Rosalie's Tale

AN: So I don't know why it never occurred to me to write a twilight fan fiction! Especially back when my obsession was really bad! But it didn't, and now its months later and I literally just (like a minute ago) decided to write one. At least attempt. So here goes. This is an idea I had after finishing breaking dawn the third time.

Chapter One – The Missing Link To Happiness

Rosalie was sitting out on the back porch watching Renesmee and Jacob playing around in the river. It was summer and a little over three years had passed since the family had stood toe to toe with the Volturi. Renesmee was physically about ten, give our take a year. It was hard to remember that though, what with how brilliant she was. It really was as if she were an adult with the conversations she could hold. She'd recently taken to debates; it was something she made the entire family participate in.

Rose laughed to herself thinking to the night before when Renesmee and Emmett had gone head to head. Their debates always lasted twice as long as they really should. It had been so cute seeing to two of them banter back and forth. She'd savored the memory, imagining it as her own little family. As much as she loved Renesmee it was still hard to remember she'd never have a child of her own.

She sighed to herself, feeling the small bit of sadness she always felt when that thought was brought to the fore front of her mind. 'Snap out of it!' she scolded herself, it did no good to think about things she could not change. She rose from her spot on the lounge chair and decided she could go spend sometime with her favorite little niece. Plus she smirked to herself it would be great to annoy the mutt.

She raced through the back door, passing Emmett, Jasper and Edward in their collaborative efforts to create mini robots. It had originally started as just Emmett and Jasper's game, but they decided to include Edward in the building process. He still wasn't allowed to play with them in the Battle of the Bots as they'd taken to calling it. Not unless Bella was around to keep the games fair.

There had been a lot of that now that Bella had complete control of her shield. Edward had been allowed to participate in a lot more of their competitions when the playing fields were even.

They were the only others home at the moment. Carlisle and Esme had decided to take sometime alone, and were visiting Isle Esme for a few weeks. It was always strange when they weren't around, as though the family would fall apart without its head in place. That's probably why Bella had invited some of the Denali clan down to visit, having Tanya, Kate and Garret around helped everyone not think so much about it. Bella and Alice had taken them out hunting; they should be home later that evening.

Rose was in a bathing suit and back out the door in less than 30 seconds. She stopped at the edge of the porch, glancing back at herself in the reflection being cast off the window. She smiled and then pulled her hair up into a messy bun. She raced over to the river and dived in slicing through the water without making a splash. She swam over to Renesmee and grabbed her feet pulling her under. They smiled at each other under the water before both coming up and breaking the surface.

"Ugh, what do you want?" Jacob asked annoyance in his voice but not on his face. They had developed quite the unusual relationship. It was really all Renesmee's doing, they were actually friends. Something that had certainly taken time, but was made easier through their mutual love for the little half vamp swimming along side them.

After the encounter with the Volturi, it seemed like no feud was worth holding on to. Everyone had become so much closer, but they had all been surprised by how close Rose and Jake had become. It had started one day when Rose had been working in the garage, Jacob had come down at Renesmee's request. She had wanted him to try and be nice to Rose. It hadn't taken much though, because once they started talking cars, they found a common ground.

"Oh, just came to annoy you of course." Rose replied with the same amount of annoyance coloring her tone. Just because they were friends didn't mean that they couldn't keep the game going. It was more fun this way.

The three of them continued playing around, in the water for a few hours until Edward called for Renesmee and Jake to come eat. Renesmee had to eat human food for breakfast and dinner. She actually needed to eat meals on a daily basis. Whereas the rest of the family could go for days sometimes weeks without needing to hunt, she couldn't and Bella decided that it would better if she ate human food for at least those two meals. At least until she was older.

Jake usually went hunting with Renesmee in the afternoons, unless she didn't feel like it and she made them something to eat in the kitchen. That was another thing she was good at, cooking. She'd learned from Edward who had spent a lot of time watching the Food Network when Bella had been human. It was something they were able to share, and Rose knew it meant a lot to Edward. He loved that little girl so much it was beautiful to see.

Rose left them to their food and went upstairs to clean up. She decided to soak in the tub, and let her thoughts wonder. She smiled as she thought back over Renesmee's life so far. How great it had been to hold her as a little baby, and to watch as she grew. It was something she would cherish forever. She glanced down at her stomach. Rubbing her hands where there would never be a child.

The dry ache behind her eyes told her she would be crying if such a thing were possible. Her shoulders began to shake as the agony hit her like a wrecking ball. She kept completely quiet, not wanting everyone privy to her heartache, and wishing she could prevent Edward from seeing it and Jasper from feeling it. It really wasn't fair to them to have to experience her pain.

It was with those thoughts, with them in mind that she pulled herself together. She loved her family and she wouldn't make them go through this with her. It was then that the distraction she needed came; she heard the group that had gone hunting coming through the back door. She quickly dressed and joined the group down stairs.

She tried not to look at Edward or Jasper but she could feel their gazes touch her. Instead she greeted the group, with a hello before strolling over to sit on the couch with Emmett. He pulled her closer kissing the top of her head. She closed her eyes as she snuggled into his side, loving him, and how much he loved her. If only they could have their own little baby. It was really the only thing keeping her from feeling completely happy. If only she could hold her own little Emmett…

Just then her eyes snapped open as the thought occurred to her. She wasn't sure how exactly, but there might be a way. She avoided Edwards's eyes and she kissed Emmett on the check and whispered that she needed to go for a drive. It wasn't so she could do anything, but she needed to get away from Edwards accusatory stare.

"Rose" she heard him call after her but she just continued down into the garage. She heard Alice tell him that she really was just going for a drive, and then she raced off allowing her thoughts to race as she considered this new idea. Something she was surprised she hadn't thought of earlier.

She might not be able to have a little Rosalie, but a baby Emmett might be possible.


AN: Well here it is… my first Twilight story… I couldn't believe I only just now thought about writing a Twilight fan fiction. This would have been the perfect outlet when I was in the midst of my obsession a few months back. So it is, I only now came to this realization and so I decided to write the most recent of my thoughts out in a mini story. I don't know how long this is going to be, how exactly I'm going to get to my main objective. I just know that I've been toying with this in my head and I'm excited about it.

I don't know if I'm going to ever write from anyone other than Rose's perspective, it really is her tale to tell. :]]

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