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Chapter 4

Luffy yawned widely as she climbed down to the men's quarters. While she didn't mind lookout duty that much, it was nice to leave the cramped crow's nest and get some shut eye. A huge body blocked her way and she slammed right into a metallic chest. She looked up sleepily at Franky's stern face.


"And where do you think you're goin'?" He asked.

"Bed." She said obviously.

"Not in this bunk anymore. I built you your own room."

Somewhere in Luffy's sleepy consciousness a tendril of anger made its way to the forefront of her mind.

"What are you talking about Franky? I always sleep in the men's bunk!"

"And you ain't a man anymore, little sis."


"So it ain't right for you to sleep in the men's bunk. Either you sleep in the room I built or you bunk with the girls. It's your choice, little sis."

Luffy glared stubbornly up at her shipwright as he just folded his bulky arms over his chest and glared sternly back.

"C'mon Luffy," Usopp appeared behind Franky and awkwardly tried to pacify the furious girl, "We spent all day working on it! At least look at it."

Usopp, you traitor! Luffy just directed her glare in the sniper's direction who darted behind Franky with a frightened squeak.

"What's the hold up?" Zoro irritably poked his head out of the door.

"Luffy's just having a little trouble with the room swap." Usopp offered.

"Jeez, that's it?" Zoro stumbled back inside, "Just knock her over the head and toss her in. Ain't your fault she's acting like a spoiled brat."

Spoiled brat? Something about Zoro's tone struck at Luffy and she stared at the closed door to the men's quarters.


Luffy looked at Usopp who'd finally built up the nerve to face her again.

"It's not you, really. It's just, well, you know how Sanji is and Nami…" Usopp shuddered at the memory, "Well, let's just say she insisted on it too. And…it's not so bad. Just take a look. You don't like it, you can sleep in the Holy of Holies for one night and work something out tomorrow."

The Holy of Holies was Usopp's sarcastic nickname for the women's quarters. It was actually taken up by Sanji…in a not-so-sarcastic manner.

Luffy deflated a bit at her friend's earnest words. Maybe a quick look wouldn't hurt…

"Fine." She muttered sulkily and folded her arms over her chest, "I'll look at the stupid room."

Franky gave a grunt of approval and started up the stairs.

"Don't worry little sis! You take one super look at the room I built and you'll never even think of sleeping anywhere else!"

It hadn't actually been hard for a shipwright like Franky to renovate his ship so quickly. He quickly figured the only compromise for a questionably-gendered captain was a room that properly connected said captain to both worlds. He'd just expanded the second floor where the women's quarters were located and remodeled part of the first floor such that their new captain's quarters was literally right between the men's quarters and the women's quarters, nested against the main mast. It was a simple cross between an expanded attic and small storage space. There was just enough room for a simple bunk that hung under a skylight that almost took up the entire roof as well as a small wardrobe and chest for the captain's odds and ends. It was snug, light, and very bare, not exactly the room one would expect of a captain. Luffy eagerly jumped onto the bunk to test its bounciness. She jumped a foot in the air and almost smashed her head against the peaked ceiling.

"Like it?" Franky asked with a small smirk.

"It's nice." Luffy sat cross-legged on the bunk and peered curiously up and out the window to the dark and distant sky. She considered for a moment and then looked back with a bright smile at her shipwright.

"I like it Franky, thanks."

He gave an embarrassed jerk of his head and muttered,

"Not exactly pleased with the décor. Once you're more settled in, I'll refurnish it."

Luffy just plucked off her precious straw hat and found a convenient hook right next to her bunk. As she lay back on the firm bunk, hands tucked behind her head, to gaze at the starry sky above, she smiled briefly before turning over and curling up to lay on her side. The walls were thin enough such that heavy snores from the men's quarters floated up, in addition to Nami and Robin's quiet murmurs next door. Sunny's comforting creaks and groans and the steady whistle of the wind against the panes of the skylight gently nudged the girl to sleep.


Luffy glared defiantly up at the large dark man that just leered back. He grabbed her and held her to him, despite her protests and swinging fists, and darkness began to swallow the two of them as he tore greedily at her shirt as she began to scream in panic. His bellowing laughter echoed in the darkness as he began to claim the girl…

Ace sat up in his bunk, his face drenched in cold sweat as he panted for breath. He leaned down and cradled his head, vaguely aware of the reassuring soft snores that surrounded him. Just a dream. Just a stupid nightmare. Only…

Yeah, I met that jerk Blackbeard! He came to Impel Down and told me about you. Then he said something weird about getting me for himself when it was all over. I tried to beat him 'cause he said bad stuff about you, but Jinbei-oussan wouldn't let m- Ace, what's wrong? I'm sorry if I worried you back there...

A fresh wave of guilt and self-reproach washed over him. He found the men's quarters far too stifling and quickly pushed aside the blankets. The kitchen was open all day and night, which he'd always appreciated, but right now he needed something to calm him down. He found the hot cocoa that Jozu always liked with marshmallows and quickly heated a mug of milk with his flames.

"Another nightmare?"

Ace almost spilled the steaming mug right there and then as he whirled to face Marco who leaned casually against the door.

"Y-yeah." No matter how skilled a liar anyone was, nothing really got passed Whitebeard's First Commander.

Marco smiled in his usual sleepy way and walked past the awkward Fire Fist to get himself a mug as well. He too heated it with his blue flames and stirred in the chocolate powder.

"Wanna talk about it?"

Ace considered saying no and just leaving it at that. Marco, he knew, was not one to pry. But…he stared into the steaming dark liquid and finally muttered,

"It was about Luffy…and Teach."

Marco raised an eyebrow over a sip of hot cocoa, but didn't comment.

"They were fighting and Luffy was in his - her - current state and then she lost and that bastard started…"

He broke off and began to clench the mug so hard that the already steaming liquid began to boil.

"I get the picture." Marco said soothingly.

"Luffy told me that she met Teach in Impel Down and they'd met before Teach knew who she was. Teach knows she's a girl now and he said…said he wants her now. In so many words. Of course Luffy doesn't get it and that bastard Teach…!"

"Ace calm down. Your kid sister is strong and she's got her crew. You know that if that traitor ever goes near her, she's got friends to defend her."

"That's not the problem. She'll never hide behind people. She'll face him head on, no matter how much stronger he is! And that bastard wouldn't hesitate to take what he wants!"

"Jeez, not the big brother complex thing again!"

"I do not have a big brother complex." Ace muttered sullenly.

"Oh really?" Marco just gave him his trademark deadpan look, "What do you call beating up Willingham Trace after he was flirting with your kid sister?"

"That was just-"

"Or singeing Vista's mustache when he felt her up?"

"His hand on was on her-! Okay, fine. Maybe I do have a big brother complex but Luffy was an oblivious idiot even before that stupid okama turned him into a girl! She's probably more vulnerable than the average girl on top of everything!"

"Can't argue with that." The spiky-blond haired commander grinned, "Look Ace, I like your sister. She's a good kid. A little thick but she's got a good heart."

The First Commander's hand gently clasped Ace's shoulder.

"You're not gonna do her any favors by hovering over her. She's a power of her own now. And you know you're still grounded."

"Right." Ace muttered.

It had been pretty fair and appropriate. As grateful as the captain was to have his sons back safe and sound, Ace's minor insubordination which had created this whole mess still merited punishment. The old man had confined the Fire Logia to the Moby Dick for five months, where the rest of the crew was to keep an eye on him. Even as Ace chafed under the confinement, he knew it was no less than he deserved for putting everyone at risk. So he put up with it with relatively good humor. If it hadn't been for the fact that his new little sister was probably out there getting herself into yet more trouble, he'd actually have been content to rest and enjoy the crew's company after having nearly lost them forever.

"Look, she's headed to Fishman Island, right? Just send a message to Jinbei telling him to keep you posted on her."

Ace considered Marco's suggestion as he drained the cocoa down to the sticky sweet dregs. The old whale-shark fishman was fond of Luffy after their adventures breaking out of Impel Down together. No doubt the old ex-Shichibukai wouldn't mind keeping an eye on his irresponsible sister.

"Do you guys ever sleep?" Jozzu yawned as he stepped into the warmly-lit kitchen.

"Nah, just having a midnight snack." Marco said, "Wanna join us?"

"Mm." The giant Diamond Logia peered into the cupboard and pulled out an empty tin of cocoa powder.

"What the hell?"


Both Flame Devil Fruits sprinted out of the kitchen, whooping with glee as the vengeful Diamond Logia bellowed after them,

"You bastards! That was the last of my stock! Don't think you're getting away with this!"

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Just as an added treat, here's a preview for a future chapter:

Luffy stuck her face in front of Zoro's.

"You say everything's fine, so why are you avoiding me?" She demanded.

"Luffy." Zoro growled as he shoved her head back defensively. He jumped to his feet and made a beeline for the main cabin. Luffy only used her Gum Gum powers to stretch in front of him.

"You don't even look at me anymore." She snapped, making a barrier with her arms extending from port-to-port, "Tell me what's wrong!"

"Luffy." Zoro growled again in a more threatening tone.

Luffy ignored his subtle warning and only continued,

"Zoro, I'm not weak and I'm not gonna take this! You said you'd follow me, so stop acting like th-"

Zoro smashed his mouth on hers.