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Dean jumps out of bed, and makes a frantic dash up the stairs towards the main bedroom, there's smoke filling the hallway, and he struggles to breathe, but Dean continues, desperate to reach his brother and Jess.

Dean feels his hand getting scorched as he turns the door handle, and pushes open the door. "Fuck!" Dean swears as he sees the flames coming from the ceiling, Jess pinned to the ceiling in the centre of the flames, her mouth contorted into a silent scream.

It is quickly evident to Dean that the explosion he heard was from one of the oxygen cylinders for Sam, and that the system keeping Sam alive could kill them at any second.

Ignoring the unbearable heat, Dean goes to Sam's side, and as he disconnects him from the ventilator, and gathers him up in his arms, he reassures his brother. "It's okay, Sammy. We're gonna get outta here."

And true to his promise, Dean carries Sam out of the burning building, giving him breaths through the trach tube in his neck, despite his own lack of oxygen.

Dean doesn't stop breathing for Sam until the paramedics arrive, and even then it isn't until they have assessed the situation and forcibly pulled him away from Sam, so that they can administer oxygen to him.

It isn't until Dean stops fighting the paramedics, and sits down on the grass, that the adrenaline wears off, and as it does he rapidly finds himself slipping out of consciousness.

As soon as the paramedics tending to Dean see him starting to get a bit unsteady, they quickly help him sit down, and as they are getting the oxygen mask out, he falls back to the ground.

There is a rush as they check him over, and their check leads them to quickly decide to move him straight to the hospital, stabilising him on the way, along with his brother.

The medical staff moves Sam and Dean into adjoining treatment rooms as soon as they arrive at the hospital, and begin to treat them both. Sam, unable to communicate, and unbeknown to the staff, still in shock from the sight of his beloved girlfriend being murdered before his eyes and being helpless to stop it, is more or less ignored as they treat the superficial burns and reconnect him to a ventilator.

And at the same time, Dean, unconscious from smoke inhalation is slipping away rapidly, and fearing that his airway will swell closed, the doctors insert a breathing tube, and soon he too is on a ventilator.

It is two days before Dean is strong enough to be taken off the ventilator, and when he is, the first words out of his mouth, are shockingly. "Where's Sam?"

The nurse, Katie, who is looking after him, gently tells him. "Sam is in the next room, he's doing well, but…" She trails off, uncertain of how her patient will respond to what she has to say.

Dean hoarsely shouts at her. "But what?!"

Sighing, Katie tells him. "We have had to keep him sedated, everytime we try to wean him off the sedatives he becomes very agitated."

As soon as he hears this, Dean tries to jump out of bed, but in his current state, he is quickly stopped by the petite nurse. "Damn it. Let me go. I have to see Sam."

Katie pauses a moment before she tells Dean. "You can't go anywhere right now, but if you'll just relax, I'll talk to your doctor, and maybe you can go later."

"Fine. I'll go see him later." Dean says, feigning defeat, though he is already planning his escape.

"Okay." Katie replies, believing his lie as she walks out of the room.

Dean makes his 'escape' within minutes of the nurse leaving, and with a massive effort, he manages to walk over to Sam's room. He curses silently as he sees that a doctor is standing at Sam's bedside, and before he can leave, the doctor turns around. The glint in his eyes is the only warning Dean gets before he is thrown backwards, into a wall.

Dean struggles futilely against the invisible bonds as the apparently possessed doctor walks over to him.

Much to Dean's surprise, the demon stops just short of him, and simply tells him. "It's a pity, I had such great plans for Sammy." Before escaping the doctor's body, causing the physician to fall bonelessly to the floor, with Dean quickly doing to same.

When Dean makes his return to consciousness, his glance goes straight to Sam. He seems to be untouched. He then looks to the doctor, starting to stir beside him.

He sits up gingerly, every muscle in his body aching, and before he can stand up, the doctor's eyes open, and he looks up at Dean as he says. "What the hell was that?!"

In spite of himself, Dean laughs bitterly as he tells the man. "You don't want to know about it, and I don't think it'll be back." Dean considers telling him not to tell anyone, but somehow he doesn't think that's necessary.

Still stunned, the doctor merely nods, and as soon as he can stand, he hurries from the room.

Once he's alone, Dean moves straight to Sam's side, and out of exhaustion, he lies down beside Sam, and falls asleep.

Dean is woken not long after he fell asleep, by Katie, who looks less than pleased by his current location. When she sees that his eyes are open, Katie says him. "Come on, Dean, time to go back to your room."

Dean sits up, but doesn't stand up, just telling her. "I'm not leaving my brother. And you need to get his doctor in here right now and get him to stop these drugs, Sam doesn't need them."

Katie is taken aback by his abruptness, but then asks him. "Why doesn't he need them? Do you know something we don't?"

Dean looks at Sam's unconscious form as he tells her. "I couldn't get there fast enough, there wasn't enough time to get them both out. Sammy's girlfriend, Jess was, she was caught, and the fire…" Dean pauses, blocking out the horrific memory. "Sam saw his girlfriend being burned alive, and because of his goddamn injury, he couldn't do anything. Trust me, I can calm him down. You can't leave him like this."

"Okay." Katie tells Dean, and then she adds. "I'll get his doctor to come and talk to you about it."

Two hours and a lot of negotiation later, Dean is sitting at Sam's side as he starts to come around. Dean is on his feet, in Sam's line of sight instantly. "It's okay, Sammy. Everything's gonna be okay."

After a moment, Sam blinks twice, no.

Dean insistently replies. "We are gonna be okay, Sam. We're going to get through this." And then he just places his hand on Sam's hair, and strokes it gently, reassuringly until Sam drifts back to sleep.

Not long after Sam is awake, Katie brings another doctor into the room, and introduces him to the boys as Dr Jones, from neurology. He is quick to tell Sam and Dean. "I heard about your case, Sam. I think I have a way that you will be able to communicate effectively."

"What is it?" Dean says quickly, but still apprehensively. What if it puts Sam in danger?

"It is called an 'eye response' system, and it is basically a computer with a speech synthesizer program, which you can operate with your eye movements. It may take time to learn how to use it, but I have seen excellent results."

Dr Jones barely finishes explaining before Dean says. "When can he start?"

"Can't stay here. Memories." Sam says as soon as Dean comes back from getting some lunch a week later, using the 'eye response' system. He's only had it for a couple of days, and still has a lot to learn, but everyone has been impressed with how quickly he's picked it up, except Dean, he knew Sam would take to it easily. Kid always was a chatterbox.

"I'll find us somewhere, Sammy. Don't worry about it." Dean replies confidently, reassuringly, knowing exactly why Sam wants to leave. Dean is determined to do things right by Sam, and find a way to make everything work.

Several months later, Dean has rented a small house in a rural area of Colorado, and is working at a local garage to support himself and Sam.

Sam couldn't bare living in the city where his girlfriend was killed, and Dean decided that Colorado was as good a place as any.

The major downside of his job is that it meant that he was forced to hire a nurse to take care of Sam six days a week, nine to five, but there really is no other alternative.

John was around for a couple of weeks after the fire, he really only wanted to find out more about his demon hunt, and so as soon as he found nothing, he got restless and left. He now only stops by sporadically, usually in the middle of the night after having been hurt on a hunt; he never stays long and rarely helps with the money.

Dean lives in constant fear that the demon will return, he keeps holy water stashed around the house, and has Sam's room protected with every symbol and charm possible, but so far there's been no sign of it.

But despite all this hardship and more, Dean is grateful to have his brother with him, and since they started using the 'eye response' system, they have been able to communicate easily; Sam has even taught Dean how to do research for hunts, which in turn, Dean hands on to any hunters that come through the area.

It's far from perfect, but they have found their 'normal' life.

The End.

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