Chapter 3: Love at First Sight

I looked into those perfect blue eyes then at his lips then at his hair. I could tell he had abs because he was pressed to me. He was staring at me too. His hand on either side of my neck. My hands on his waist. He was touching me. Where he touched me it felt like I was getting electrocuted. I was breathing too hard. I mean I just ran from my house all the way to Canada. But that wasn't it my heart was pounding because of him. He was looking at my eyes, he was a half breed like me.

"Um can I get up" I said a little breathless. He just looked at me for a minute like I spoke pig latin.

"Uh let me make this clear get the hell off me you ho!" I said.

"Oh….uh…..right……sorry" he said. When he spoke he didn't get off me. So I got my leg up to his stomach and kicked him off him landed on his feet. I got up brushed myself off and turned to start walking away.

"Hey whats your name?" he asked.

"Sorry I don't talk to strangers" I replied.

"Well my name is Taylor. There not strangers anymore"

"Haha nice. But I still don't know you" I said

"Please" he begged. Why in the hell would he be begging.

"Fine. Its Renesmee" I said.

"But all my friends call me Nessie"

"Nessie cool" he said with a smile. He had a very nice smile.

"Is that short for the lock ness monster?"

"Ya" I started to walk away.

"Hey wait" I stopped and looked over my shoulder.

"..Um." he said.

"Just spit it out already" I said annoyed.

"Um where do you come from?" he asked

"Nowhere" I said a little said.

"Everyone comes from somewhere" he said in a softer tone.

"Forks Washington" I said with a sigh.

"Ah" he said

"I got to go" I said walking away again.

"I'll come with you" he said

"Hell to the no" I said without looking back.

"Why?" he asked

"Cuz" I said getting angry.

"Cuz why?"

"Cuz I have no where to go" I yelled.

"Oh. Great. You can stay with me"

"I just met you!" I said

"Ya. So." He said.

"So I don't know anything about you. For all I know you could be a rapist" I said.

"Well we can fix that. And if I was a rapist you'd be underneath me" he said teasingly.

"Uhh why do you care?" I asked.

"I don't really know. But I feel like I know you from somewhere" he said

"Same" I said.

"Really. Huh. Cool. So what do you say friends?" he said holding out his hand.

"Friends" I smiled and took his hand. The same electric current ran up my arm.

"So where do you live?" I asked

"Not far from here" he said.

"Cool can I see it?" I asked

"Ya sure. My friend Eric is there" he said.

"Sweet" I said as we started walking.

"So I kinda noticed you are a half breed"

"Ya I am. And you?" I asked.

"Ya half vampire half human" he replied. He almost sounded proud.

"And what about Eric?" I asked.

"Ya he is too" he said.

"Cool" I said.

"How many do you know?" he asked

"Just one" I said.

"Hey don't take this offensive but you smell bad" he said. I laughed.

"Ya I had a werewolf boyfriend" I said.

"A werewolf?" he said.

"Yup" I said popping the P


"Yup" I repeated

"So what happened with him"

"Just before you jumped on me I saw him kissing another girl" I said wanting to cry.

"I'm so sorry" he said.

"Its not your fault" I said.

"I know but you shouldn't of had to see that" he said.

"Ya well its good I found out before I….." I said.

"I what?" he said

"Never mind" I said

"What" he said

"Just drop it" I said with a bolt of anger.

He was quiet for a minute then he asked.

"Do you have any parents"

"Ya a mom and a dad" I said with a sigh.

"What are their names?" he asked

"Edward and Isabella" I said.

"Cool" he said. We walked for a while before he spoke again.

"Do you believe in soul mates" he asked randomly and turned to me.

"A little. My parents believe in soul mates" I said.

"Hmm" he said looking at me.

"What?" I asked softly. He was making me self-conscious

"Nothing" he said as we started walking. Soon we were at his house or should I say tree fort.

"Ladies first" he said holding the ladder.

"Why thank you kind sir" I said and started climbing the ladder. I opened the door. I was shocked. There was a kitchen, a living room, and a hallway to the bedrooms. I am sure my mouth was in an "O" shape. In the living room was a play station 3 ( I love them) and a big screen TV. A boy was sitting on the ground and then he said.

"Hey Taylor want to play Resistance" OMG. Emmett plays that game all the time. I beat his ass on it. It rocks.

"No Taylor doesn't but I sure do" I said. He turned his head without pausing the game. He stared at me with wide eyes.

"I'm Renesmee. Taylor jumped on me in the forest and brought me back home." Right when I said this Taylor came through the door.

"Hey Eric" Taylor said.

"Hey" he said still looking at me

"You know that you didn't pause your game and Chimaras (video game monsters) are raping you" I said in a smart ass tone.

"Oh" he turned back to his game.

"Shit" he yelled and started blowing heads off. I laughed.

"Can I play?" I asked.

"Ya right like you can play" he snorted

"Wanna bet?" I said smiling evilly

"20 bucks says you cant make it to level 10" he said.

"Ha" I snorted "This is going to be easy" He handed me the controller but he put it on easy. I took the controller and put it on expert. He stared wide eyed at me and I smiled evilly back. In the matter of 15 minutes I killed over 205 Chimaras. I also wrapped the 3rd level and going on to level 4.

"I only take cash" I said without taking my eyes off of the screen. I heard Eric grunt I just laughed.

"Hey Taylor can I talk to you for a minute?" Eric asked

"Sure" Taylor said. They went into the other room. I could hear them talking well I conquered the game.

"Date her she is like your perfect match" Eric said

"I know. But I don't know how we just met" Taylor said

"Get to know her better" Eric said.

"Level 6 buddy" I yelled

"Dude your going to loose to a girl" Taylor said laughing

"I know I didn't know she was a video game junky" Eric said

"Your not getting the money from me" Taylor said

"Please" Eric begged

"Nope" Taylor said popping the "P"

"Jeez I have no money" Eric said

"Get some" Taylor said

"Level 7" I yelled

"And fast" Taylor added. They were quiet for a while. And man was I kicking Chimaras ass.

"Level 8" I yelled. Just then they came out of the room.

"Man your kicking ass" Taylor said.

"Thank you the basterds deserve it" I said, right when I snipped a guys head off.

"Nice" Taylor said

"Again thank you" I said. They watched me play for a while as they kept commenting on my mad skills.

"Damn. How did you learn to play like that?" Eric said.

"My uncle Emmett has this game and when their out hunting I play it. And well I guess you could say I got really good at it" I said.

"Your like a pro" Taylor said

"Thanks" I said blushing a deep red. Why did he make me blush? The screen read level 9 and I was almost finished.

"Are you on expert?" Eric asked

"Yup" I said making sure to pop the "P"

"Damn your pro" he said

"Thanks" As I thanked him I shot 5 chimards rapped fire and reached the cheek point. Level 10 the screen read as we waited for it to load again.

"I love this game" I said as I killed a different kind of chimera boss. Then I climbed on its back, up its head and stabbed it in both eyes and I won the bet.

"Champion" I said as I through my arms up in the air. Eric just grunted.

"Where's my $20?" I asked. He was muttering something when he pulled out the $20.

"Thank you" I said taking the bill. I stood there and looked around.

"So where does the champ sleep?" I asked

"Huh ya where is she going to sleep?" Taylor asked.

"She's not sleeping in my room" Eric said.

"Fine if you want you can sleep in my room" Taylor said.

"Thanks" I said as I went to his room.

"Do you have a shirt or something for me to sleep in?"

"Uh ya" Taylor said as he went to his closet and threw me a shirt.

"Thanks" I said and he sat on the bed.

"Im not going to change in front of you" I said

"Oh right, cya!" Taylor said

"Later" I said and he left. I sighed, got undressed and put on his shirt (that smelled amazing) and crawled into bed. All I could think was why did I have Kate's power? Why did Jake cheat on me? Why did I like Taylor so much? I really think I am falling in love with Taylor. Just great. This is exactly what I needed. I let my body fall into unconsciousness once again.