Title: Not Even Close
Characters: Fred/Wesley
Prompt: 33 - Prayers Answered
Word Count: 165
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: Through Smile Time.
Summary: The reality, he discovered, was much better than fantasy.
Notes: Written for ships50 on LiveJournal. Takes place at the end of Smile Time, and includes a snippet of dialogue from the episode. I own nothing, it all belongs to Joss. All of the drabbles/oneshots I write for my ships50 claim will be added as chapters to this fic, for organization's sake.

"That was a signal, okay? Is that clear enough for you?"

"Not even close."

Wesley let out a small, almost imperceptible, sigh at the feel of Fred's lips on his, her arms draped around his back, the scent of her hair teasing his nostrils. He had dreamed of this day for years, and the reality, he discovered, was much better than any fantasy he could have ever had. Silently, he thanked whoever it was out there that had sent Fred into his life.

"Fred?" He asked, tentatively breaking off the kiss. Looking down at her face, he saw pure love expressed back. He smiled, realizing that the love in her face was for him and him alone. "We really should get some rest."

She nodded, and slid one hand into his. "I'm coming with you," she said, smiling and reaching up to give him a small peck on one cheek. Hand-in-hand, they walked out of his office, lost in blissful thoughts of each other.