Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Oishi Shuichirou X Kikumaru Eiji
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Prompt: 24. Family

Word Count: 1 653

Rating: PG

Summary: It was simply beyond him why his far away relative had to pick this day to pay them a visit. He wouldn't have minded if they had come the previous week, or the week after this one... Well, any week that wasn't this one, really.

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Blue, bored eyes were fixed on the other two people inside the room, his head were resting
in his hand and he didn't even bother to hide another yawn as he watched the other two play around.

'How funny' he thought. It usually was he who was the overly energetic one, not his doubles partner. It used to be him who got along well with the younger kids, played games with them, made jokes… or just ran around
like madmen's until someone told them it was enough.

He and kids got along like friends.

Oishi on the other hand would be a very good parent, or so he thought as he watched his
boyfriend play with his nearly one year old cousin from his place on top of his desk, his foots resting on his chair.

This wasnot how he had intended the day to be at all. It was Saturday and he and Oishi was supposed to cuddle up and watch a movie or two, and then… do stuff. Hell, he had planned it out ever since he had got the news that his brother would spend the week in another town because of a concert said person wanted to see. He and Oishi practically never was alone when they were at his house, it was such a rare occasions that they
just couldn't let it go to waste. And still….


It was simply beyond him why his far away relative had to pick this day to pay them a visit. He wouldn't have minded if they had come the previous week, or the week after this one... Well, any week that
wasn't this one, really.

So it might not be that bad that a few relatives came over. Eiji was not so narrow-minded that he couldn't live with it. But why, just why did he and Oishi end up babysitting the baby while the older people had a talk downstairs.

Or wait, he did remember. He and Oishi had practically barricaded themselves inside his room, or rather he had, and he had dragged Oishi along with him. Never mind that thought. The thing that really mattered was that his mother had knocked on his door and, 'since they just were here anyway couldn't they take care of the baby while the adults had a small talk?'

He had wanted to protest but his mother had practically thrown the poor child into the room and closed the door before neither of them had had any chance to complain.

Okay, so the world would maybe not go under because they offered a few of their precious hours to the small child, they would have plenty of time later when the relatives went home. Maybe he wasn't as annoyed on his relatives and mother as he tried to make himself think, more likely he was slightly, just very, very slightly irritated over the scene that took form in front of him.

Oishi was having too much fun, and he was having it without him.

His green orbs was shining with delight as he watched the kid try to find the right places for the puzzle piece to the puzzle they currently were laying, he was chuckling ever so lightly as the child placed the piece in an absurd place, but never scolding just… just… amused.

And there was that smile tugging in the corner of his lover's lips, not quite the entire way but it was still there. That smile that Oishi only gave him when he did something silly, was supposed to give to him and him alone. He frowned deeply at the both of them, but the frown got unnoticed by the two that currently seemed to be in their own little world.

It only made him frown even more.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and three heads raised as on cue as the door slowly opened, revealing Eiji's cousin's mother, wearing an apologetic look as she looked at the three boys currently inside the room. Eiji tried to stare her down, he really did but she hardly paid him any attention. Instead she just walked inside his room and sunk down on the floor beside his boyfriend and asked how it had gone, if the baby had been causing any troubles if…

Eiji made a low, annoyed sound in the back of his throat that neither of the others picked up, Oishi was to busy telling the woman how cute the baby was, that there that had been no problem whatsoever. With a mutter the redhead crossed his arms over his chest in something he hoped was an angry manor, for angry he was and very much so.

Oishi was his boyfriend goddammit.

With a last 'thank you' and 'bye bye' the woman closed the door behind her and Oishi smiled softly before he turned around to face him, probably wanting to tell him just how cute the baby was, how…

He saw Oishi freeze on the spot as he saw the look on his face.

"E-eiji?" Oishi asked carefully, more than used to his random outburst but still preferred to handle them with caution. With a snort Eiji snapped his head and turned his gaze away from the other, staring at a suddenly very interesting chart on the wall. Eiji had never before noticed just how… well interesting that chart really was.

"Eiji…" Oishi tried again but he still didn't answer, just focusing his eyes on the piece of art.

"Eiji, what's wrong?" the male repeated and he pretended he didn't hear Oishi's heavy steps crossing the room. He knew that Oishi didn't walk that loudly otherwise, that the older male wanted to warn him that he was actually trying to decrease the space between them. But Eiji wasn't a child, he wouldn't stand up and run away just because of a few heavy footsteps. Hell, this was his room and there was simply no way that Oishi could make him run
away from here. Especially not with his teases to siblings lurking somewhere in
the rest of the house.

Suddenly there was a soft hand on his shoulder and he almost, just almost jumped there on the spot. It was unfair, he thought to himself, that Oishi just could touch him anywhere he pleased and he would immediately get a reaction out of him. It was cheating!

"Why are you mad?"

The question wasn't are, but why. Sometimes it scared him just how high their level of understanding really was. He shook his head in refusal, 'Am not!' but he knew it was futile, Oishi knew him too well. Curse that stupid person and his stupid hairstyle and, and…

With a sigh Oishi lifted his foots of the chair and sat down on it and somehow the other
ended up sitting in that space between his legs and before Oishi gave him any chance to pull away, to cross his legs or do anything to defend himself, the vice captain leaned forward and dropped his arms in his lap before he crossed them there, successfully keeping him in place.

"What's wrong?" Oishi asked him again, it was with different words, but the meaning behind them was still the same, and Eiji had no means to escape.

"What do you care?" he gave his partner his most deadly glance as he spitted out the words at the male below, pretending that he didn't see the hurt glance that fell over Oishi's features.

"I always care Eiji" he replied softly, not hiding the hurt in his voice and it hit Eiji head on. Oishi was playing unfair he told himself as he fought the urge to take back the words. Oishi was using dirty methods to fish after sympathy, and he sure as hell weren't going to let the other win. He on bit his lower lip and tried to say something even more hurtful, tried to make the other give up and leave him alone.

"No you don't, only when you see fit" an eyebrow quirked open and the rest of his thought was pulled right out of his mouth before he had any chance of stopping them. "You didn't care at all when you were fooling around with the kid just moments ago did you? I don't get why you didn't just follow them home if he was soooo cute and all."

He turned his head away, didn't want to watch as the realization crossed over Oishi's face. He had said too much. Oishi would know the real problem, would know that he just simply was jealous. Jealous on a brat because his boyfriend had spent one and a half hour playing with his it.

"Eiji…" but the voice wasn't mockingly or teasing. It was calm, soft and maybe, just maybe a bit… apologetic.

"It's fine" he snorted back. "Never mind that my brother isn't home, it's not really important anyway" he was being childish and he knew it, but he just couldn't care less about it for the moment. Oishi on the other hand just let out one of the softest sighs Eiji had ever heard and it was with just a little bit of curiosity that Eiji glanced down at the other.

"I am sorry Eiji" Oishi assured him, but the redhead only snorted in response and turned away his head again. "Eiji…" the male tried again and tightened his grip on Eiji's legs.

Eiji just heaved a sigh before he turned his head back to look at his lover.

"This was our day Oishi," he sulked, pouting with his lower lip.

"I know Eiji, I know."

Another sigh was heard as the redhead shrugged his shoulders and Oishi rose to his feet in order to tilt the acrobats head upwards and seal their lips with a kiss.

Oishi decided that the fact that Eiji returned it was a good start.

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