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Iggy was pissed. Sure he got Max back but hers was always one better. Argh, his pants burned, even after a really cold shower. He had to think of something really bad. He chuckled. He would have to get Fang's help, but unless he wanted him to tell Max about Fang's scary obsession then :). Max was going to regret never learning to cook...

My pink top was really itchy for some reason. Damn Iggy for his pinkness dyeing torture, they were still pink after two cycles of wash.

I was really hungry and so was Nudge so I started downstairs to pester Iggy into starting dinner when I found him with Fang.


"Come on."


"I didn't want to do this but I'll tell Max about the..." Iggy whispered something I could not quite comprehend.

"Tell Max about the what?"

"Nothing." Both boys said in unison. Fang looked slightly pissed and Iggy, just mischievous.

My eyes narrowed. I could tell I wouldn't be able to get anything so I let it go.

"Whatever. Iggy start dinner, 'k?"

Iggy had a big idea for a prank, Max's getting him drunk gave him the idea. Fang had told him about the Valium incident which had half a part in getting them together. Max also had a huge phobia of water, probably from all those incidents happening then – Ari almost killing Fang, Max sawing her hand off... He could see where she came from. It was a wonder the kids hadn't been scared stiff of the water yet. Put Max, water and Valium together and you get a very scared (and humorous) Max. Normally Iggy swiped Max's credit card and replaced it before she noticed for bomb supplies but he needed some Valium. Dr Martinez usually kept some in the medicine cupboard, which he swiped the night before for a bomb. This particular bomb released Valium gas ducts immune to Avian-Americans as Max called them, causing the opposing team to become drowsy and incompetent before passing out. Hmm... some laxatives wouldn't hurt either.

"Yo, dinner's ready!" Iggy shouted up the stairs, and next thing he knew he could hear 6 pairs of feet thundering down the stairs. Dr Martinez went to work – there had been a pet emergency and she would be back later at night.

"What are we having, Iggy?" Angel asked, shining her big blue eyes.

Can I help with your prank, please?

"Um, chicken pasta."

Are you sure? You wouldn't want to get I trouble will you?

Nope. Max was thinking she couldn't punish you for pranking her back because she pranked you back too. Angel projected her trademark "angelic" smile into Iggy's head. Nudge, Gazzy and Ella probably want to help too.

Sure, you guys can help then. As Iggy thought about Ella, he felt his insides burst with happiness, however cheesy that was. He just loved her so much, and she did too, blind and all.

Aww, you guys are too cute. Sweeter than Max and Fang too. Angel thought back.



You can get out of my head now.

I finished my third human sized helping of the night. Strangely, I felt really drowsy, kind of like I was on Valium. It was probably because I was really full.

"Iggy, you know I'm really glad youuu... you are a pyro. I don't know what we would do without you're bombs. They'rrre aawesome." I mumbled. What the heck was I saying? "You should buildddd more."

"Wow, thanks Max. So I have permission to build as many bombs as I like?" Iggy said, seizing his chance.

[Iggy you shouldn't take advantage of Max when you drug her.

Wow. Angel was turning into a mini-Max.

I heard that. Fang's giving you a death glare right now.

For what?

For forcing him to humiliate the love of his life. Angel pronounced 'love of his life' in a dramatic falsetto. Besides, I think Max already knows Fang sometimes watches her when she sleeps. They do it to each other.

Iggy couldn't resist a snicker. No doubt Max was giving him a weirded out look right now.

Nope. While we were trading thoughts, she already leapt to the toilet. Those laxatives you fed her are really taking effect.

Now Iggy knew what Max felt when the Voiced caused her to zone out.]

Scratch that urge, I was already leaping past chairs, making a beeline for the toilet. I really needed to go.

Part One was in action.

"Iggy?" Ella asked tentatively, "Is this part of your plan?"

Angel already told them? Iggy thought. Yep. Well Iggy guessed he shouldn't be surprised.

After about an hour, I felt safe enough to leave the sanctuary of the toilet. I walked out to the living room where everyone was watching TV. I walked in and suddenly felt like they were all waiting for me. What a creepy feeling. Wow, I felt drowsy... I walked over to Fang and collapsed on his lap. Is this Iggy's revenge? Was my last thought.

Fang gave Iggy a death glare. Max better have been alright or Fang would kill Iggy for even suggesting to drug her. He had to admit the whole lake thing was a good idea though.

"Angel, is Max out?" Iggy asked. He had to make sure, it wouldn't be a good thing for her to wake up when it was half finished.


"Ok, Nudge, Fang grab Max and lets head out to the lake. Ella's house was right next to a park, perfect for energetic bird kids. There was a massive lake in the middle of it, about a meter or so deep (3 feet for you Americans).

Like mentioned before, Iggy's plan included water. Lots of water. The laxative was just a side dish and the Valium, a dessert. It worked so much better in the dark too.

Splash! Water sprayed everywhere when Fang and Nudge swung Max into the middle of the lake. A bird kid's fast metabolism meant the Valium would last only half an hour. Only ten minutes until she woke up.

"Tag, your it!" Nudge tagged Gazzy and a game of tagged ensured.

Slowly, I came around. My head was throbbing and I felt like water, weirdly. I tried to lift my head up but I was sinking?? I let my eyes adjust to the darkness. I wasn't sure but I was in a lake? I hate water, have I mentioned?

"Iggy!!" I yelled. I tried to sit up, but as you people probably know, it's sort of impossible in water because you rock from side to side bobbing upside down.

Iggy looked at me sheepishly. I gave him a death glare, sort of hard when you're in water and your recipient is blind so I resorted to yelling, " I HATE WATER!!!"

Iggy could concur from the noise that Max was thrashing in the water. He chuckled evilly. Oh he wished he could see right now.

Oh, but you can.


Iggy was hit by blinding colours. Angel was sending him a mental picture. He doubled over laughing. Max was thrashing like a whale, a fish on land. It was hilarious. She was flapping her hands and trying to kick with her feet, obviously not succeeding.

"IGGY. I'm GOING TO KILL YOU!!!" I screamed,taking pleasure in Iggy wincing. After thrashing around for a while I realised, 'I can fly!', snapped my wings out and flew towards Iggy. When I landed, I felt I could not move. Angel. Everyone rushed through our connecting backyard door, quickly putting distance between me and them. Angel released mine control and I super-speeded to the house. I got there in record time, despite my wings and every inch of me being drenched.

"Iggy!!" I yelled and charged into the house, only to find Mom staring at me like I was a few screws loose.

"I think you and I need a little talk." She said calmly, though this made me a little more scared. I gulped.

"Look, I don't mind occasional pranks and a little fun but this has gone to far. Throwing Max into the lake, what did she do to get that?" Dr Martinez ended up calling the whole flock and Ella in questioning. Her daughter was drenching wet and she could tell there was something going on. Call it her motherly instincts or whatever, she was right.

"Um, we, uh, I, duct taped Iggy to the ceiling?" My usually strong voice came in a question. Can you blame me? Mom was scary sometimes.

Mom shook her head, "Don't take it too far next time, Ok? I don't want any of you getting hurt."

There choruses of Oks all around and they all filed out. After we did our hand stack of course. I mean it was pretty late.

"Max, Iggy stay behind." Gulp.

"Max and Iggy, I want you guys to apologise to each other."

"But, Mom..."

"No, buts, this got a little out of hand."

"Sorry, Max." Iggy said but you know, he wasn't sorry.

"Sorry, Iggy." I said. But I wasn't sorry. These 3 days had been pretty damn fun.

Me and Iggy walked to our rooms. It was pretty late now but I still wanted to know...

"So, what won't you tell Max about?" I asked, sporting a mischievous grin.

He returned it with one, despite the fact he didn't see mine. "Well, let's say Fang has some stalkerish habits..." he said slyly, before disappearing in his room.

"Iggy!" came a yelp from upstairs and before you know it, Fang was there with faintest tinge of red on his cheeks. Was he blushing?

"So you gonna tell me?"

"Uh," Was all Fang said. I was gonna get it out of him sooner or later so he may as well 'fess up.

"He watches you when you sleep!" yelled a very nosy Angel. By now Fang was full-on blushing.

I looked at him. "You can't get enough of my beautiful face, huh?"

"No, I can't."

I pecked him on the check. "Don't worry. I do it too." And with that, I departed into my room leaving Fang sort of bewildered in the hall. Or not. He came in behind me and shut the door.

Just a tiny speck of Faxness for all you Fax fans. I hate the word 'fax' though. Lets make a new word. I hate Mang too. That's just lame. I was gonna make Iggy make out with Fang this chapter to freak Max out but I wasn't sure so this is what I did.

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