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It is the middle of the night when Jessica Moore is woken by a loud crash downstairs. As she desperately tries not to panic Jess wraps her hand around a bat she keeps beside the bed and tiptoes downstairs, leaving her Sam asleep in their bed.

Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs Jess decides to take her chances, and turn on the light, trying to convince herself she's being ridiculous. As she picks up the phone, she nervously calls out. "I'm calling 911."

"Wait! Don't! I'm not here to hurt you, please!" A male voice booms through the apartment from the next room, the living room.

Jess walks cautiously into the living room, keeping the bat close to her side. When she enters the room she sees a young man coming towards her, raising the bat slightly Jess questions. "Who are you? …What are you doing in my apartment?"

The man smiles awkwardly as he tells her. "I'm looking for my brother, Sam Winchester. He does live here right?"

"You're Dean?" Jess asks worriedly.

Dean nods, and with a laugh he tells her. "I know, you thought I'd be taller."

"...I have to say I didn't expect to meet you like this." Jess closes the gap between them, and extends her hand to him. "I'm Jess, Sam's girlfriend."

Dean shakes her hand, and whistles appreciatively, he then says. "Wow, you are way out of my little brother's league. …Where is he anyway?"

"You don't know, do you?"

Dean looks more than a little worried, giving Jess her answer. "What are you talking about? He's alright, isn't he?"

Almost immediately Jess looks like she wants to cry. "He… Last year… An accident…" She stammers, prompting Dean to help her over to an overstuffed couch, before sitting down beside her.

"Where's my brother?" Dean questions with panic in his voice.

Now the tears are flowing down her face. "Last year he was in an accident… He's upstairs, he was hurt very badly."

Dean stares at her shocked. "What?"

They sit in silence for a few moments before Dean bolts up the stairs, needing to see his brother. "Wait, please! You shouldn't…" Jess yells, chasing after him desperate to stop him before he reaches the bedroom; she doesn't succeed.

When Dean enters the main bedroom he is shocked by the sheer volume of medical supplies, it's more like a hospital room than a bedroom, and when his glance reaches his baby brother's body lying in amongst all that equipment, connected to a ventilator through a horrifying tube sticking out of his neck, Dean nearly runs out of there. This must be some kind of messed up dream, surely this can't be happening.

"I'm sorry, if you hadn't have run up here, maybe I could've-"

"What?! What the hell could you have done?! What happened to him?" Dean demands, fighting to hold back complete panic.

"He-" Jess begins to speak, but she sees that Sam is awake, and she quickly moves to his side, ignoring Dean as she asks Sam. "Hey baby, are you alright?"

As far as Dean can see, Sam doesn't respond, so he is surprised when a moment later, Jess says. "Good, I'll be right outside, try and sleep. I love you." Before standing up, and motioning for Dean to follow her as she walks towards the doorway.

Once they are out in the hallway, Dean once again angrily demands. "What the hell happened to Sam?! What's going on here?"

"Be quiet." Jess hisses angrily, but once she sees the devastated look on Dean's face she softens her tone as she says. "He needs his rest. Ever since …the accident, he gets tired easily."

"The accident?" Dean pushes; he needs to know why his brother is lying in a bed, helpless.

Jess takes a shaky breath, and then she tells Dean. "It was about a year ago, one of our friends had just gotten a new motorbike, and we were all messing around with it on an old highway, there're usually no other cars or anything, it didn't matter that we could barely keep it upright. Sam… he… when it was his go, he was doing better than any of us, but then, a car came out of no where around a blind corner…" Jess wipes a tear away from her eye as she continues. "It was going so fast. He couldn't get out of the way in time." She finishes with a harsh sob, tears now rolling unchecked down her face.

Dean doesn't know what to say. His brother was hit by a car. Just from the brief look he got at him, Dean can imagine what kind of injuries he must've gotten.

It is almost ten minutes before Jess calms herself down enough to continue. She looks up at Dean, the pain and despair in her expression is clear, as she asks him. "What're you doing here?"

Dean is hesitant, but eventually he tells her. "Our dad's gone missing ...I didn't know where else to go."

Jess is silent for a moment before she asks him. "Have you called the police?"

"No." Dean answers a little too quickly, he then more smoothly tells her. "It's not their sort of problem, trust me."

"Um, okay." Jess mumbles uncertainly, what else can she do? She knows that there must be more to the story, but he doesn't want to tell her, and she can't make him.

There is an awkward pause before Dean asks her. "What actually happened to Sam? Why is he like that? You know…" He trails off, not knowing how to say it.

After a moment, Jess tells him. "It's called internal decapitation." She pauses when she sees Dean flinch, but then continues. "Most people don't survive it, he's really lucky. But it left him paralysed from the neck down, he can't breathe on his own, so he has the ventilator, which means he can't speak; we use eye movements for him to communicate."

There is yet another pause as Dean comes to realise that that is what they were doing before, Sam must have given her a sign, too subtle for him to notice. He quickly asks. "How do you do that? What's the system?"

Jess smiles at Dean warmly, glad that he really seems to care, and that he clearly wants to stay around. "It's pretty basic. Yes and no questions, one blink is yes, two is no. Like I said, pretty basic."

"Okay." Dean replies, he then adds. "You don't happen to have a spare room here? I want to stay."

Jess thinks for a moment before she tells him. "We don't, but your welcome to stay on the couch. But I thought you had to go look for your dad? What're you going to do?"

"Dad can look after himself. Sam needs me more." Dean says firmly; his need to take care of Sam overriding all else.

Then, their conversation over, before Jess goes back to bed, she quickly puts together a makeshift bed on the couch, floral donna and all, which Dean is too exhausted to even notice.

Things glide along, pretty much 'normal' for the next few days, but then one night, Dean has been lying awake in bed, worrying about Sam, and trying to figure everything out in his head, with little success. And then suddenly, without any warning an explosion rocks the thin walls of the apartment.

It came from the main bedroom.


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