Meet Before You Die

A House Fan Fiction

DISCLAIMER: House is not mine.

AN. Again, sorry if this isn't very realistic... I tried.

Chapter Nine

When House and Cameron entered Abby's room in the paediatric ICU an hour later, Abby was propped up in bed, and beamed at the sight of her parents.

"Mommy! Daddy!"

Cameron gingerly cuddled her daughter, breathing in her familiar scent. "Hi, baby. I missed you," she whispered, determined not to cry.

"I love you, mommy," Abby murmured.

"I love you too, baby girl. So, so much."

Cameron eventually pulled away, and House planted a soft kiss on the top of Abby's head. "Hey, kiddo. How do you feel?"

"Tired," Abby answered, but she was smiling. "I love you Daddy."

Cameron stifled a sob in her throat that only House heard and he embraced his daughter. "I love you too, Abs."

The three were sitting and talking quietly when Wilson entered the room. He rolled his eyes slightly to see them waiting.

"I thought I said twenty-four hours? I'm only letting you off because Abby's awake," he warned them and House grinned.

"Have I ever listened to you before? Did you really think I was going to start now?"

Cameron nodded nervously at the folder in Wilson's hands. "Are those her latest test results?"


"And?" House pressed.

Wilson paused, then beamed at his friend and sister-in-law. "Her white count is normal."

Cameron's breath hitched. "You mean?" she asked breathlessly and Wilson nodded.

"Yeah. Everything looks great... it looks like the cancer's in remission."

House exhaled sharply and Cameron beamed happily, drawing Abby to her side. "You did it, babe," she said softly. "You beat it."

With that, everything seemed to be returning to normal. Abby was released from hospital in time for Christmas, and Elizabeth, Joseph, Wilson, Jess, Patrick, Blythe and John celebrated with them, all spoiling Abby rotten. House and Cameron had not yet talked about their passionate kiss, although Jess and Wilson were taking it as a promising sign.

It seemed that neither knew how to bring up the subject, or exactly what they were talking about and finally, one day in January, House asked Wilson and Jess to take Abby for the day so the two to talk. They were both in the living room, when House suddenly turned off the TV and faced her on the couch.

"I just realised we've never talked," House began awkwardly.

Cameron glanced at him. "About?"

"About that night."

Cameron frowned. "That doesn't really help me."

House rolled his eyes. "The night we made a kid."

Cameron paused, blushing slightly then put the magazine she had been reading away. "Oh. What do we have to talk about?"

House shrugged. "Well, I've been wondering something for awhile... that morning... you left. Why?"

Cameron hesitated, and avoided his gaze, trying to speak truthfully. "I guess... I didn't want to be there when you woke up and said that it was a mistake," she said softly.

House grimaced. "I was an ass."

She snorted. "Really?" she asked sarcastically and he grinned.

"Shut up." His tone softened as he gently ran his thumb along her jaw. "It wasn't a mistake. We didn't handle the aftermath that well, but it wasn't a mistake."

Cameron moved closer to him on the couch, and swallowed. "So, what was it?"

House grinned. "Something I'd been wanting to do since I met you."

She laughed. "Right. Ok..." She closed her eyes and sighed. "Do you have any idea how many times after that night, I'd turn around in the kitchen and wish you were there?" she whispered.

House's voice was just as soft. "Probably about as many times I'd go into the kitchen and expect to see you standing there," he replied.

As one, their lips finally met. It was soft and sweet, and comfortable and Cameron could feel herself melting in his arms.

"Don't go back to Illinois," he whispered, pulling back slightly and she met his gaze steadily, a hopeful smile on her face.

"You mean that?"

House nodded, serious. "Yeah. I want you and Abby to stay with me. I want us to be a family."

She grinned and kissed him, and then frowned. "You know Abby's going to want to paint your spare room purple?"

House cocked his head thoughtfully. "I can probably swing that. Of course, I was also thinking it could just be Abby's room. You can bunk in with me."

Cameron pretended to think about that for a moment. "I can probably swing that," she nodded and House kissed her again, and they did no more talking.

That night, when they broke the news to Abby and Jess, it was hard to tell who was more ecstatic, although Wilson too, was thrilled, as were Chase, Cuddy and Foreman. Cuddy offered Cameron a position at PPTH in the immunology department, which Cameron accepted happily, provided she could kept flexible hours to take care of Abby.

It was easier than Cameron had thought it would be to leave Salem, her job, and sell her house, moving hers and Abby's belongings back to New Jersey. The hardest part was leaving behind her parents and friends, but Cassie and Drew promised to visit over the summer. Abby enrolled in kindergarten in Princeton, and loved it, but was looking forward to elementary school in the fall. She was healthy, but having regular checkups and her hair was starting to grow back, to her immense relief. And House and Cameron seemed to pick up halfway through in a relationship they had never actually begun, but had somehow created.

Before they knew it, almost a year had passed. House had arranged for Abby to go swimming with dolphins for her sixth birthday in September, which she and Cameron had loved; and Cameron had finally caved and let Wilson buy her a puppy, which Abby named Sasha. She had begun the first grade two weeks earlier, and her teacher was impressed with her vast knowledge. In early November, House was helping Abby write a letter to Santa, whilst Cameron folded laundry.

"Daddy, can Santa make anything I ask for?" she asked him seriously.

House nodded. "Most of the time. Sometimes he needs help from Mommies and Daddies," he replied and Cameron smiled knowingly.

"What are you asking for, sweetie?" she asked Abby.

"A baby sister," Abby replied cheerfully.

Cameron froze in shock, and stared at House. He looked thoughtfully at Abby, then met Cameron's gaze.

"Well, I guess we'll have to talk to Santa about that."

The End