Dear all of my Readers,

I'm sorry that this is not chapter eight, but I felt that I owed you guys some type of explanation since I promised a chapter in two weeks from when I posted chapter seven. I know that is has been well over the two week deadline, but in these last few weeks life has taken a down turn for me.

First was that I got sick due to allergies, and it is not easy to think, let alone write with a pounding headache. What I did write was utter crap, so I had to delete it.

Secondly, last week my Father was laid off from his job because of the economy. This alone was enough to stifle my muse for a little while, but compounded with everything else it was too much.

Thirdly the holidays are coming up soon as well and that drastically reduces my time as well. So it's a matter of finding a few hours a week to write.

Now the reason I am telling you all this is not for sympathy or anything else. I just felt like you all deserved a reason since I promised.

This is not a hiatus note or anything of the sort. I'm just going to be a while in posting the next chapter. I'm trying to get a few chapters done in advance so you guys won't have to wait as long between chapters. This also gives me the chance to get my muse to settle out because I'm starting a third story and have a fourth in the planning stages.

Expect to see chapter eight some time in November. Then after the first of the year, I will get on a two week update schedule for good with a few chapters backlogged. I hope that you all understand my reasoning for doing this.

I'll take this down when I post chapter eight. Early Happy Halloween!!!!