Rosalie's Tale

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The Beautiful Beginning

The next morning Rose was watched as the family played with the Delia and Phen, she glanced at Emmett when she felt his eyes on her. He tilted his head towards the back door, and she gave one last glance at the babies before following him outside.

He grabbed her hands and pulled her to him in a tight hug, she smiled into his chest as she was reminded once again how lucky she was. When they pulled apart his eyes locked on hers, "thank you," and then he grabbed her face and his lips connected with hers, hard. He kissed her so fiercely that she felt like all the wind at been sucked out of her, as impossible as that might be.

"Well," she said, laughing as they pulled apart, "feel free to keep thanking me this way all you want."

"Rose..." Emmett started, his voice strained. All humor left her as she took in his face. He looked like her when she wanted to be crying. Her fingers reached up to cradled his face, and his cradled hers. "Thank you, thank you so much for giving this to me! I didn't think it was possible for me to actually love this. Love being a dad, and you knew you knew before I could even fathom that I would. Thank you for them."

Rose leaned up to kiss him gently, "Em I love you, and as I told you before," she paused looking into his eyes, "having a family wouldn't be worth it if it wasn't with you. This is our family, and I am just as thankful to you."

"Okay babe," Emmett smiled at her, "lets promise to enjoy every second of it, and let's keep all wolves away, the last thing we need is for one of them to pull a Jacob."

"Hey!" Jacob called from inside the house, and they laughed as they walked back in to join their family.

Rose walked over toward Esme, who placed Cordelia in her arms with a sad smile. She looked over at where Emmett had reached for Phenmore, and saw for the first time a look of sadness touch Alice's features. She frowned when just as quickly as it appeared, it was gone.

"I'm heading into town," Esme said, as she walked out of the room. "There's something I need to talk to Carlisle about."

A Little Over One Month Later...

"It's a girl," Edward called out, across the room as he placed the baby into Alice's waiting arms.

"I knew it, I knew you'd be a girl, my precious Harlow," Alice said, her eyes locked on the little bundle in her arms, as she danced out of the room with her, Jasper following in her wake.

"It's a girl over here too," Carlisle announced as he set the precious little life in Esme's arms. "What do you want to name our little girl?"

Esme held the beautiful little girl in her arms, her eyes locked on her as she remembered the little boy she'd lost, and what she'd planned to name him if he'd been a girl instead. "Camille," she said with a smile, "Camille Cullen."

"I think it's perfect," Carlisle said as he looked into their babies eyes over Esme's shoulder, "Hello Cece."

"Cece?" Esme questioned, glancing at him for a second before seeing Camille smile at the name. "It fits."

When everyone was seated together in the living room, Rose took in her entire family and smiled as she realized that there was so much unexpected in life, and that they were only touching the iceberg of happiness. There was no way she could have known that by not getting the life she thought she wanted, that she would gain the life she was meant to have.

She glanced up as Edward joined everyone in the room, "I just got off the phone with all the others, three boys and two girls, one set of twins; Nicholas, Alejandro, Bonita, Thomas, and Coral. They are all healthy, and they said we'd see them all in a week or two."

"That's fantastic news," Esme said looking up from where Camille was in her arms. When her eyes met with Rosalie she mouthed a silent Thank You.

Rose smiled back... to think two months ago she'd imagined there would never be another baby in her life, let alone one of her own, and here she was with her own two beautiful children, and eight precious nieces and nephews.

Life truly was, good.


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