A/N: This story has a ton of typos and formatting issues, that I will probably go back and fix, but in the mean time, here is the last chapter.

"You're… Sure?" Zero strained out one last time. He wanted to know, to be absolutely clear that Yuuki was really going to let him… Zero thumbed down his erection, stroking himself while his tip rubbed around that wet, soft center… Yuuki's little pink sex twitching and throbbing and her opening pulsing against his tip made Zero groan and press forward.

"Put it in. I want… I want it in me." Yuuki clutched his back, closed her eyes, and opened as wide as she could. She tilted her hips up invitingly, feeling her swollen nub rub along Zero's pubic mound when she do and feeling her opening contract and her inside give a pleasant tingly squeeze in reaction.

"Okay… But, you gotta help me… F-find it." Zero began to nudge around, poking forward and blindly searching for the place Yuuki's body would yield and let him slip his way inside.

Zero's blind prodding was slightly uncomfortable… "Lower." Yuuki whispered, wincing when he went too low and poked her uncomfortably again.

Yuuki was familiar enough with her own body (she used tampons, and had done a little experimenting on her own in the bathtub with putting her fingers inside… trying to imagine what it would be like when she finally had a man there) that she knew she could guide him, if he'd let her take hold of him. "Zero," she whispered in a way that commanded his attention, and brought his eyes to hers; he looked embaressed and almost a little frightened. Yuuki unwound one arm from around him, and wriggled it between their bodies, "Let me… do it for you."

Zero moved his hand out of the way, and Yuuki took over, lining him up in the proper spot, and tilting her hips again to receive his member. "Try pushing in now." She whispered, and Zero complied.

Suddenly he felt an incredible wet heat squeeze the tip of his cock, and he groaned, shoving in more and feeling contracting rings of muscle massage him. Those purple amethyst eyes snapped shut, while his mouth hung open, gasping and gulping for air.

So good… Too good… Oh god…Don't come. Don't come. Don't come yet, dammit!

"Zero…" Yuuki felt him slip inside her; she felt her walls stretching around him and it felt… weird. Weird, but good. She was surprised there wasn't more pain, as girls often talked about bad it could hurt for your 'first time'. Yuuki was pretty sure that exercises and guardian training, tampons and her own fingers; those things had most likely worn away her hymen and stretched her some… She was actually glad she didn't think she'd bleed… knowing how Zero got when he smelled her blood and all.

But… Why had he stopped now? "Zero… it's okay… you can…" Yuuki wriggled her slim hips and strained upward, trying to take more of him inside her, get him to move some.

"Ahhh!" Zero cried out softly, "Don't move!" he ordered, "Please… Don't… I…" Zero groaned, while Yuuki watched the side of his face as best she could, sliding her eyes to the side and brushing her lips over the corded muscle between his neck and shoulder, trying to read the pained expression she found there.

What was wrong? Was she… Did it not feel good? Had he changed his mind? Did he regret this now? Why was he… stopping?

"Zero?" Yuuki hugged him, stroked his back, reached down to touch and cup and massage his backside, subtly trying to apply pressure and ask him to move deeper, "Zero… What's… What's wrong? Am I… Is it… not… is it bad?"

He grunted. Shook his head and panted harder, trying to slip in deeper as she seemed to want, but move slowly enough that he didn't trigger an orgasm. He'd barely been inside her a minute or two, hell, he wasn't even fully inside her yet; but Zero was about to explode.

"It's good." He mumbled, hearing the worried tone of her voice, and hoping conversation would distract his lower body. "It's so damn good, Yuuki." He kissed the side of her face, nibbled her earlobe, and she shuddered in response, her inner muscles seizing up around him once again.

"Then… Go all the way. Please, Zero… I want it all the way." She shoved her hips up again and he clenched his teeth.

"Don't you get it?!" He bit out, pissed she'd moved again after he'd told her not to, "I'm already about to… Fuck, I've been on the edge the whole time and if you move like that I'm gonna be… finished… too soon."

"Wha-?" Yuuki really didn't know what he meant.

"Dumb girl." He mumbled. "I'm about to come already." He admitted. There was no point in denying it, and maybe she'd finally just give him a goddamned minute to calm down. "I want to just… slam into you so badly… But I know I gotta go slow for you… but if I keep going slow I'm gonna be done before I'm even in all the way. You feel too damn good inside, Yuuki."

"Oh…" Yuuki responded dumbly, staring at the ceiling and feeling her cheeks heat up. She tried to figure out what to do. Laying her completely still with him half-way inside her… It was just kind of… awkward. Making her decision, Yuuki tightened her grip and took a deep breath, pushing it out and steeling herself.

"Do it fast then." She whispered.

"I don't…" God damnit. She just had to say that, didn't she? "I don't wanna hurt you, Yuuki."

"It's okay!" She insisted.

"If I do it fast, I still probably won't last long." He warned. "You won't get to…"

"I already did! It's your turn now, Zero. I want you to do it like you want... I want to make you…" Yuuki blushed hard, and lowered her already whispering voice, "I want to make you feel good, Zero. I want to… make you come."

Her words were turning him on even more, and he could feel himself pulse within her, and her muscles spasm in response. It was too much… Just too goddamned much and he was going to explode soon regardless. He just wanted to feel what it was like to be deep inside before he did. Zero gulped hard, and nodded into Yuuki's shoulder. "Okay, then… I'm… I'm gonna do it. Just… tell me when it's okay."

Yuuki took one more breath, and nodded back, "It's okay. Do it now, Zero. Do it fas-" Before she could finish, she felt Zero snap his hips forward, filling her to the hilt with his thick, hot member and Yuuki let out a startled yelp as his hips met hers.

That felt… So good!

Zero grunted and clenched his teeth, still trying to hold back. He mistook her yelp for one of pain and he stilled one more, feeling pre-come leak from his tip as he desperately fought for control.

"Do it again, Zero!" Yuuki whined.

"Eh?" Zero wasn't sure he'd heard her correctly.

"It feels good! Do it again!" Yuuki insisted in a harsh whisper.

Zero planted his elbows more firmly above Yuuki's shoulder blades, and pushed himself up off of her, trying to get better leverage. He bent his knees into the mattress and readied himself for another thrust.

"I love you, Yuuki." He whispered, watching her eyes snap open, he crushed his mouth to hers and shoved his tongue deep inside, swirling and moving it desperately as she fought to meet his passion.

With renewed lust, he pulled back, then quickly speared into her warm wet center once more, feeling all the breath leave her body through her nose and rush passed his cheek. He broke the kiss, and arched his back, going for another thrust.

"More, Zero!" She cried in a strained whisper, "More!"

No longer waiting between thrusts, Zero pounded into Yuuki quick, hard, and deep; he was panting and grunting and groaning, pushing himself to the limit of his endurance.

"Come on, Zero…" The young girl crooned, "I want to feel you…"

"Ahhh!" Zero shoved in one final time and stilled above her, his backside and thighs twitching and his arms shaking while sweat dripped down his forehead from the strain of holding himself upright.

His testicles seized up, clenching towards his body and his cock was pulsing deep within Yuuki's tight little body, shooting his hot, sticky come out in short, explosive spurts.

His mind went totally blank as the pure erotic pleasure of release wiped all thoughts from his mind. All but one: Yuuki.

He cried her name in a pained-sounding whisper one final time before collapsing on top of the small girl in a boneless, sated heap and he nuzzled her neck while he felt her arms wrap around him, hugging him tightly to her.

"Yuuki… Yuuki…. Yuuki…" He whispered her name between planting little kisses along her neck, collar bone, jaw line and cheek.

"Zero." She responded, holding him close.

Eventually he rolled off of her, and pulled her close against his chest, wrapping his arms around her.

"Was it… good?" She finally asked.

"Incredible." He responded, sounding awed.

"Good." Yuuki smiled into his chest, before both of them dozed off.

Things would never be the same between them… But that was okay. As usual, they would share this secret, and they would find their way.

Two guardians, sharing secrets and now… sharing even more.

Sharing themselves.