Pairing:Golden Pair
Warnings: MaleXMale, might contains lemons and spoilers.
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(#1) Introduction
Rating: K
Warnings: Young Golden Pair, but they hardly doing anything. Pure Fluff… That's right! Run away before the fluff eats your brain! It has already eaten mine…
Spoilers: The Golden Pair episode, 162. Also from the manga… eumm… someething chapter… 200+ or something….? I am way to lazy to check it up.
Type: One-Shot, and the reason is that the story is 94 words too long to count as a drabble. HAHAH!! I win! (- Won what exactly? 0_o)
Summary:Eiji was very special, something Oishi had been aware of since the first time he had laid his eyes on the redhead.

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And if it isn't obvious enough this story takes place when the Golden Pair still were freshmen's. An introduction has to start from the beginning hasn't it?


"I am Kikumaru Eiji, but Eiji is fine!" the redhead chirped happily and grinned widely towards his newly found doubles partner. Shining blue eyes looked up to meet green puzzled ones and somehow the world seemed to stand still.

Because in that moment there was something that said 'click' inside of Oishi. It was completely different from the introduction Eiji had used earlier when the redhead happily had started to tell the entire tennis club about his family, including his grandma, grandpa and god knows what. This introduction was for Oishi and Oishi alone.

It was so simple, but that might have been what made it so special. Somehow Oishi couldn't stop thinking about the short presentation as an invitation, it was like the redhead had told him: 'I am Eiji, find out the rest for yourself' and the more Oishi thought about it the more he it made sense.

To be remembered by a crowd of people when you probably never would talk to the majority of the persons again, it was more than enough to do something outstanding, something that drew attention to yourself. But when you presented yourself in front of a person you were planning to spend a lot of time together with in the future it wasn't necessary to make a scene.

Eiji obviously counted on that Oishi would find out the name of his grandma sometimes, but for the moment it was enough to be together like this and slowly learn about each other. It didn't matter how long time it took, since they would have all time in the world. At least that was how Oishi felt when a small hand was offered to him and he gently took it in his own after only a short moment of hesitation.

"Eiji" he smiled gently and the grin that the other wore seemed to grow even wider and the soft features lightening up as they slowly let goof each others hands. Oishi found out that there was so much he wanted to ask the other boy, questions like why the redhead had that band-aid that covered his nose or why on earth he was able to do a back flip like that was spinning around in the raven haired males head. But he knew that if he only stayed close to Eiji, he would sooner or later find the answer to his questions.

"Ne, Oishi?" the voice was a bit uncertain but since he wasn't stopped the redhead continued. "Let's think out a cool name to our combo! Kikumaru-Oishi Pair sounds so lame!" the redhead exclaimed and sat down on the container, legs crossed and his nose frowned in thought. Oishi just stared in awe, in the few minutes their combo had existed he had somehow deep down thought that it at least should be named 'Oishi-Kikumaru-Pair' But Eiji had obviously made clear that that wasn't the case.

But when he gave it a thought it was actually a good idea, it meant that neither of them where superior to the other, that they somehow were one since they shared a name. It was… a good way for them to feel connected on an early stage. Oishi silently wondered if Eiji actually were much smarter then what he appeared to be.

"Ah, I know! Green Pair!" Eiji suddenly cried out and pointed at the green container beneath them. "Then this can be out special place as well!" but after the redhead had thrown Oishi a quick glance he suddenly snorted. "But the only thing that is green on us is your eyes after all… No, it just doesn't feel right" and once again the redhead was in deep thought until his head suddenly shot up and he offered Oishi an apologetic look "Ah, gomen na Oishi! I like your eye colour it's just… you know…" the last words were whispered and the redhead turned his gaze to the green surface in shame.

Somehow Oishi had told himself that he was the only one that noticed people's eye colour the first time they met, but he had obviously been wrong. He let out a faint laugh and sat down beside Eiji.

"It's fine, really." He thought for awhile before he added. "If it has to be a colour, what about Red pair?" Oishi offered but Eiji snorted once again in response.

"No way, it's the same thing. The point is to have a colour, or a thing that is from this place. You know, a connection, a name only fully understood by us…" Oishi had to cough to suppress a laugher. So now this was their special place as well? Of all places on earth they had to pick a container? Why not a coffee shop or just at his or Eiji's home? This place was pretty useless when it rained after all and… He opened his eyes to tell Eiji that there were a dosing other locations that were better, but when he opened his eyes he somehow forgot what he had wanted to say.

The sun that had moved even further down on the sky during their dialogue had painted the sky with an intense colour of gold that seemed to be burning. And somehow, like he had been struck by the lightening he knew that this place was the only place that would do, he might be a hopeless romantic but this place were where they had decided to team up. Here was where it all had started. Of course they should bear a name from this place. So he opened his mouth and uttered the only word that crossed his mind.

"Gold…"he saw Eiji turn his head towards him and he did the same, looking straight into the blue orbs.

"Huh?" the redhead asked puzzled.

"Golden… what about…Golden?" Eiji seemed to think about it deeply before the boy threw a look towards the burning sun and sky. Then he grinned widely.

"Golden Pair? Hey, that has a rather nice tone to it hasn't it? The best of the best…" Oishi was just about to tell him that that wasn't exactly the thing he had in mind when he came up with the name, but one look on Eiji's exited face made him let it go. It didn't matter if only he knew the true meaning of their name, Eiji would understand sooner or later. It didn't really matter how long it took.

Gold… the material that lasts forever.

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