Meet Before You Die

A House Fan Fiction

DISCLAIMER: House is not mine.

AN. Hey guys. This is the last story I will be posting for awhile. I'm about ¾ through another one called The Exception, and I have plans for about another 4 or 5. This again, was an early fic I found and thought it would be fun to post, but I do like it. Also, anyone who has me on Author Alert, and got an email about a House/Harry Potter crossover called 'Beauty and the beast' and decided not to read it (which I'm guessing is a lot because I've only had 2 reviews), I should specify... it's not so much a House/HP crossover, it's more a Hameron fic featuring characters from HP. Actually, I don't think there's much magic in it at all. And for the person who read the 1st chapter and said it was crap, clichéd and rushed.... it's kinda supposed to be rushed. It's a summary of Cameron's life before she began working for House.

Chapter One

The Department of Diagnostic Medicine was having what the head of the department, Dr. Greg House was prone to calling 'a day of the living.'

Meaning that no one was sick, or at least not with anything unusual enough to peak House's interest.

The hospital administrator, Dr. Lisa Cuddy stepped into the office, and looked around in exasperation at the sight that greeted her. Dr. Allison Cameron was answering House's mail, a habit she had entered into and that House was unwilling to break her of; Dr. Eric Foreman and Dr. Robert Chase were playing hangman on the team's faithful whiteboard; and House himself was playing his PSP.

"Is anyone doing anything remotely productive?" she demanded.

"No, just Cameron," Chase answered, studying the whiteboard, marker in hand. "Oops, sorry Foreman I forgot an 'O'."

"I'm being productive- I've never been up to this level before," House commented.

Cuddy and Cameron rolled their eyes in unison, and the immunologist looked up from her task and smiled at Cuddy.

"What's up? A case?"

Cuddy grimaced, remembering why she had come up to the department. "No. Nothing good. The hospital's had to take a budget cut, and we're not sure if we can afford the department anymore."

Cameron's jaw dropped, Chase and Foreman abandoned their game, and House sighed in disappointment as he got GAME OVER on the screen. He threw the PSP aside and stood up, limping over to pour himself another cup of coffee.

"So, when will you be sure?" he asked casually, searching for the sugar.

"I'm meeting some of our biggest donors throughout the week or so," Cuddy replied.

"You'll keep us posted?" Foreman asked worriedly.

"Of course," Cuddy nodded and left the room.

Cameron got up from her chair, reached under the sink and handed House the sugar, and then joined Chase and Foreman in front of the whiteboard.

"Do you think we'll close?" she asked them.

"They might. This department doesn't exactly rake in the cash," Foreman pointed out logically.

"If it closes, what happens to us?" Chase frowned.

"Are you asking because you like the money or the job?" Foreman asked.

"Hey!" House called.

The three turned to him expectantly and he rolled his eyes.

"Will you three chill? There is nothing to worry about. If you're all that worried about your asses, we can get together tonight and work out something to cut costs."

"Really?" Cameron asked sceptically, raising an eyebrow.

"Sure. If the department closes, who knows what I'd have to do? I'd rather subject myself to your company for an evening than lose the cushy job. So, my place, seven o'clock, bring food."

House headed towards his office, but paused as he walked past the whiteboard. "It's Myelogenous Leukaemia. And Chase, you spelt it wrong you idiot! No wonder Foreman's losing!"

Cameron stared after House's retreating form in confusion, whilst Foreman glared at Chase, who was frowning at the whiteboard intently.

So, after work that night, the team gathered at House's apartment with food, as per orders. At first, they brainstormed ways to keep the department open, but then gradually began reminiscing over old cases. Chase was the first to leave, then Foreman, but Cameron stayed to help House clean up as she waited for her sister Jessica, who was recently married to House's best friend, Dr. James Wilson, to pick her up.

"Why is your sister picking you up?" House asked as they cleaned up, or rather, as Cameron cleaned up and House finished his glass of scotch.

"My car's in the shop," she explained. "She's been chauffeuring me around all week. Sorry about this, I don't want to impose."

House shrugged. "It's fine. Nothing good on TV tonight anyway. Coffee?"

Cameron was startled. "Sure. Thanks."

As he was making the coffee, Cameron's cell phone began to ring and the sudden chorus of Walking on Sunshine startled her.

"Hello? Hey, Jessica. Where are you? Oh my god, are you okay? No, that's fine. Don't be stupid, Jess. Yeah, it's fine, I'll just call a cab. Ok, I'll call you later. Bye."

She hung up and when she didn't explain, House poked her bare arm.

"What happened?"

"Jess's car died on the highway, the radiator's totally shot," Cameron explained. "So, I'll just call a cab and get out of your way."

House handed her a mug of coffee. "Forget it. Drink your coffee and I'll drive you home."

Cameron gave him a puzzled smile.

"What?" he asked suspiciously.

"Nothing," she shook her head. "House, are you alright? I mean, having us for dinner, and driving me home... it's not very..."

"Me?" House finished. "Well, I'm not dying, so cancel the party," he assured her and she grinned.

"A party? You think if you were dying, you'd warrant a party?" she laughed.

"Yeah, I think so," House shrugged. "You know, being this great comes at a cost. You'd come, right?"

Cameron pretended to consider it. "Umm... depends. You know, if there was nothing on TV and no sales on, and it was raining, sure. As long as there was food and an open bar," she grinned.

House pretended to be hurt. "It has to be raining for you to come to my funeral? Well, the open bar, that's so you can drown your sorrows over my untimely demise, right?"

Cameron tilted her head and smiled. "Of course. What would Wilson do without you? He might actually have time to treat patients," she said and House rolled his eyes.

"Well, we can't have that."

She grinned and then they both became suddenly aware how close they were standing to one another and House moved away, gulping down his coffee. Cameron drank her coffee in silence and then took their mugs to rinse them, whilst House went to collect his bike helmet. He stood in the kitchen entryway, watching her back as she washed the mugs, noticing how at ease she was in his kitchen; her long dark hair in casual curls down her back and the light making her features softer than they already were.

Cameron jumped nervously as she turned around from the sink to see House standing right behind her, and as it always did when her boss was in close proximity to her, her throat went dry.

"Hi," she said hoarsely.

House didn't reply, but swiftly kissed her, hard and urgent kisses that melted any defence mechanisms Cameron could have initiated. She found herself kissing him back, not knowing what the motive behind this act was, but not caring at this point.

When House awoke the next morning, his room was dark still, and Cameron was gone. The only sign she had been was the unfamiliar scent on House's pillow.

AN. Ok, so this 1st chap may be a little unrealistic. But I needed a reason for Cameron to be at House's place so they could sleep together. And it may also seem sudden that they have sex out of nowhere, but I just didn't want to write another "House and Cameron get drunk and have sex" fic. (Even though I do like reading them). And if you think about seasons 1-3, it's not really that sudden... we Hameron fans love those tiny moments, don't we? BTW, I'm also psyched that Chase and Cameron are engaged, even though I won't see that ep for 2 weeks. Kutner hasn't even died yet!