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So we're 17 now. Me and Fang are, I guess, an "item" and we aren't exactly pure or "angels" as some people called us. If you know what I mean. We're occasionally on the run, but every now and then we stop by Mom's or Dr Martinez as the flock calls her.

Anyway, it's Easter or the week after. We're not too good with calendars I guess. Nudge insisted on buying eggs and duping Iggy into making chocolate chip pancakes by the fire. Hey, I ain't complaining! Not sure how he managed that though, though Iggy is a friggin' genius sometimes.

(It's nightfall)

I lift my head restlessly. I haven't be able to sleep so soon after our flyboy scare. Pulling myself up I walk over to Iggy who was on watch.

"He's worried you know." It was more a statement than a question.

I hugged my knees, unsure what to make of that.

"I-I, I dunno, Ig. Maybe I'm ready. But I'm not sure." My eyes avoid his, despite the fact that he was blind. I gaze up to the stars, the night sky. "Didn't know you knew though..."

"Well, I'm a guy, we talk about guy things, Max. Unless you are one of course." Iggy gives me a small smile through the sarcastic statement as I shoved his shoulder. But seriously I was worried. Fang had been acting a bit quieter and our silences, more awkward.

"Whatevs, Ig."

"You know what, Max? I think you're scared."

"No DUH, genius."

He chuckled. "Chicken."

"Like you would have the guts."


"How would you like a smack in the guts?"

"CHICKENNNN!! Baaaak—"

Walking over I smacked his head and plopped down next to him.


"You deserved it." I smirked. Oh that's gonna bruise! "So what do you suggest?"

"A little bet perhaps?" Stupid smirk on Piggy's face.

"Bring it, bitch."

"Getting feisty, eh Max?"

I slugged him. "Just spit it out or do I have to bash it outta ya?" I drawled.

He sniggered. I swear he was enjoying this. Oh wait. He was. Dickwad.

"Well I dare you to play a little dress up for Fang."

"Dare? What happened to the bet?"

"The bet is that won't do the dare." Sneaky bastard.

"Ok, if I win you have to uh, be under Angel's control for an hour."

"If I win, you have to give Fang a strip dance." What's with Iggy wanting me to uh, pleasure Fang?

"Deal, but why are well to put it bluntly, trying to get Fang some?"

"A bro's gotta do what a bro's gotta do." Fang put him up to this???

"Fang put you up to this??"

"Nope. He would do the same for me."

"Ugh, sexist pig."

"You love it." I smacked him yet again. "The costume, since we have the Easter theme is to dress up like a bunny."

"A bunny?"

"You know, a playboy bunny." He grinned a Cheshire smile. I smacked him again.

"Deal." If you think about it, I sorta did want to do it. Not dress up like a demeaning prostitute, but you know, use the initiative. Every time Fang did it, it seemed to go wrong.

"OMG, Max. You want this!" What the F?. Was he reading my mind?

"Nope, I can tell from the silence. And the fact that I just got a smack. To a kick to the 'nads, anyway."

"Thanks for the idea." I smirked. He went silent. Haha. Did I just hear a groan? Me and Iggy exchanged glances and did a 360. Well I did anyway. Oh, it was just Fang. Hope he didn't hear anything...

"What you guys up to?" I swear, that boy needs to take lessons from Nudge. He talks the most to Ig and me but that's the best he could come up with? Ugh.. " I think it's my watch anyway. You and Iggy can sleep, Max." Damn he was hot. Even after just waking. His hair was rumpled and he gave me that sweet boyish smile I loved so much. I hated how Fang could turn me into a girly girl. I closed my mouth and shook my head slightly before Fang could catch me staring. Too late. He gave me that smug look of his saying 'Enjoyig the view?' I gave him the bird.

"Yeah Max. Conserve energy and all." Iggy gave me a suggestive wink. (Forgot Iggy was there, luckly he can't see) Fang walked to the cave entrance and we walked to where the others were. I gave him a peck as I passed.

I was sort of worried about the bet. I mean what if things escalate? A lot.

"Um, Iggy."

"Yeah, Max? And no, I do not have a lacy bra you can wear."

"Do you have any condoms?" I breathed after rolling my eyes. I hope Fang didn't hear.

"Guess you'll just have to buy some." He smirked. Crap. I would have to go shopping for suggestive PLAYBOY costumes AND CONDOMS!

Argh. Of course that's just in case.

Fang swivelled his head around. CONDOMS?? He swore Max just said that. Was she cheating on him with Iggy? He hoped not. They did look a little cosy when he woke up. Max and him were not really close to that stage. Whenever they got further, they got interrupted or Max would sort of freak.

Next Day.

"Me and Iggy are going shopping. Fang will keep an eye on you. Its close, we passed it a couple of minutes ago so Angel will be able to send us a thought if anything happens."

"Okay." The kids chorused. Fang gave me a suspicious look. Iggy looked if he was gonna start laughing or something.

Fang leant his head against the cave wall. Going shopping with Iggy? It was always him and Max. He was about to pull aside Max to voice his suspicions but Iggy winked at him. Huh? He'll have to pull Iggy aside before questioning Max, he decided.

I gave Iggy a grocery list and set out to but the um, costume. First I dropped by the costume store to pick up bunny ears and tail then I went to some lady's store where they fitted me with a black corset with pink frills and matching underwear as well as some fishnet stockings. That wasn't so back. I decided to go all out and got some black pumps as well as a little bit of makeup. I stuffed them all in my backpack and went to help Iggy.

"Someone is gonna get some tonight!" He exclaimed. Sexist pig.

"Just for that, I'm making you carry all the groceries yourself."

We arrived back at the cave soon. Fag was staring at me with his traditional impassive face. Does he suspect something?

We got in the air soon enough and flew in loose formation. Though Iggy and Fang seemed to be conversing... He better not of set this up sneaky bastards. Both I mean. Oops. I should keep my thoughts on lockdown and warn Iggy to do the same.

I flew up to them. As soon as I was approaching Fang dropped back. What? I'll talk to him later. Before I seduce him. Or maybe after.

Fang flew up to Iggy and voiced his concern. Verbally, since Iggy couldn't exactly see a raised eyebrow. Fang who usually conversed by facial expressions hated talking. Made him feel vulerable. Admitting it made him feel vulnerable made him feel vulerable.

Iggy laughed.

"What's going on then?" Fang half-threatened.

"You'll see. And thank me too." Iggy said suggestively. He smirked

Fang was about to question him further when Max arrived. He flew away, not wanting a confrontation yet.

At Dr M's house.

"Max!!!" Ella squealed and gave me a tight hug. Mom ran out too with her own hug.

I smiled waywardly. "Any chance of staying the night?"

We got put into rooms. Me with Ella, Gazzy and Iggy, Angel and Nudge. Fang had his own room, which I was glad of course. Tonight was the night I put my plan in action.

I waited until Ella was asleep which wasn't long, then checked if everyone else was. Fang wasn't. He's usually last or second last. I waited till near midnight to slip on the corset, I wore the fishnet and underwear underneath my pyjamas. I grabbed my ears, tail and uh, protection, then slipped out the window. Flying around to Fang's I hoped Iggy convinced him to leave the window open. Thank God he did. Hovering there, I tapped it, displaying my head and shoulders. The bunny ears were clutched in my hands to surprise him.

"Are you naked?" Fang asked incredulous. His heart sped up, thumping loudly in his chest. He couldn't believe that he could just rip off all her clothes. He had been dreaming of this forever. Oops, he closed his mouth before Max could see him drool in his daydream. Or nightdream. Whatever.

"NO!" I whisper-yelled. Seeing his face drop in disappointment I sniggered. "Oh, much better..."

His face expressed, "Huh?"

I smiled. "Lie on the bed eyes closed, Fang." He complied and I opened the window and slivered in. I put my bunny ears on and grabbed a bottle of chocolate sauce. Where did that come from? Huh. Thanks Iggy :)

I walked over to the bed and straddled him.

"Open your eyes." I breathed.

Dammmn was Fang's first thought. Max just got a whole lot hotter. Or sexier. He didn't even know either was possible. This was one very in love bird boy. His eyes roamed her body the ears, beautiful face with slight concern and amusement, her think curvy body, her –

"Fang?" He snapped out of it. I laughed softly. His eyes were wide, Fang's version of shocked. I hoped he didn't think this was extremely slutty or anything. As his eyes roamed me, I felt slightly self-conscious.

"Max." He whispered. I noticed I was sitting on something extremely hard. I grinned. Better than expected so far. I drizzled some sauce on his face and started licking it off. He sat up and grabbed me kissing me passionately hands roaming, where his eyes were previously.

If you didn't catch it, Max and Fang want to uh, have sex but they werent sure, having no experience. At least I hope :). If you want another chapter, it won't be the "scene" but of Angel controlling Iggy. Feel free to do it yourselfs but I'd like to be asked and directed to it.