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Puppy Instincts

Chapter One – Oh Shit

To say Sesshomaru was annoyed was an understatement. From the moment he woke up, every single dog or canine-related animal continued to follow him around. To further his irritancy, he had the audience of his imp servant, his dragon-steed and his human charge to witness this turn of events. He wasted no time in stopping off at the castle to more or less drop them off, all the while planning on what to ask Bokusen'on on what in hell's name was happening to him. That way, if he was in some sort of danger, the trio he was responsible for was out of trouble. Though, he thought to himself, he didn't care too badly about Jaken, though Rin felt something like love toward the toad, and he was a great stress-reliever.

Taking his leave, Sesshomaru raced off quickly, so fast that any passerby wouldn't have been able to tell it was a person. Yes, they would've been able to tell that it was an aura, but that wouldn't do them a bit of good. He had to figure out why herds of dogs were following him around, and he would settle for nothing less than his fastest speed.

The trip to Bokusen'on would've taken a human two days. For Sesshomaru, it was only half a days trip, for he was a powerful Daiyoukai. That's what made this situation all the more infuriating. The canines that trailed after him were of little power, and they served as nothing more than an annoyance. They followed him as if they were lost little puppies with nowhere else to go.

Sesshomaru smirked slightly, for he recalled what it was like to be young, to be a puppy. That being said, he had never once followed his parents around like this, aside from a few instances with his father. Mentally, he pushed those thoughts from his mind. It would do no good to think of anything other than the present right then. He didn't want to be that young again, a puppy, for he would protect himself without his father.

He wasn't too far from the Bokusen'on, and Sesshomaru knew it wouldn't be long before he could finally figure out why groups of small canines were trailing him around. Out of nowhere, one of the stragglers of puppies launched themselves at his sleeve, hanging on the material with his fangs. It was made all the more annoying, for it was the sleeve that had no arm. The taiyoukai prince lightly pulled the pup off of his sleeve, for he didn't want to cause it bodily harm. He pulled it up to eye-level, and he couldn't help the way his eyes softened when he looked at it. He wouldn't kill it, but he could entertain himself with the idea of this little thing becoming something powerful one day.

Sesshomaru neared the forest where Bokusen'on resided, thankful that the dogs stopped following him. However, he should've known better than to rejoice so soon. More canines continued to follow him, and the one that persisted was a dog that was about his own size while he was in his humanoid form. He knew this was going to be one of those nuisance dogs that he was going to be forced to kill, but he took brief comfort in the fact that it wasn't a small pup. He hated admitting it, but he would never kill something that fragile.

The taiyoukai prince wasted no time in his attack. Sesshomaru spun on the tips of his feet, releasing his acid whip all the while. He twirled in a fast circle as the dog lunged at him, catching the acid whip around the nuisance of a canine's throat. This was going to be a painful death he knew, hence he released more poison into the whip. The dog's breathing would stop, but not fast enough to where it was spared the feeling of the liquefying of its own innards. This brought a small smile on Sesshomaru's face, for he knew this would be an example to anything that thought could cross him and get away with it.

In his mind, this was a way to have a bit of fun before the serious nature of the situation kicked in. Sesshomaru was about ten kilometers away from Bokusen'on, thank the gods, for the canines behind him kept multiplying, breeding like rabbits. He had about twenty-six puppies on his heels, trailing behind him. He supposed that was a good thing, for he had the upper-hand.

The taiyoukai stopped in front of the ancient bonsai tree, catching in its wooden features that it was surprised to see not only him, but the army of puppies and their mothers behind him. Sesshomaru felt one of the dogs run into his calves and he resisted the urge to throw it a dirty look.

Despite how strange the circumstance, he still wanted his pride.


Kagome hated when Shippo and Kirara ran off to play one of their games. Normally they ended up wandering out too far from the group, and the rest of the time was spent trying to track down the kitsune and the neko-youkai. The reason the group was in the vicinity was because she could sense a jewel shard nearby, one that continued to move constantly. Still, she didn't want to be out here for longer than necessary, for at this hour, every part of the forest looked the same.

She remembered one time when something similar occurred, that she walked in a circle for an hour before Inuyasha came to find her. He laughed at her, for she had kept on going in the same trail, one that was nearly a complete circle.

Kagome hated the memory almost as much as she hated the present. She didn't want to be out here, but she had no choice in the matter. The stupid hanyou couldn't be bothered to get off his dumb ass to go look for them, though it would've been less time-consuming if he had gone to sniff them out.

The schoolgirl knew that when she returned to camp, she was going to sit Inuyasha into submission. She was so pissed off at him, for she couldn't believe any of it. Who did he think he was? The king of the known world? Knowing him, she thought, he more than likely thought so. Kagome sighed aloud, thinking to herself that he really needed one brain, or at least a brain cell. She laughed aloud, wondering if she yelled sit really loud, if Inuyasha would hear it and sit on the forest floor.

Out of a longing to escape her boredom and annoyance, she yelled out "SIT" as loud as her voice could manage. Seconds later, she heard a loud crash, and she couldn't help but smile to herself. Her life couldn't get any better right then, for all she needed to do now was locate Shippo and Kirara, find the rest of the Shikon Jewel, and life would be perfect. It would be heaven on earth if Kikyou decided to drop dead as well.

As she entertained that fancy, Kagome heard rustling noises from the bushes. Seconds later, Shippo and Kirara barreled out of the bushes, and she felt like screaming in annoyance. She really should've tried that the first time, dammit!

"Shippo, Kirara I've been looking for you guys for ages!" Shippo mumbled an apology, and even Kirara bowed her head. The repentant acts helped her mood, but she still wanted to get back at Inuyasha in some way. "Alright, I'm pretty mad at Inuyasha right now...how about you guys play a few pranks on him? How about the one where he can't move unless he peels off the scroll? Can you please do that for me?" She smiled to her little furry friends, and upon their agreement, they strolled back into the forest.


A sensation came over Sesshomaru, one in which he felt like he was changing into his full-demon form. It was odd because when he was in his demon form, he was always looking down on things, and never up at the bonsai tree. It seemed that he was halfway through the transformation for he still had his arms and the top half of his body. The lower half however was in dog form.

Before he could demand to Bokusen'on what was going on with him, the top half became full-canine. Fear engulfed him, for instead of towering over the branches, he was looking up through some of the roots. He tried to speak, but all that came out of his fanged mouth were little yappy sounds.

On four legs, Sesshomaru ran towards a lake that was close by. He knew it existed, for the senile old tree spoke of it often enough. Before he left however, he heard the tree mutter something to the effect of 'Thank the gods that arrogant dog is gone, he always interrupts me when I'm busy.' He would've loved to retort that all the tree did was sleep and that if he had to live one day in his life, he would've been dead by then.

Sesshomaru looked down as he ran and was distracted by the sight of tiny little paws. Since his distraction however, he crashed into the cold water of the lake, emitting small infant noises he hadn't used since his youth. He happened upon his reflection and couldn't help the one word mantra in his head: 'Shit.' He somehow had been turned into a puppy. He still had his birth-marks, the crescent moon on his forehead, as well as the little magenta stripes on his cheeks and paws.

He made a sound that could've been a sigh. It came out as more of a snort however. He knew he looked completely adorable, positively cute even. He had no doubts in his mind that Naraku was behind this, for he said that he would come over him at the weakest point in his life. If he could make it back to the Western lands and deal with the newfound predicament however, he might have a chance.

On four legs, Sesshomaru ran throughout the forest in his panic, and since he was unused to fleeing in such a manner, his paws got caught in some vines. He struggled to no avail, unable to help the whimper that escaped his mouth.

Suddenly, he felt something step on his tail. He released a loud and distressed yelp, snapping his jaws every which way. The pressure off his tail lessened, and he saw the evil thing that dared step on his tail bend down to his level. Sesshomaru knew it was a human girl in a short green skirt, one that he could see up and into her underwear. She was covered up more than most people in this era, and for that, he was thankful.

The confusion, frustration and panic of the day caught up with him right then. Despite his mental protests at remaining conscious, they did him no good. Two hands scooped him up, and his consciousness faded out.


When Sesshomaru awakened, he found himself peering into two concerned blue eyes. He knew that this woman was the miko that traveled with his idiotic half-brother. She seemed concerned about him, which offered him protection in this emasculating state.

Speaking of the half-devil..."Kagome get rid of that filthy mutt, he might bite you. I thought you didn't want more things to look after." The last part was mumbled, for in secret, Sesshomaru knew that Inuyasha was jealous that in this state, he was being given so much attention. He was nestled between Kagome's breasts, and Inuyasha couldn't help but wish he was there.

Sesshomaru growled long and hard at his brother, almost as if he were protecting his master.

Kagome gripped him tighter. "Aww, isn't he just precious? Inuyasha, stop being jealous and be nice to the little guy, he seems frightened and he's allowed to growl at you. You are pretty scary after all." After a moment, she continued speaking. "Hey what do you think I should name him?" Kagome asked no one in particular. Sesshomaru didn't mind as long as it wasn't something stupid like 'Spot' or 'Woofers' or 'Paws.' She was protecting him in this puny state, and for that, he owed her his gratitude, as much as it killed him to admit that.

Inuyasha must have been glaring at him again, for Kagome's tone keyed into her annoyance."No Inuyasha I'm not getting rid of the puppy. But maybe I can teach it how to SIT." Kagome emphasized the last words, all the while setting him down on the forest floor beneath her. "Sit, boy."

Sesshomaru figured that if he obeyed, he would get the minor comfort of getting to sit in Kagome's lap once more. Against his own inner-will he sat and couldn't help but feel pleasure at the happiness on Kagome's face. There was delight there that let him know that he was going to get more than the blessing of her warm lap. She picked him up and gave him a kiss on his nose.

"If I teach you one more trick I will give you a special treat" Kagome told Sesshomaru, all the while squishing him against her chest once again. Maybe being a puppy wasn't that bad, he briefly considered, for he hadn't had any action in his life. All he had been doing was tracking Naraku, all the while searching for a mate that appeared as if she would never come. For now, this was most certainly enough.

"For gods' sake Inuyasha, get away you'll scare him" Kagome protested to Inuyasha, all the while gripping him fiercely. He couldn't help but think of how the tables had turned, for in the beginning, Kagome always protected Inuyasha more.

"Kagome what happens if the dog is cursed?" Inuyasha asked Kagome, all the while eyeing him suspiciously.

"I don't care… he is a poor defenseless little puppy and he is mine now so SIT, and maybe I should teach you how sit, Inuyasha do you know how to sit?" Three loud thumps only added to Kagome's retort, and Sesshomaru couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction in the subduing of his brother.

As Kagome put Sesshomaru down, he walked over to where Inuyasha was still recovering from the trio of 'Sits' and bit him on the ear. This was all to prove who was superior and not as whipped. Afterwards, he happily trotted over to Kagome, sitting where she indicated.

"Roll over." Kagome made the motion with her hands for him to roll over.

Sesshomaru knew that his attention span was fading in and out with this strange enchantment. He wanted sleep, or the mere comfort of lying down. However, with the way Kagome moved her hands, and the selfless look in her eyes to teach him this, he figured it best he obey. Lazily, he rolled over, knowing all the while that this was just for her. Kagome smiled to him and went to her bag, and being that he was now following her orders, he sat down next to her.

"Here it is!" Kagome jumped up with glee, stating that she found what she was looking for.

Kagome bent down and told Sesshomaru to come to her, and Sesshomaru found himself in ambivalence towards the fact that her underwear was a bit more covered. He stood in front of her as she held out the little treat, thinking all the while that it smelt great. Drool salivated in his mouth and he snatched it from her, swallowing it in two quick bites.

"Good Fluffy" Kagome told Sesshomaru. He felt himself jolt upright at the horrendous name.

'Oh Kami… why should I be called fluffy? How do I look like a fluffy?'

Sesshomaru saw Kagome's hands coming to pick him up again, and out of his hatred of the name, he backed away. Unbeknownst to him, he backed up directly towards where the little fox was sleeping on the ground, in one of Kagome's blankets. Shippo grabbed his tail and he let out a surprise yelp, feeling that it was still sensitive from where Kagome had stepped on it. Kagome looked at it and he let out another cry of pain, hating how weak he sounded.

"Shippo, can you make sure Inuyasha stays where he is while I go get some bandages from my bag for Fluffy, poor little guy. He'll have to stay with me in my sleeping bag where Inuyasha can't get him, unless he wants to have a permanent sit on the ground...oops." Kagome giggled from her bag.

Kagome located the bandages, quickly wrapped Sesshomaru's tail in them, and minutes after they settled themselves in for the night, they were fast asleep.


Kagome knew that if she was going to go back to her era, she was going to have to take Fluffy. Otherwise, upon her return, she was going to find a Fluffy-Shishkabob waiting for her when she got back. She certainly didn't want cute little Fluffms to be in shreds or a shishkabob, he was way too cute to die. For a moment of complete insanity, Kagome considered what would happen if her little white pup became human. She figured she would fall head over heels in love with him...though it was for the best she assumed. If Fluffy was as cute as he was handsome, then he would've been an arrogant and selfish prick who more than likely wouldn't have given her the time of day.

"I'm glad you're not human," Kagome said to her little pooch "you would probably be just like that asshole Sesshomaru." Sesshomaru's ears perked up on instinct, though he knew the last thing he should care about was an insult. "He's pretty sexy though…" Sesshomaru felt his ears drop, and he knew that if he could make a face, his jaw would've been on the ground. "I'm glad he's nowhere near here though." Kagome chuckled to herself. "He'd think I was crazy for talking to you...but then again, you're so cute." Kagome was extremely pleased that no one was around to witness her talking to Fluffy about how extremely sexy Sesshomaru was...is?

Kagome looked towards her pet, and she did a small double take. She swore that if dogs could smirk, this one would be wearing one right then. She laughed nervously, thinking that she was losing her mind, for not only was she talking to an animal, but she was revealing that she thought Sesshomaru was extremely good looking. Talking to puppies obviously made one lose their minds. Her mind displayed an image of Sesshomaru, completely shirt-less before her, and it made her swoon mentally. 'Yep, one more image of that, and I'll declare myself insane.'

"Lets get out of here before I have to sit Inuyasha all the way through the other side of the world." With that said, Kagome leapt over the side of the well with Fluffy supported by one arm, all the while holding the strap of her backpack. As soon as she jumped through the well, blue colouring engulfed her body, and before she knew it, she and Fluffy were on the other side. 'Now I can have a better shower.'

Kagome climbed up the well using the ladder, but as of right then, it proved to be a challenge. The bag was still just as heavy and Fluffy was fidgeting in her arms. Once Kagome was secure on the ledge of the railing, she dropped her pup, knowing that he would land on his feet. She was halfway over the edge of the railing when Fluffy suddenly barked. The noise caused her to fall on her back on the outside of the well.

"Dammit, you scared me." Kagome got up, winced and rubbed her lower back. A little wet tongue brushed her cheek and she couldn't help the smile that came over her face. "Aw, you know how to make me feel better...still, you're getting a bath." She emphasized the last word, all the while picking him up.

Once Kagome got in the house her mother wasted no time in picking Sesshomaru up, startling him. Sesshomaru resisted the urge to bite her nose, but he remained calm.

"Aw, he's such a cute puppy! What did you name him? It wasn't Pawwy's was it?" the mother asked Kagome.

"No Mom, he's Fluffy…and he's so adorable" Kagome answered back to her mother. "I'm going to go take a shower and give Fluffy a bath. Also, I need to replace his bandages." Kagome spoke this over her shoulder, all the while taking Sesshomaru upstairs to her room.

She set him on her bed, and he was hit with a million different smells at once. Instead of it being overwhelming, he imagined that if heaven had a scent, it would be like this.

Kagome rummaged through her wardrobe, looking for clean clothes to wear. She paused and looked at the pup on her bed, almost as if she sensed the other presence in her room. "Oh well, no one will see me except for you, Fluffy." She walked towards him and planted a kiss on his nose.

Kagome walked towards the bathroom and set Sesshomaru down next to the shower, closing the door quickly. She began shedding her clothing, and as she removed her blouse, Sesshomaru in puppy form finally admitted that outside of her clothes, the miko had a nice body. As she took off her underwear however, Sesshomaru felt his vision become spotty.

His last thoughts were that if this was the life of a puppy, he was more than happy to continue living it for awhile.

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