his eyes, and, breathing heavily, muttered 'beautiful' before he pressed his lips to hers, allowing her to recover after her orgasm, though he hadn't found his own completion yet.


Zero knew she wasn't yet satisfied...