Chapter 1: Birthday Wishes

Its been 6 years. Well 6 years in one hour. Its my birthday! YAY! (I am being totally sarcastic). If you are wondering why I am in such a bad mood today it is because I don't feel like myself. And now everyone is downstairs Jake, Mom, Dad, Em, Rose, Al, Jazz, Esme, Carlise, Tyanna, Kate, Garret, Neute and well you get my point. Everyone who helped me from getting killed from the Volturi is here. While I on the other hand was standing, staring at the familiar stranger in the mirror. She had the same colour eyes, chocolate brown, she had the same long brownish hair. The same lips, the same smile, the same nose. She and I had the same everything. But she just didn't feel like me. While after staring at myself like an idiot for 5 minutes, I heard a knoke at the door.

"Renesmee, honey is something wrong." My aunt Alice said.

"No nothing's wrong" I lied. Me and Alice were like BFF's.

"Well everyone is waiting to see the birthday girl."

I looked down at myself. I was wearing my silk PJ's and my bunny slippers.

"I cant find anything to wear."

"I can help with that."

As usual Alice came into my room, looked me up and down. She dashed out of my room and dashed back in with a bag in her hand. She handed it to me.

"What is that" I asked, looking at the most gorgeous dress I have ever seen. It was a royal blue and it didn't have any arms, just a little string that went around the nice and tied up.

"Well it was my birthday gift to you and I sort of made it myself."

"Oh my goodness it is beautiful! Thank you" I said. I gave her a HUGE hug and looked at it again. Then looked at my feet which I still had my bunny slippers on.

"What no shoes" I said teasingly. I knew Alice too much.

"Be right back" she dashed out of the room while I went to the bathroom and got dressed. Then I went back to my room and looked in the mirror. Alice stopped to talk to Dad to tell him what was taking so long. I tried to ignore their conversation. So I just stared at the beautiful stranger standing in front of me in a pretty blue dress and bunny slippers. Alice slipped back into the room with a box in her hand.

"Oh you look beautiful" she said.


"What you didn't make these" I said laughing.

"Hey be nice or I wont give them to you"

"" I giggled. Alice handed me the shoes and I put them on. They looked sexy with my dress. I looked in the mirror. She looked pretty in blue. She still seemed weird to me. I frowned.

"You okay?" Alice asked making me jump a little.

"Ya I'm fine" I lied.

"Are you sure" she sounded worried.

"Ya can you help me with my hair"


I sat down on the stool while Alice gently ran the brush through my hair and put it into a tight pony tail. Then she curled it.

"Okay done" she said with a smile on her face.

"Okay go tell everyone I am coming soon"

"Kay" she gave me a hug and walked out of my room. I stood up looked at her, or I mean myself, sighed and walked out of my room and down the stairs. When I was on the last step Dad came by my side.

"You look beautiful. And happy birthday sweetie" he said and kissed my cheek.

"Thanks" I said with a blush.

"Well lets go. Jacob's waiting for you" He said and took my hand.

"Uh Jacob will be Jacob" I said. He laughed. I have to admit I was pretty nervous with everyone saying "happy birthday" and giving me hugs and kisses. Just then Tayana and Kate stepped out to greet me.

"Auntie Tayana, Auntie Kate I've missed you its been forever" I cried.

They laughed. "Only for you child only for you" I forgot that 6 years to a vampire only felt like 6 days. I laughed too. "Ya sorry I guess I forgot" But I didn't feel like laughing. Then I heard Jake call me.

"Nessie over here" I turned back to Tayana and Kate.

"Better go see whats up" I said.

"We'll talk later then child" She gave me a quick hug and a kiss on each cheek. Then I turned to see what was up with Jake.

"Hi Jake whats up"

"Nothing just wanted to see if the birthday girl wanted a birthday kiss" I heard someone hiss but I didn't have to turn to see that it was Dad. I ignored him.

"Oh what the hell" and I smiled so big at Jake while he slowly bent down and kissed me. Jake was such a good kisser His lips here so soft and warm and he tasted so good. My arms went around his neck and his arms went around my waist. And the kiss deepened and I wanted nothing more to spend forever kissing him like this. All too soon someone cleared their throat. We broke off the kiss. Emmett was standing there leaning against the wall across from where we were.

"Sorry to interrupt but I haven't got a hug yet" I smiled and let go of Jake and Emmett gave he a huge bear hug I couldn't breathe.

"Uh…….Emmett……Can't……..Breathe" I managed to choke out. Emmett let go of me and laughed while I tried to catch my breath.

"I cant believe how fast you've grown" a very familiar voice said. I turned. "Neukte" I said really happy now that I jumped into his arms to give him a big hug. Jacob grunted.

"Oh go suck a lemon" Emmett said.

"Haha very funny you too" Jasper came from behind them.

"Where's my hug?" he asked sounding offended.

"Right here" I jumped out of Neukte's arms and went to Jazz.

"Happy birthday" he said with a smile. He let go of me and I walked back to Jake.

"Where's Seth and the pack" I asked. I really like Seth he's cool.

"They should be coming soon" Jake paused.

"Ah right on time and 3-2-1" Right when Jake said one the door bell rang.

"I got it" I yelled turning to get the door. Then I turned to Jake.

"Bad ass" I muttered.

Jake laughed as I walked to answer the door. When I opened the door I saw that most of the rez was here the pack, Billy, Mrs. Clearwater, Emily and surprisingly……Leah. I was shocked "Leah doesn't like me" I thought in my head.

"Come in. Sorry it smells bad" I said with a chuckle.

"That's okay. Not your fault" Sam said with a smile. I smiled back. They walked in and I shut the door behind them.

"Make yourselves at home" Just when I said that the pack went to the living room and made themselves completely at home. I laughed and started to walk around. That's when Alice found me.

"Is the birthday girl ready for presents"

"Wait. Not so fast" Dad said.

"Why don't you play Beethoven's Fler De Lies for us first" I gulped.

"I don't think I can" I stuttered.

"Sure you can it is just like we practiced" Dad said putting his hand on my shoulder, and pushes me towards the piano.

"Okay if it makes you happy" I sat down on the piano bench and turned to the piano. I set my hands gently on the white keys. By now everyone was quiet waiting for me to start. I took a deep breath and started moving my fingers over the keys. This is one of my favorites I love how it sounds when I play it. It makes me think of flowers, Jake and our meadow and the river. The meadow and by the river is where I usually sit when it is night and the stars are out or when I watch the sun rise and sun set. My finger went over the last notes of the song. Everyone clapped I blushed. Everyone but Leah clapped. I sighed Leah never liked me. I remember when I was little I asked her to come play with me and Jake and her just ignored me. So I stopped trying to be her friend. Right then Jake grabbed me into his arms and said: "It was beautiful" I smiled up at him and he smiled back.

"Now we open presents" Alice said excited.

"Cake first and we still have to wait for mom" I said still looking into Jake's eyes.

"No you don't. I'm right here" Mom said stepping out of the crowd.

"Okay but still cake first" Mom sighed.

"Okay then" Mom went to the kitchen with Alice and Rose to get the cake. I was still hugging Jake. I loved Jake. I didn't even care that I imprinted with him. I still loved him. He was my match in pretty much every way. Still smiling into my eyes he said

"I'll love you till I die" For a minute I thought he read my mind.

"I'll love you till the moon falls out of the sky" I felt like crying for some reason. And I did. One little tear fell from my left eye. Jake wiped my cheek with his hand and gave me another one of his sweet kisses. When we broke off of the kiss I asked

"So how are you holding up"

"You mean the smell. Well I've gotten used to it" I hit him on the chest (not hard)

"Not what I meant" Mom came back with every one singing happy birthday and I looked at the 6 little candles in the cake. I blushed and whispered to mom

"Shield me while I make my wish"


"Okay ready birthday girl" Dad said.


"Okay make a wish" Auntie Rose said. I closed my eyes and thought hard, I wished that I felt like myself. Today of all days. Then I popped open my eyes and blew out all of the candles.

"Aww no boyfriends" Emmett said.

"Haha very funny Uncle Em" I said. I swear I heard Jacob say "good" but I wasn't sure so I just ignored it.

"So now we open presents" Alice said eagerly.

"Why are you so eager I already opened your present" I pointed at my dress and the shoes.

"Ya but I want to see what everyone else got you plus there is more".

I rolled my eyes for the love of muffins "Fine". She screeched and grabbed my hand and took me into the living room where a mountain of presents were. I guessed that half of them were clothes. Alice always dressed me from when I was born. She said she didn't want me to inherit my moms fashion sense. I giggled to my self and started to open my presents.


I got a closet of clothes from Rose and Alice. A new vapor 192 hockey stick and my favorite hockey team (Vancouver Canucks) baseball cap from Em and Jazz. A cell phone from Grandma and Grandpa, an ipod touch from mom and dad, a hoodie from Tayana and Kate and Garret, the pack gave me mom's motter cycle, Jake got me the most beautiful necklace I have ever seen it has a dark blue ribbon on it for the tie and a cresent moon as the charm on the very point was 2 little diamonds. Neukte bought be a book of poems ( I love poems) I usually read them when Jake is away. I would sit in the meadow or by the river on my favorite rock to read. Everyone else apologized because they didn't know what I liked so they gave me money ( I counted it) and I ended up with $1868.67.

When it was time for everyone to leave I begged Tayana and Kate to stay for a couple of days.

"Please please stay for 2 or more days" I begged.

"Well if it's alright" They said.

I said thank you for all my gifts to everyone who was leaving. Then I took all my presents up stairs. I got my ipod touch and started to put all of my songs on it. While it was downloading from my laptop I decided to go to the river to look at the cresent moon and the stars. I quickly tip toed out of my room and went down stairs. Tayana was talking to Jasper and Alice. Kate was talking to Rose, Dad, Mom, Emmett and Jake were watching ESPN Sports center highlights. So I quietly tip toed out of the house to lay on my favorite rock. I layed down and on it and gazed up at the beautiful cresent moon and all of the lovely stars around it. I jumped in surprise when I heard Jake come.

"There you are" he said relieved.

"Yeah here I am" I said and sighed.

"Whats wrong" he asked anxious now.

"Nothing" I didn't really want to talk to Jake about it.

"Come on I know that look something is wrong"

"I don't know. I just don't get the feeling I am me anymore. Sometimes I feel like a different person"

"Well. Always know that I'll love you Renesmee" he said looking into my eyes. I looked back.

"Thank you" I said and gave him a hug. I put my head in his lap and we gazed at the stars. I didn't know how tired I was until my eyes started to feel really heavy. And I couldn't hold them open any longer. I let my body fall into a beautiful dream.